Love & Life

To my almost.

For when we spoke the other night and didn’t stop till there was light

I didn’t know that I was losing myself in you, in a way I never do.


For when you called me your best friend and didn’t stop till I believed

I didn’t know that I never before had felt so accepted and so relieved.


For when you said you’d rather marry me and didn’t stop till I agreed

I didn’t know it was my heart’s desire and my only true need.


For these days, that begin with your messages and don’t end without your call

I feel like your words are all I want, and I do want them all.


For my mixed signals and almost replies

I want you to know that I’ve lived through many lies.


For one day I think our stars will align, and my heart will see

You are not just an almost, you’re completely meant for me.



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