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Every type of girl you should be

The one with ‘The Laugh’:

Be the girl with that cute ass laugh, the one that gets everyone in splits, the one that makes him fall for you all the more each time. Like Slo-Mo wala pyaar. Each time you laugh-dil-se. Not giggly, not mouse like. A genuine loud lovable laugh. Be that girl who is known for her crazy laughter.

The one with ‘The Eyes’:

Be the girl with the doe eyes, the eyes that make him want to pour his heart out to you, the eyes that make daddy want to give up smoking, and the eyes that are a window to your heart. The girl with eyes that go chhotu when you smile, and tear up when you laugh! Big or squinty or just your kinda all dolled up eyes!

The one with ‘The Elegance’:

Be the girl with the elegance, the grace to accept her mistakes, to love herself despite them. To falling love over and over again with her whole self. The elegance to carry herself in tattered jeans, an LBD or a saree just equally! Be the girl that no one can stop loving!

The one with ‘The Body & Brain’:

Be the girl who loves her body, her curves, her thighs, her thigh gap, her cellulite, her giant feet, her size 5 feet, her curls, her everything. Be the one with an intelligence, to leave everyone in awe. Read, Blog, Thrive, Live.

Most of all, Be the one with ‘The Heart’

Be the girl who puts makes compassion look tiny. The one that can make kids adore her, and elders bless her. Be the girl who everyone wants to know more about. The one who spreads smiles all day and keeps the tears and overthinking for herself at nights. Be the girl who loves and enjoys it unabashedly. Be the girl who never ends, be the girl whose hunger for knowledge, for love, for relationships, for family, for kindness is infinite.

Be all that and be a little bit of everyone around you, be yourself too, Be Jugni.Image

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