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Do Over.

There is an unexpressable pleasure in wishful thinking, in day dreaming, in imagining what could have been, what would have been et al.

A string of wishes we can ponder upon, on a routine day i was thinking “If given a chance what would i ‘do over’ in my life?” A ‘do over’ is not a regret, not something you wish can go away, just something you wish had been done better. From the smallest of incidences like a dress do over on an occasion to a lifetime do over like a wedding, the do over chain of thought pushed me into a place of my own where most things happening to me or done by me are on movie-like perfection. The same though when i gave to someone else, she went on to saying all the wrong things she did in high school and left with a smile when she thought of how things would be now! Another friend said “I wouldnt do over anything at all, they make me who i am”

Thats the thing about do overs i realised, there could be a zillion things you wish you could do again, then would you be what you are today, would you be any less or more manipulative if you had not broken the high school gang, would you be any better if your life would be movie-like perfect. I think not,

Its these that build up to those unending you-know-what…. stories. Its these that make us all that we are and wish we would be. Its these that lead us to that unexpressable pleasure in wishful thinking in day dreaming, in imagining what could have been, what would have been….

So lets hang on to our imperfect experiences they land up making perfect flashback stories.

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