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Switch to Chia Seeds- Healthy breakfasting!

Cereal and Oats based breakfast bowls have been doing the rounds in our homes for years now. Latest being ready to eat oats and oat crepes and a complete overdose of oats in everything. Ever tried Oats Poha?

The healthy breakfast category has caught on a new trend here, Chia seeds!


FYI: -Chia seeds deliver massive amount of nutrients with very few calories
-The are little seeds that normalize the body temperature, especially in this season, keeping body temperature cool.
-It is a high source of Omega3 & -It is fibrous! amongst many of it’s other benefits!

The Vigour Kart was kind enough to send us some of their super healthy breakfast bowls, the fresh fruits and the soy milk were game changers. Almond milk and their innovative smoothies were also trial worthy. It does need a little more work on their options as well as taste, but they are one of a kind to offer these in Pune. I think it is a great way to get your daily bowl of nutrients and guaranteed health delivered to your doorstep. I personally liked the oats-coffee bowl and the only chia seeds with milk and pomogranate. I would avoid the oats and chia mixed bowls, also the strawberry one was just about ok. The one that surprised me was the one coconut milk and grated coconut, even though i’m not a big nariyal fan, this was yum! They seem to be going great with the breakfast bowls, still are working on adding smoothies as add-ons.




Now no more excuses for skipping breakfast. try Vigour Kart 🙂



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