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Things to do in your first trip to Jaipur! #travelog

Raja Rani ki kahaniyan, Rajasthan !

I have always dreamed about palaces, kings and queens, their love and wars!  Growing up I watched Lamhe with more excitement than most movies, and the life of Jodha in Jodha Akbar gave me a whole new set of goals. Pushkar, Ajmer & Jaipur has been on my list for a while now!

Although I have been there with family years ago, this time was trip fully planned by me. so Yay! hyper exciting! Well, I can tell you excruciating detail the process, hows and wheres and whats, how about we skip to highlights?

  • Plan a blessed visit to Ajmer, although slightly overwhelming the crowd was as I made it on a Friday, it was none the less as blessed as they said it’d be.
  • Pushkar is a short and sweet experience that shouldn’t be missed considering you are so close to it! When the famous Pushkar Mela is not going on, this town is a beautiful spot to spend quality time alone, the Bramha Sarovar and the temple with mythological stories and the beautiful waters was a sight for sore eyes.
  • Pushkar – Must Eat: Authentic Dal Bhati Choorma & Gatte ki sabzi cooked on woodfire, cost about a 100 INR for a complete meal and tasted delightful!
  • Try the Gulkand & Rose Petal Lassi.
  • The dhabhas play most popular Bollywood songs in Rajasthani!
  • If you can, do check out the Westin at Pushkar. Nothing like anything before.

My day two was in the magnificent city of Jaipur, apart from a couple of quick shoots that were planned, I had a long list of things to see and more importantly EAT!

Here are the top few things to eat in Jaipur:
1. Shreenath Lassiwala – Amazing Malai Lassi
2. Rawat Kachori – You cannot leave Jaipur without a few hot Kachoris from here, pack some for home too!
3. Tapri Cafe – sheesha and decent food
4. Blackout – Late night sheesha and loud music, slightly dim lit this place but nice if you miss your city vibes!
5. Zolocrust: For the world’s best chocolate croissant & even pizzas n dessert- UNMISSABLE!
6. Padao Cafe in Nahargarh: This is an open air canteen type don’t expect great food but the view is to die for, While I was there I literally saw a rainy cloud slowly traveling into the city. I will not forget this view for a long long time.
7. Pearl Heritage Hotel (Peacock Restaurant)- Absolutely amazing food, from the Thai curries to the Indian kebabs the food was delightful!

8. Bar Palladio: If there was just one dining experience you had to do in Jaipur, it has to be Bar Palladio. The interiors will leave you in awe, the Italian food is so authentic that you won’t be able to stop falling in love, very fine dine, extremely royal!

Things to see:

  1. Hawa Mahal – Obviously, but do go inside, it’s very underrated. Some people might even advise you not do, but you absolutely must!!
  2. Nahargarh palace was just ruins, quite like the Monsoon Palace in Udaipur, avoidable if you are crunched for time.
  3. City Palace nice only if you get a guide to tell you stories and details of the kings and their generations, get an inside story of their wars, clothes, weapons even the politics between the ruling brothers was quite a filmy story.
  4. Amer Fort – This one is beautiful-don’t miss it. This is where Jodha Akbar, Lamhe, Veer and so so many other movies came to life. You must experience this one.
  5. Also,  there is a small kaali maata mandir inside which is so different than any other mandir I have seen, do visit.
  6. Jal Mahal: Step out to feed the pigeons, get a dreamy picture with Jal Mahal in the backdrop, this one I only saw from outside.

Things to Buy/Shop:

Tie Dye Dupattas, Mojris, Old leather shops had some great options in jackets and bags, I couldn’t manage too much time to shop, but these are the staples!

Special Mention to Zostel at Jaipur, I have never experienced a more fun stay option ever. Check them out to know exactly what I’m talking about!

Leaving you with some pictures too 🙂


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Would a bride ditch the Red & go Black?

Quite excited to announce a new section on the blog, details on that coming real soon.

As of now, I’d say pick up some hints and tell me what you think it will be about?

Monsoon & Weddings, the two words seem tough to use in the same wedding unless you are referring to the movie. but when I got down to some real research and sourcing I was having a tough time looking for bridal wear, the colours seem slightly restricted as soon as I decided to break away from the obvious reds, pinks etc.

