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Capturing v/s Living

There is this all new trend that is doing the rounds; at concerts, birthday parties, while watching fireworks, at a laser light show, at a cafe even! ‘Capturing the Moment’.

As we enjoy a boat ride in the Periyar tiger reserve, Kerala. My mind is playing ghazab ka hai din on loop in the background…Its 7.40am and we are here in the middle of an almost forest, on the deck of a boat with warm sunshine and a cool breeze. Unlike the 40 degree weather we experienced in the last few days!

Everyone is looking frantically to spot a rare species of a bird or animal, until now we have seen snake birds, kingfisher, wild pig, bison and the search is on! I wonder how much patience wild life enthusiasts must have to have to wait all day to see, just see, an animal, bird or a reptile!
With every boring minute of this ride i am getting to know this about myself, I find myself quite disinterested in this. In holding big ass DSLRs and going click click click at the site of anything moving, even fog! It’s disheartening to see every single person on the deck with a phone camera, a digi-cam waiting to click something that will make their social media more wow! Might sound a little weird considering the amount of selfies and pictures I post to make my facebook appealing. But at this moment all i want, is to take this life jacket off, put on my glares, soak in some sun and let the wind play my hair!

In 1700s someone came with a theory about how, if a tree fell in the forest and nobody was around to hear it, did it make a sound? Three centuries from then, it seems more relevant than ever: if we’re on the beach and there’s no one there with a smartphone to Instagram it, did our holiday ever exist? The truth is we no longer wake up and smell the coffee, we walk in to a Cafe (Check in is a must), order our regular but first snap it, put the prettiest filter on it, hashtag coffee (also #caffeineaddict #morning #regular #beingme etc.) and upload it. By which time the coffee has also gone cold!

I would only guiltily hold up my hand too on this.

But what if we could step away from all of this and live some events? Enjoy our coffee so much that the day begins on a perfect note, hence making it a happier day (happy status updates will automatically happen).
When the clock strikes 12 on New Years Eve, when Mom walks in with a full lit birthday cake, when Yo Yo Honey Singh sings in that concert you almost killed people to arrange passes, when Coldplay performs at your favourite pub, when the child yawns, that killer sunset, and when you laugh so much that you could cry. Live the moments so well that they get framed in our memories. We could all use a detox from those cameras and do something, anything that does not have a picture to prove it but a killer story about their experience.

A picture is a thousand words they say, but a story that you will tell your friends, one that you can tell your kids and they can tell their kids will be so epic!

We all need to stop focusing so much on capturing the moment and just enjoy it instead. Be present. Snap a picture to take you back to it in your mind, when you stumble across it years from now in your head, and let that memory be of how fully you experienced that event at the time, with all your senses. Not routine coffees and work days, but boat rides like these, family holidays and getaway trips! Don’t stop sharing experiences, or expressing yourself through these pictures… but find a way to live them too. A moment lost is lost forever.concert-phones (1)

Cause pictures/videos will now have an expiry date… SD cards and Hard Drives will be full but memories might remain empty without these proofs.

Sometimes we need to put down that camera, live an experience, make a real memory.

Be Jugni.

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