2 Style Bloggers, One Black Dress and a whole lot of Drama. #JugniXTSC

As I was steadily giving up on the idea of making new friends, Aleena came along and changed in a complete 360. Meet Aleena Mackar, founder & creator of The Style Chair, amongst Pune’s top bloggers, and the most epic conversation maker!!

We hit it off almost instantly, sharing the love for bollywood, fashion, pune and so much more felt like the past so many years would have been way better with her in it. Being bloggers and now friends we absolutely had to do a fun post together.

So here goes 2 Style Bloggers, One Black Dress and a whole lot of Drama. #JugniXTSC


After brainstorming on two dozen ideas, we settled on something that will benefit you the most. Easy style tips to dress up a staple outfit. Hence the black maxi dress. Done up casually, we both saw our love for knots and styled it as you can see. The denim throw on shirt on my dress made me pair it with the light denim slip-ons and dressed down the look completely!
jugni_x_tsc-5 jugni_x_tsc-6 jugni_x_tsc-18 jugni_x_tsc-14-copy

The Style Chair (TSC) was killing it with her booties and knotted up shirt, don’t you think?


What’s most fun for me was to have a style expert with me on shoot day. We obviously had way more fun than what you can see here. Scroll down for more on that.

jugni_x_tsc-20-copy jugni_x_tsc-29 jugni_x_tsc-31 jugni_x_tsc-32-copy jugni_x_tsc-39-copy jugni_x_tsc-42-copy jugni_x_tsc-46

We ragged each other, embarrassed each other & felt absolutely no qualms while doing it. Clearly visible here, that People come along in your life and make a place in your heart when you least expect it. jugni_x_tsc-51 jugni_x_tsc-69-copy jugni_x_tsc-72-copy

As the casual looks were done by us, here came the interesting part of our collaboration. TSC styles Jugni &Co & vice-versa. In the second look with the maxi dress, you will see how Filmy meets Badass. Quite literally we swapped our style statements and created extremely fun-doable looks you could do with a plain maxi dress. With my style forever revolving around fusion & Desi, Aleena gave me a full make over with the bold lips, leather jacket and a sleek ponytail.

Show her some love,, subscribe to her Youtube  , Instagram , Facebook, Snapchat & Roposo too. Her quirky style choices and ridiculously fun talks will keep you hooked! Watch below for a full view of our Style Swap.

jugni_x_tsc-73-copy jugni_x_tsc-76-copy jugni_x_tsc-84-copy jugni_x_tsc-89-copy

Completing our role reversal with posing like each other, and then finally giving in to our eternally filmy cravings. References below. Also safe to say, I do know how to style a Desi Look on The Style Chair & Aleena had me amazed at what she put together for me. Don’t you agree?
jugni_x_tsc-94-copy jugni_x_tsc-101-copy jugni_x_tsc-102-copy jugni_x_tsc-109-copy jugni_x_tsc-129-copy jugni_x_tsc-133-copy

Major shoutout to our favourite photographer Kruthika Pillai (follow her on Instagram @kruthika_pillai). She really had to exercise a lot of patience with us and had to even play the role of a teacher and order us around to ‘behave’

Aleena and Me, both were very excited to do a post together but also nervous about how our readers will perceive the outcome! So, leave your comments below & trust me I am dying to hear back from you so we can work on some more crazy posts together ❤

Besides all this fashion talk, I am so thrilled to have found a genuine, oh-so-lovable person in Aleena and can’t wait for a life filled with fun shoots, random meet ups and beyond imagination level of girl talk! If you’re thinking that you are too old to make new friends, we hope our little story urges you to go out and try again. <3


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