How to be Desk Diva: Workstations so pretty that even instagram will beg for these!

Call me random if you may, random is fun don’t you agree? Predictable is boring. Wait. i don’t want to keep on blabbering thoughts straight out from my head. But isn’t this blog about that? Ok. Stop. Focus.

Hello, again! I’ve got some mid week motivation for you. So this is what happens, when i zone off to my wishful thinking and daydreaming. I pinterest for hours and hours and dream about the perfect spaces and places. Some that we can create ourselves, and some in the world that are too pretty and they keep getting added on to my ‘must visit’ list. BTW, if you do not have a ‘must visit’ list yet, you need some serious dose of pinterest in your life. Getting back to our midweek motivation, I have always been the kind of person that needs ambience to do anything right. Like when I was choosing which Zumba class to join, i picked the one with club lights on the ceiling and music so loud that it makes you feel like a party! Also, when I sat down to study in school days, i needed loads of books and cute stationery and preferably a couple of friends or siblings studying around me to really feel like doing my homework for the day.

Keeping all that ambience-requirement in mind, you’ll wonder what sort of a desk you must have to do some creative writing, and posting, and most importantly- instagramming. I mean no desk is good enough, if you can’t instagram it. Posting below are my favourite desks and workstations from pinterest and google, around the world that have given me serious #deskgoals.

Absolute Must Haves to be an ultimate Desk Diva:

  1. Pictures: Obvio, you need happy vacationing pictures of you, family, friends and your bae, to constantly remind of why you need to work hard so you can take a nice long break soon!
  2. Pin board: To put up tickets, bills, cute notes, reminders, and everything else
  3. Theme: I personally really like the tiffany themed desk, you should have a theme and work around it.
  4. More White: You see how pretty the pictures look, the more white they have? imagine how awesome it will be in reality?
  5. Minimal: Less is more, keep the furniture chic and inspired by a fashion magazine office!
  6. Great Drapes: No office space is complete without pretty curtains, choose the right colours, prints and patterns to make your space.
  7. Ultra Cute Stationery: Raid those chinese cute ass stores, hoard on hello kitty and mc donalds toys, add some quirky notebooks with insanely pretty sometimes unusable items on the desk. Anything to keep us inspired to work na?
  8. Fresh Flowers: to add that daily fresh happy quotient.
  9. Fairy Lights: Nothing is cute without fairy lights. enough said.
  10. Planner/Organiser/ Calendar: After all it is a work space, busy bees like us need to mark our dates right 😛

A wire manager this cute, will lead me to respecting my chargers much more than i currently do


Told you, instagrammable pictures are everything.

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Desks that overlook a window or a nice landscape keep your mind calm and you more dreamy. If this does not inspire you to be a desk diva, i don’t know what will. Are you thinking of your desk make over already? Tell me tell me. Jugni awaits 🙂

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  • fashionathsta
    September 2, 2015 at 6:46 pm

    Loved this post <3 My desk needs make-over haha xx Nathalie

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