Going by the new-age bridal trends as well as keeping it classy and well within the current style, Pune’s lead Fashion Designer, Seema Singh had all the answers! Featuring below is one of her hot selling off-shoulder-black beauty lehenga. Black you’d think is all kinds of crazy for brides, for the wedding, yes, but nothing spells beauty like a black at the reception. If you are one of those looking for the right blend of trendy and traditional, well this is pretty much that.

It’s non-daring, safe and so comfortable that a Bride would have one less concern on her D-day. Head to Seema Singh’s store for a personalised bridal session on whats and hows of seasonal bridal wear, and more!

As of me finally being back to putting up posts, thank you so much for the patience.

Been away for far too long.

Too many excuses, none of them really true.

I’m here now, hoping to stay here longer. Write again. Feel good again, share some, learn some and love a lot.

Write again. Feel good again, share some, learn some and love a lot.

Stay Jugni!

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Location: Discover Resorts

Photographer: Sahil Shah

Stylist: Sakshi Nahar

Outfit: Seema Singh, call for appointments +91 9822020078





My own Elsa’s Gown. #MonsoonWeddingInspiration

While I miss my summer wardrobe, and dream of cosy winters already. I was having trouble creating a fashion board for the ongoing season. You can swiftly move to culottes and skinny fit ankle length denim when it starts pouring, the struggle is occasional wear in the monsoon!

The obvious choice was moving into blues, greens & aqua on the colour wheel, and then the biggest inspiration came up! Elsa, from Frozen. The gorgeous blue gown, those airy sleeves and that pretty drape, what part of it don’t we like? In my latest collaboration with Pune’s leading designer Seema Singh, I got a chance to pick an outfit that inspired the Elsa within me.

It’s beautiful cut & drapery made me love it, at first sight, also the shade blue made me so happy, see the images and you’ll feel it too. In a quick chat with the designer herself, she said Monsoon fashion can’t be restricted to blues, greens and monsoon-y colours, at weddings and occasions people continue to wear a bright pop of colours to contrast the rather gloomy weather. However, you can avoid absolute pastels, whites and greys!

Have a look at the outfit below, tell me if you’d wear something like this to your next party! Till then, Be Jugni!


Hair & Makeup Courtesy: Saba Poonawala – La Belle Salon Pune

Stylist: Sakshi Nahar

Photographer: Sahil Shah

Jewellery: Rathod Jewellers, Pune

Location Courtesy: Zora, Ishanya Mall



Jugni's Take

Beauty treatments that actually work! @BeautyWorks, Pune.

To be honest, I never really have got a proper facial done. Clean-ups and home DIY packs are more my thing. But when The Beauty Works approached me with the almost magic like treatments I just had to know more!

Coming from a household of malai-lagalo beta, and a Mum who’s skin is so blessed, we’ve by default been away from the botox & fillers and injections of the skin world. The Beauty Works’ owners and doctors sat me done and cleared my misconceptions about these topics. Like you don’t always need a facelift, and injection, a botox or a face surgery to look a certain way. Regular care and medically backed salon services can help me achieve that celebrity like skin goal too.

Dr Nidhi & Nikhil Malhotra were kind enough to take me through their range of services that you can read more about on their website, they perform the Kardashian favourite Vampire Facial, to the still to be famous magical treatments for occasions as well as just good skin maintenance. They noted a lot of pointers regarding my eating habits, my current skincare regime and then came up with a custom made Medi-Facial for me. Unlike other skin treatment clinics, The Beautyworks makes a customised treatment plan as per each and every person’s need & requirement.

Owing to dehydration, my skin was suggested an oxygen blast, with a hydrating facial for sensitive skin. All in all the whole process took over and hour, where various tools, equipment, products were slathered on and cleaned off. Leaving my skin supple and fresh. Although there was no miracle effect immediately unlike other short term facials, this treatment kept my skin feeling this way for days after the medi-facial.

The technicians and doctor helped me create a new skincare regime and also prescribed the correct sunscreen, moisturiser and basic necessities to maintain te effects of the medi-facial.

