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Things we do when we have nothing to do:

1. Talk about it
Have nothing to do? Then we bet you sure can’t stop yapping about it. You leave no opportunity. Whether it’s while making plans for the weekend or chatting up with distant relatives about visiting them or agreeing to help out with mom’s chores, you HAVE to mention how you are extremely bored and have absolutely nothing to do and therefore you can fit in all of the above.
YET, you somehow don’t make it for the weekend plan, don’t visit your relatives and obviously get away with mom’s chores!

2. Open & Close the Refrigerator.
This happens several times in the day and of course through the night! Why do you do it? No idea. There’s something satisfying about it. Open the fridge – Stare at the food – Walk away. Maybe it’s to generate hunger by seeing pretty food? Why do we do it again and again? Probably, hoping something magically appeared!
Most times, after opening we think about what we are doing here in the first place and close it and walk away. Boredom is weird. Like moody unexplainable Hormones.

3. Clean the Wardrobe
No. This is not something we do, just something we think about doing. Because every time we open that door, we see Procrastination – Level 100 flash before our eyes and just as our thinking gets responsible, the door is slammed. But there’s always the promise of doing it soon, hopefully.
Boredom has reached new levels with the existence of Smartphones. – Thus, The following few points.

4. Facebook-ing.
Ofcourse there is the going through news feed kinda facebooking. But this, is something else. Screenshotting people’s hilarious updates and sending it to your bestfriends to laugh about, ScoopWhoop reposting on each other’s wall, discovering stickers on facebook chat, wondering if she deserves all those likes on her new picture, reading comments off other people’s posts!

5. Instagram
Again, going through the feed and liking almost all pictures. Laughing at the lame hashtags people use, Tagging your people on sarcasm only’s posts and other memes and trolls, clicking random hashtags and seeing irrelevant pictures, Clicking locations and checking the pictures clicked there, checking those people who posted at the same place as you ka profile, then more hashtags, more locations and it goes on forever. Following famous people, following people that famous people follow, following accounts of places, movies, magazines and going on a liking spree, Refreshing feed and not liking a picture too soon cause you may seem like a stalker, liking selective pictures so in the ‘following’ tab you appear smart.
Ah. I could write so much. But wait, let me just check my instagram.

6. Youtube
Oh Yes. This is initiated easily because there is always something on someone’s facebook & Then it begins! We watch the video, while watching we watch un-skip-able advertisements too, and then watch a few “Suggested” videos, then suggestions from the suggested one, then what’s popular on youtube, a few new trailers, well we’re just updating ourselves here!

7. Click Pictures
When you have nothing to do, the inner dabboo ratnani in you rises. Everything you look at seems like a potential photograph. (“This will make a great instagram post”) You’ll spot yourself clicking your feet, the fan, the view out of your window, the sun, other random stuff just lying around you. When you aren’t clicking such things, you’re probably clicking Selfies!

8. Watch TV
Nahi Nahi, This isn’t watching one to two hours of random channels, flipping constantly. This is watching old hindi movies for hours together back to back. Weekend TV is awesome. But weekdays – sad movies! Worry not, there’s season 1s and 2s of old sitcoms, there’s mommy’s favourite daily soap to catch up to, there’s random food shows and travel shows, there’s more shows on music channels than music that get you engrossed, there’s always discovery channel, there’s cartoon shows that are really lame these days, but then again, you can’t not watch TV, you don’t really have much to do!

9. Sing
I don’t know if this happens with everyone else, But when you stop doing something like shut the TV or get off the phone or anything really, you start singing the last song you heard, or some word triggers a song or some background music makes you sing it. And ofcourse there is the time when someone sings a song, you start singing it too.
PS: It’s all subconscious! And have you ever noticed most songs are the annoying yet catchy type? Like, you’ll be surprised when you catch yourself singing them!

10. Wear pyjamas
Having nothing to do is a state best felt while you are in your PJs! What’s better? Changing from one set of pyjamas to another. That’s when it’s proven that you officially have nothing to do.

While these are the things almost all of us land up doing when we’re free, jobless and bored, We at Jugni & Co. are here to help you do some better, funner things!

Here’s what we came up with :
a) Rate passers by, or photos of door ke cousins – notice their clothes, shoes, bags, hair and the way they speak.

b) Pretend you are Mogambo and speak in third person. Make everyone greet you ‘Hey Mogambo’ before you listen to them.

c) Try to swallow your tongue.
d) Write consumer complaints about random brands that make promises in their ads.

e) Make prank calls – This never gets old.

The only purpose of team Jugni & co is to make your day brighter, by passing on a tip, sharing personal style analysis, showing you a new trick or two or simply to bring a smile on a rather dull day.

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