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The Sushma Syndrome!

Last night, after the end of a hectic day, Jugni sat down to sort down the monthly bills. Though a minor hike in the expenses was expected, there was a blackout of multiple seconds after glancing at that enormous bill! The details clearly stated the name of the merchant as rooja, cupidity, fabulloso, jabong, flipkart, donebynone, shopnineteen for multiple times and a five-digit payable amount against each one.

And then it flashed in big band-baaja-baraati lights‘YOU-ARE-AN-ONIOMANIAC’.

Before you sympathize, you must know about Oniomania because who knows you might be infected too. Oniomania is a compulsive desire to shop. It is also known as Compulsive Buying Disorder (CBD) or Sushma Syndrome. Weird as it may sound, research in this area is catching up with comparable areas like alcoholism or drug abuse. Sigh.


  1. You have tagged or unopened items in your closet.
  2. You ALWAYS end up buying things that you din’t plan to buy. ALWAYS.
  3. There is an acute urge to shop after a mega argument at work or home.
  4. A happy rush circulates in the vein when you go for shopping.
  5. You feel anxious on the days you don’t shop. confessions_of_a_shopaholic 1


  1. Find a new activity. Join a gym. Take up a hobby. Write. Read.
  2. Identify the trigger. Avoid going out on Sundays and get rid of those shopping websites from your bookmark bar.
  3. Remove temptations. Dedicate your Sundays to health and fitness. Go for coffee instead of the mall with your BFF. Help her too. She needs it.
  4. Carry only enough cash to buy what you went for
  5. Every purchase starts with the decision to try. Do not enter the trial room.

Contrary to the popular belief Oniomania affects both genders equally. And the latest entrant to the club is our own Mr. President, Barack Obama. Sadly, his disorder can be devastating to the economies of both, the nation and the world. Closer here, where do you think humara Ranbir gets all his crazy gadgets and cameras and clothes and shoes from? We think he has not just a wardrobe, he has a walk in ROOM only for his shopping fetish!

Jugni is a blackbelt in shopping. But there is no denying that an occasional detox will do good.  Reserve the weekend and re-organize your closet. Experiment with frugal fashion and chalk out your monthly shopping budget.

P.S. If this got too depressing, before cleaning the bookmark bar, log on and buy a nice pair of peep toes right now. One last time, just like the last time 😛

Stay Rebecca Bloomwood. Stay Jugni.

confessions_of_a_shopaholic 2

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