For the first time in a long time, I now use a proper sunscreen, the right moisturiser and my skin feels as happy as ever, even without any trace of makeup.

Check out a full video on their treatments here.


Vroom Vroom Vroom! Let us spell the magic wand on you, Punekars!We at Beauty Works have come to rescue, to solve all your beauty problems!May it be that tiny spot on your sensitivel skin or your anti-ageing skin, we have a solution for all!Specializing in Medi facials, Beauty Works has a team of best dermatologist offering the finest non-surgical treatments using the best of products which will give you a head turning top to bottom look!So what is the wait for?Get an appointment today and avail some amazing offers!Call us to know more: 083085 03464Address: 502, Equity Towers, 5TH Floor, Above Blackberry Showroom, D.P Road, Aundh – 411007

Posted by The Beauty Works on Freitag, 9. Juni 2017












Jugni's Take Style

Bold & Blue.


While we have to attend certain parties, dine and wine at certain gatherings the heart would rather embrace its blue, pick up the heels and walk into the room.

Yes, we’d put our make-up on, we’ll even look the way you would want, we’ll walk down that lobby and be there to party.

But when all we’re feeling is blue, it will be hard for you to not notice too.

Here’s to the nights that we regret the next day.

Here’s to the champagne you didn’t like anyway.

Here’s to being Bold when all you needed was to cry.

Here’s to the gown that gave you the power to at least try.

Step on those painful heels, step into the ballroom & win the hearts of all.

Girl, you are the charm of the party, the onlookers’ delight. Be the life of the night.

Come here you, be bold even when you’re immersed in blue.



Photographer: Sahil Shah

Stylist: Sakshi Nahar

Location Courtesy: Double Tree by Hilton, Chinchwad

Outfit: Designer Sunil Bhog

Hair & Makeup: Makeoverstudio_pune (Sunil & Vaishnavi Bhog)

Concept: Jugni.



Love & Life

The guesthouse – a short story.

Globex Corporation boasted about a handful number of achievements. In spite of being in a small town, they had everything just like in the big cities. The numbers, the technology and oh their full-service guesthouse. Every guest found an eerie connection with the guesthouse during their exit and swore to come back.

Meera was determined to design her new home herself, the grand fleet of stairs, the master bedroom overlooking the living area, the kids’ room with clouds painted on the walls, and her beloved mandir. Magnificent, just like in an old Hindi film. Meera’s family was going to grow up in this house. The couple would sing songs on Sundays, have game nights in the vacations and the kids, well how they grew up so soon Meera could never figure out.  

The staircase brought them a zillion little moments to cherish forever, siblings consoling each other, the younger one having one hell of a fall while running on the steps, the long phone conversations she had with her husband while he was away. The textured walls would always remind her of the fights she had with her teenage kids over the colours they wanted. The renovation brought the family so much closer, cramped up in the living room for months, quite literally. There was a hint of her in every nook of the house. 

The secret little study room for her man, the breezy room layout for her youngest boy, the lavish layout for her elder one, the well-planned rooftop for all their get-togethers and celebrations.  The elder one had a beautiful wedding here, in no time Meera’s grandchildren were born here. Their laughter filled the walls as did their late night screeching.

While decades passed, the family built, rebuilt, renovated and loved their home all the more. 

Sometimes, we don’t see the contribution of space in our life. We fail to notice the stitches on the knee that makes for a hilarious story to tell our kids someday, all because of that spot. The table under which you hid and cried for hours after your breakup, the dining table glass that broke during a silly stunt, the weeks you were grounded for being caught while smoking a cigarette on your rooftop, and the sneak-ins and outs for your various ‘good friends’. The spaces we build, the places we spend our hours in really do make us in many ways.  Your childhood home is etched in your deepest memory, you’re lucky if you still live there. But, what if you couldn’t anymore?

Of all the lessons she taught her family, only one thing she never did. To teach them to see a life without her. Seemed like heaven could use some of her tender loving care, she went away leaving her dream house, leaving her kids, her family, her love. 

They said it would be difficult for anyone to keep the house up like Meera did, her family did try. But alas they couldn’t. As she did, the home started feeling her absence too. Finances, fights, fear and so much happened so quickly, leaving her home to her heavenly sight was the only choice for the family.

