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This Pune based skin clinic infused WINE IN MY SKIN!!!

There seems to be a new bubble forming for aesthetic skin care places in Pune, offering a plethora of services. Many of them, however, are purely catching on the bandwagon for the trendy-sake of it, or for the possible earning scope.

Unlike any of these new age salons, comes The Wedding Clinic. A specialised Beauty, rejuvenation, skin care and healing place for those who are about to transform their whole life with an upcoming event in their lives. I loved how they have such a clear understanding of how brides, grooms and even their families feel while in the grind to plan the perfect D Day.

I went in for a fun skin consultation, where I was informed how my lifestyle has affected my skin, although mostly clear skin, my face could genuinely use some hydration and oxygen. They suggested a therapy which would take close to 2 hours to complete, it included lying over hot stones under my back, cleansing, scrubbing, anti-oxidants’ infusion and more.

Lie back, relax and let grapes – nature’s anti-oxidants take care of purifying your skin. This ritual includes cleansing, scrubbing, a relaxing massage and face mask/body wrap. Ideal therapy for my skin, leaving you well rested and ready to face the day! Oh, and my favourite part you ask? THE WINE INFUSION! It was really good, treated, red wine put in a fancy equipment and sprayed onto my skin for a long 20 minutes, after the cleanse, face, neck shoulder massage they even did a quick foot rub while the pack dried up. I was refreshed and revived to take on the next few weeks of hustle, to say the least.

Brides can come in for a thorough skin consultation, understand their skin voes and then work on an easy stepwise action plan to get rid of their beauty concerns not just for the wedding but for future too.  Besides the skin, nail, and other spa-services, one of their cutest concepts were to host a hi-tea for the bridesmaids! Or a day out for bride, bride’s mom & maybe even the new mom in law to be?  How amazing does that sound, the fact that they even thought of such cutesy events?

If you have a wedding coming up in the family, go ask for a special Baraati Package the founders & the staff are amazingly polite, helpful and will be able to curate as per your budgets and most importantly timelines!

A big thumbs up to the oh-so-pinteresty interiors, I didn’t feel like leaving at all, TBH.

Read more here: https://www.facebook.com/theweddingclinicpune/

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Photography by: Kruthika Pillai.

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