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Move over coconuts, eggs to the rescue! Mane Management Tip.

Recently while in a makeup workshop, the hair and makeup expert said that soon we will all be wearing hair extensions. In the US, she mentioned they are available over the counter at every store in the street! Yaeeks!

That got me thinking of this insane hair fall that I have been struggling with, so besides the methi and the curd packs, and the various treatments as well as home remedies I kept desperately waiting for something better. Then came in something i have not been able to put away, as I grew used to it!

Eyova. Have you heard of egg oil yet? Yes, eggs, they can make your mane fabulous too! I couldn’t keep the find just to myself, hence this review for all my lovelies!

Firstly, Since egg oil contains cholesterol, it helps the oil absorb into the outer layer of our scalp. It also stabilises and maintains the complex intercellular-skin matrix, allowing the skin a natural repair and rejuvenation. The cholesterol in eggs is an active element that helps moisturise dry hair strands. It helps heal and strengthen the hair by reducing frizz adding shine and smoothness to your hair. Being rich in sources of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, egg oil contains EFA which is a very vital ingredient in the role of hair care. It helps in preventing poor scalp conditions which cause dandruff and hair loss, as per an article in the TOI.

Product Claims:

  • Prevents premature hair loss
  • Prevents premature hair greying
  • Eliminates dandruff
  • Repairs hair damage
  • Adds luster and shine to hair


What I think:

So I received this product in July, it mentions the need for it to be used for a minimum of four weeks for any results. So I did, but with the erratic monsoons, and the humid weather my hair still acted weird for about 3 weeks, as in I did not feel any big change in the texture or the hair fall. Still keeping at it, as the weather changed and my habit with the oiling continued, I could feel the magic in the product, my hair fall has not stopped miraculously but has definitely reduced. More than that, it’s the shine and luster that I can see on my mane! Less fizz, easy to manage and prettier for sure.

Thanks to Eyova, I now have a good habit, which my mom is very happy with. No more routine expenses on random hair treatments. No more egg white masks, which are smelly and messy and not easy to do on a routine. Healthy hair. I did apply the product twice a week, every week for about 8-9 weeks, kept it on overnight and did not use excessive shampoo. It is very easy to remove, which is one of my big concerns with coconut oil and especially castor oil. So I can shampoo without really murdering my hair shafts.

I highly recommend for you to try Eyova, read more about it www.eyova.com, go ahead and buy a bottle from here : http://shop.eyova.com/eshop/index.php/egg-oil/eyova-50-ml-india.html. You must also share this new and awesome find with all your friends who need hair care. Also, I really wanted to do a fancy photo shoot with mere lambe ghane baal, strong and shiny, and while using the product. But that would be a little too dramatic na? Isiliye, serious review. Jaldi kharido. Tell me how you like it. Will you use an egg oil?

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