When I walked past the gate of her home, I could smell a heavenly mix of masalas from her kitchen. It acted as a Pied Piper, drawing me towards the door. I dropped my laptop bag in the lobby and went straight in. A scrawny old man stood there stewing dinner. I felt a sudden sense of disappointment, maybe I expected someone else here cooking. The man saw my expression and exhaled “Meera wouldn’t like that look you know, this recipe was her top most favourite”

My disappointment was taken over by surprise “Meera, who?”

“The one who’s home you’re in”

“Isn’t this Globex Corporation, guesthouse”

and he said, “Well, that’s what they call it these days, but you know that name wasn’t the reason you felt drawn in or did you?”

image source: here

~Rashika Chanchlani.

Jugni's Take

Not just another slimming Centre! #VLCCStyleStatements

Am I the only one who thought of VLCC as a place that mysteriously helps people slim down tons of weight in the least amount of time?
With their marketing campaigns, and the movie Badhai ho Badhai, Anil Kapoors fat to fit stunt was their shot to fame in my head. Clear about being the best slimming Centre ever!
Although I have been noticing their increasing presence in the beauty products segment, available in lead stores. I didn’t take them quite seriously. Until the recent #VLCCStyleStatement event.
From the latest Vampire facial, Kardashian favourite to the changing trends in skin & hair industry. They seemed to not just know but actually provide all the services across India. Be it Medivita which is a hair care expert therapy, to eyelash extensions, VLCC has got the global beauty updates right here for us.

At this recent meet up with Pune’s biggest bloggers was a fun session on beauty, skin, hair & nail care. We discussed all our skin queries, and the answers were much beyond “drink lots of water” luckily! From the ideal beauty regime to the nutrition our bodies need to have good skin and hair team VLCC covered it all.

What’s a fun meet up without a goodie bag with products I couldn’t stop gushing about. I used their Diamond Facial Kit from the goodie bag, had also received their detox green tea & a shape up oil which I am eager to use.

The diamond facial kit gave me supple glowing skin in six easy steps, judging by their product range and this event, Jugni & Co. highly recommend the beauty & care services at VLCC India.


Off-the-shoulder, trend that’s here to stay!

You might think that you saw too many, but don’t you find it very difficult to stop yourself from buying one more? The 90’s inspired Off-shoulder trend looks like it’s here for a while. So read on and prepare to stock up!

Planning and shooting to put up posts is not half as easy as it looks. It requires us to wake up on holidays at wee hours in the morning, to catch the perfect light, draw the perfect liner while barely being able to open my eyes, and oh the struggle in location scouting. Luckily my super-team Sakshi Nahar & Sahil Shah found this amazing spot in Pune. at 7am, with these bright outfits and the killer mausam, this spot worked beautifully for us. Can you guess the location?

If you have been following Jugni & Co. for some time you should have noticed the increasing number of times we featured the colour yellow as an absolute must have! We’re back at it. This time the trending colour with the classic off shoulder. Hope you like what you see. Besides which when we put together our spring summer trend book, we just couldn’t miss out on shades of green.

More on greenery and the Pantone shade of the year 2017 real soon. Till then, scroll down and maybe head to Samshek to shop now!

While I am planning to host a special giveaway for you with Samshek, they are getting ready to stock up on their spring summer collections on their website for all of us.



Yellow Dress:

Green Top:

Black Jeggings: Westside stores.

Nude Heels: Ginger, Lifestyle Stores.

Sunglasses: Thrifted, Lokhandwala Market, Mumbai.

Jhumka: Thrifted, Delhi markets.


#BringTheKurtaBack – Styling your favourite kurtas in simple new ways.

Remember how there was this whole phase where kurtas were only sported by the journalist-artists-NGO volunteers, or at least people judged those to be in this profession.  Then came a phase when TV serials brought the Anarkali with leggings trend. Then came the never ending straight kurtas with palazzos. Somewhere in this race of trends, the basic Lucknowi kurta was amiss.

