How to have a fully equipped handbag!

There are these times when someone needs something so desperately, something they forgot at home in a hurry, something they’ll borrow in that moment but forget to carry it all time! To avoid those moments at ‘Jugni & Co’ we researched on the top 10 must haves in a hand bag.

Besides the basic wallet, hairbrush, keys, cellphone here is a list of the Top 10 essentials in your handbag.

Hand Sanitizer & Moisturizer : Its never a bad time to kill those germs on your hands accumulated from shaking hands, exchanging money, opening doors and other routine things. It’s a quick alternative to hand washing with soap, similarly it can also leave your hands dry which is why you should carry a moisturizing lotion as well. A moisturiser also ensures whatever they weather maybe your hands and face are always supple and soft.

Pen: Besides the whole cool angle of always carrying a signature pen like big shot businessmen (Mont blanc, Parker, Cross etc) Its always a good idea to have a writing instrument handy, to jot down an impromptu shopping list, a secret note for someone or something you heard and don’t wanna forget!

Safety Pins & Band aid: A wardrobe malfunction will not come with a pre announcement, safety pins are a rescue mission to save you from any kind of embarrassment, it can also repair a bracelet or help you increase the length of your neckpiece! With pointy pokey things surrounding us, it wouldn’t hurt to carry a bandaid. It can make you a fairy for a kid with bruised knees who you can save some day! (just saying)

Body Splash/Deo/Mini perfume: The weather in our country is pretty unpredictable, it kills to not smell good at any time of the day… A deodorant/body splash/mini perfume can make you that girl who always smells so good at work, in college or just about any where.

Mouth Freshner: Mint, Chewing gum, mouth freshening spray is an amazing investment. When your palate just feels dry or to kill one of those sweet cravings pop in a mouth freshner. Also when you plan to get close to someone, a fresh breath can be a kickstart!

Accesories: This might sound weird but i always have a nice pair of earrings and a big cocktail ring in my bag. Classy hoops or coloured studs can keep you prepared for an unplanned outing where you can look dressy with these simple add ons!

Earphones: Sometimes all we need to shut out our million inner voices is some good music, it is stress relieving and mood lifting! Carry earphones at all times to tune into your favourite music and tune out the rest of the world. It also makes sense to speak on headphones while driving!

Sunglasses: Never leave the home without a sexy pair of shades. The moment you put on your glares, the brain understands “Babe mode Activated” and gives you a crazy boost also adds a glam factor to your look apart from saving your eyes from the sun!

Makeup Kit: Your quick fix and your best friend is your carry along make up kit. (what goes in a perfect makeup kit we’ll tell you soon)

MIRROR: The last but most important thing in your handbag is a magnifying mirror, they come in cute prints at accessorize and other such stores. You can make sure your hair and makeup is perfect and also do a quick check on your teeth! As they all say, a mirror never lies. There is never a wrong time for some self admiration too i say!

Whether its a tote, a clutch, a sling bag or any other swear not to leave home without at least 6 of the above!


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