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The food upgrade Pune has been waiting for is here. Zora: Modern Indian Kitchen.

The progressing city that Pune is, the only thing that Punekars were missing was a speciality fine dine restaurant that does food like no one else.

Taking cues from their world travels, Priyanka and Joravar Sachdev have launched Zora, at Ishanya Mall. This is not a restaurant, it is an amalgamation of travel stories, experiences, flavours, memories and most of all Love. Love for flavours so unique, love for times that you wish you could go back in and love for people who truly cherish and relish simple yet surprisingly delicious food combinations.


Don’t miss the plush interiors, the digital gramophone, the feather lamp and essence of India as you visit Zora. Every piece here is truly instagrammable. IMG_6757

Team Jugni & Co, were delighted to be a part of their food tasting and launch dinner. Not only did we love the food and drinks but also the special service, the attention, the courteous staff and the more than eager to please chef blew our minds! Here is a low down on what we ate:


You might find this really weird, but the water was infused with fresh rose petals, though it is a thing in many restaurants now to have mint infused water, I have never had one with Rose. It was amazingly refreshing and I’m totes gonna do this at home.



Rajma & Tomato Soup : Will take you back to the classic homemade tomato soup, but so much creamier, richer and the rajma just fits right in.


Steamed Kheema Wonton Shorba: Oh My God, this was unbelievably yummy. the Mutton kheema wontons in that shorba and every sip of it burst with flavours, I mean even if you are on a soup-only diet, this is all you will want every single day!IMG_7374

Palak Cheese Fritters with Hari Mirch Thecha: I was honestly quite sure that this one will be just okay. But the combination with authentic thecha and the crispy fritters was absolutely amazing!



Paneer Achari Wantons with Wasabi Mayo: The name says it all, quite nice I say.IMG_7377

Chicken Khurchan Puchkas with Jaljeera: I was super excited to try these, and they were absolutely worth my excitement and lived up to it. Chicken in Pani Puri, so so good!

Mushroom Tikka Masala with Chinese steamed bread: No, there is no explanation for this, you have to only try it. The bread was super soft unlike anything I have eaten before, the gravy was just right.IMG_7386

DIY Tawa Sabz with Cheese Garlic naan: I loved the DIY bit, so fun!


Meet the star of the show. The one dish that took my heart away and has been my craving ever since the night I tried it is the white chocolate blueberry kulfi. If this doesn’t make you go back to Zora, nothing else will.IMG_7394

Absolut Vandre Gola: So unique so yum.

Amongst the other things we tried and didn’t take pictures of, the Mushroom Malai Biryani is stuff of dreams. Team Zora will delight you and have you begging for more even with your stomach about to burst. Pune food scene is never going to be the same again. Absolute must visit!

Jugni tip: wear yoga pants, and eat the food of your dreams. Zora is Love.



Food & Travel

Switch to Chia Seeds- Healthy breakfasting!

Cereal and Oats based breakfast bowls have been doing the rounds in our homes for years now. Latest being ready to eat oats and oat crepes and a complete overdose of oats in everything. Ever tried Oats Poha?

The healthy breakfast category has caught on a new trend here, Chia seeds!


FYI: -Chia seeds deliver massive amount of nutrients with very few calories
-The are little seeds that normalize the body temperature, especially in this season, keeping body temperature cool.
-It is a high source of Omega3 & -It is fibrous! amongst many of it’s other benefits!

The Vigour Kart was kind enough to send us some of their super healthy breakfast bowls, the fresh fruits and the soy milk were game changers. Almond milk and their innovative smoothies were also trial worthy. It does need a little more work on their options as well as taste, but they are one of a kind to offer these in Pune. I think it is a great way to get your daily bowl of nutrients and guaranteed health delivered to your doorstep. I personally liked the oats-coffee bowl and the only chia seeds with milk and pomogranate. I would avoid the oats and chia mixed bowls, also the strawberry one was just about ok. The one that surprised me was the one coconut milk and grated coconut, even though i’m not a big nariyal fan, this was yum! They seem to be going great with the breakfast bowls, still are working on adding smoothies as add-ons.




Now no more excuses for skipping breakfast. try Vigour Kart 🙂