When I was 6yrs old, my mum would dress me up in pretty pastels Lucknowi kurtas with matching bindis. It was adored by all of us, she wore similar kurtas too and we gave Mom & Daughter goals to everyone! My association with XOX fashions gave me a chance to relive those fun style days all over again, this time trying different tips and tricks!

The Classic:

If you are not digging the palazzo trend, bring out your Patiala salwar. Get a basic white/ offwhite intricately embroidered Cotton kurta, while using a bright dupatta to complete the full ethnic look.

Also, do you have a full ghungroo jooti yet? it’s everything I needed to finish this style.


Taking cues from Alizeh in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, the following looks I am thrilled to share with you!

The Badass:

Doing the old school kurta legging is too basic for you? Go badass with a smart jacket leather (only if the weather permits) or any other with skinny fit denims & solid bellys.

Top it off with reflectors and you’re good to go!

The Everyday-Cool:

Go back to college with this look, your favourite old pair of jeans and sneakers will keep you on your toes and ready to do all your chores with ease. Add cat eye glasses and a big tote bag for the final chic elements in your style game.

Follow XOX Fashions here and check out their ever-updating collection and place your orders already!

Stylist: Sakshi Nahar

Photographer: Sahil Shah


Stop & Smile.

Do you realize how fast you are going in the daily madness? Do you feel the wind rushing through, while you speed on every day? Do you understand that the pace at which you are running to meet deadlines doesn’t let you live any moment?

Disclaimer. This is a true story.

When I was younger, I had a few favorite poems, one of them I clearly remember. It’s called slow dance. I had stumbled upon it in one of the chicken soup for the teenage soul books. And it simply refuses to get out of my head. Life is not a race, so take it slower it said.

Life is not a race, so take it slower it said.

As the days passed by, I didn’t actively remind myself of these lines. The fear of missing out, the constant to-do lists and the pressure to have a bucket list and fulfill it caught up. Then once in a while came days like today. Today, made me stop & smile.
And on autoplay, as though it was timed, my favorite poem played back on my mind:

Do you run through each day on the fly,
when you ask “How are you?”, do you hear the reply?
When the day is done, do you lie in your bed,
with the next hundred chores running through your head?”

I was invited back to my grad school as a panelist at an International Conference to speak about startups, the struggles, and benefits of doing what you love. On the panel alongside were big players in the Indian and Global market. I was overwhelmed, nervous, panicking all at once. And when the panel discussion ended, I was humbled at the thought of what just happened. You know how we constantly keep wishing for something to happen, I wished one day I can sip coffee out of a fancy take away paper mug and walk into an office.

I wished the office were my own, where my team would greet me when I came in. I wished I dressed a certain way, I wished I was called a certain name, I wished I was treated as a VIP, I wished I was the one inspiring someone in need. I wished I didn’t have too many wishes left, Phew. That’s exhausting. While today I realized that most of my wishes came true already. I made a new wish, I wish we could stop and smile at every tiny milestone we cross in our life.

When we move into a new apartment, when we buy our first car, when we get featured somewhere, when we finally find someone who brings us peace, when any of our little wishes come true, let’s stop & smile. Take a moment, Live that delight. After all it’s one wish off your ever increasing list. How about just smiling to that?


And in-case you were wondering what my favorite poem is, well here goes:

Have you ever watched kids on a merry-go-round,
or listened to rain slapping the ground?

Ever followed a butterfly’s erratic flight,
or gazed at the sun fading into the night?

You better slow down, don’t dance so fast,
time is short, the music won’t last.

Do you run through each day on the fly,
when you ask “How are you?”, do you hear the reply?

When the day is done, do you lie in your bed,
with the next hundred chores running through your head?

You better slow down, don’t dance so fast,
time is short, the music won’t last.

Ever told your child, we’ll do it tomorrow,
and in your haste, not see his sorrow?

Ever lost touch, let a friendship die,
’cause you never had time to call and say hi?

You better slow down, don’t dance so fast,
time is short, the music won’t last.

When you run so fast to get somewhere,
you miss half the fun of getting there.

When you worry and hurry through your day,
it’s like an unopened gift thrown away.

Life isn’t a race, so take it slower,
hear the music before your song is over