Golden Girl, here is your go-to dress for this New Year’s Eve!

From Veronica to the girl in the fairness cream ad. This Gold sequin number was everywhere I looked and I couldn’t wait to own one. Once upon a time, the thought of shiny gold attire called to mind Las Vegas party girls. However, thanks to an especially strong showing on Fall 2016 runways, metallics—specifically gold—are poised to be a seasonal standout. The trend report was further confirmed with all the divas in B-town gracing Manish Malhotra’s birthday bash all dressed in gold!

This look was ideally inspired by Veronica DP’s character in Cocktail, I have had my eyes set on her beautiful gold sequin dress ever since. It can easily make you the queen in the crowd this NYE! Ideally for long party nights or fancy dinner outings. Exactly like Deepika in the movie, the dress boosted my confidence and for some reason made me feel like a total badass. Which is what you should be going for in this ongoing party season!

It’s time you invest in a sequinned outfit and be the Golden Girl you were always meant to be!

Shine on, be Jugni!



img_0333 img_0350



Dress: Custom Made by Ginni’s Couture

Suede Heels from Forever21

Amazing hair & make up: Neha Jain

Photography: Sahil Shah

Stylist: Sakshi Nahar

What are you wearing this new years? img_0423

alia-bhatt-1-559x1024 img_7401 img_76411 sarah-jane sub-buzz-18807-1481004571-1


My three day getaway with Grandma! #DaadiBanarasiya

For some strange reason, I dreamed of being in Banaras a few times. When I told Dad about it; he said it’s been on his mind too. My great grandparents are from the beautiful city of Varanasi. My grandma was married into this family who lived in Varanasi, when we shared with her, she said she would do anything to go back to Banaras even if for a day.

And so it began, in a few months, we were off to Banaras. I was hoping for a place that would inspire me to write something better, a view so beautiful that it would make me wake up at the crack of dawn just to gaze at it, some firangs, and the scenic Ganga arti. Also, maybe an answer to why all of us had the sudden urge to be here. All these predictable things happened, along with a major dose of magic.

Daadi, who had come back to Banaras after over 40yrs, seemed to remember landmarks, streets, even store names. When she dragged me into a store and started speaking to the owner about my ancestors, I made faces and felt like a huge disappointment is on our way. But it was anything but that. Turns out, just the name of my great grandfather was enough for these shopkeepers to realise who Daadi was. We were called in for tea and snacks and treated with so much respect that we as city dwellers would not even give to people we actually know.

Then came a series of spots, shops, vendors, mithai, paan, activities those which were making Daadi feel like she’s a new Dulhan in her early 20s all over again. The intense knee pain cause of all those steps and long walks was nothing in comparison to the sheer joy on her gleaming face. She wanted to eat the tikkis and the kheer kadams, she taught me how to enjoy some really good chai while Dad taught me how to relish a real Banarasi Paan.

It was not easy you know, to give in to Daadi’s demands, her sweet cravings with the sugar problem, her wishes those were silly and rigid all at once. It was not easy to watch Dad go all the way to meet all her desires, even take her to the house she lived in, while it being owned by someone else right now. Reminded me of a story my parents once told me.

Reminded me of a story my parents once told me. 

Ravi and his aged parents were on their way to Haridwar in a train. Ravi at the age of 40 had taken an off to spend some time with the parents and to put an end to their unending requests of taking them to Haridwar. Enroute, Ravi’s father wanted to know when will they arrive Haridwar after every 20mts. He wanted to stop at every station and alight. Buy a special sweet or eatable from each major station. He asked dozens of questions on where they are staying, what all they would do, will all the things in his wishlist be covered. Reluctantly, Ravi tried answering every question also while repeatedly telling them how soon they would arrive. By the time they reached their hotel and left for Ganga aarti, Ravi had lost his temper. All he wanted to do was leave them off and go alone for a walk or something to cool down. Ganga aarti has a special kind of effect on its viewers, with all its chaos it brings peace. Deep, much needed kind of peace. Instead of leaving them there, Ravi was made to attend the aarti with the parents. Although he couldn’t wait for it to start and get it over with, when it did begin, he seemed to have forgotten all about going away. They sat in silence on the banks of the river for an extended hour till Ravi’s father spoke. He told Ravi how when he was all of five, they had taken the same train and come here when Ravi created absolute nuisance in the train. He fondly remembered little Ravi wanting to get down at every station and eat a special item from there. He lovingly patted Ravi’s back for making him live Ravi’s childhood and living his dream of being here. Ravi’s head hung down in shame and he couldn’t help but break down in front of his parents for being so impatient, intolerant, and selfish. 

Dad made Daadi do all the things on her list, as much as he could, we went every place, ate everything and woke up at odd hours too. Not to mention the unlimited charity we did. The end result you may ask? So much happiness. Pure bliss. Such feels when Daadi hugged me tightly when she made a zillion jokes about how we are, our generation, our priorities and then quickly also asked to click selfies with us. Mind you she is very touchy about her images, she checks and rechecks every image on our phones and would keep the pose till she gets the desired picture. My family traced our story back to my great grandparents in my first visit to Varanasi. It gave me so many stories, so much good food, and the desire to go back and do it all over again.










Post-party antics!

If the weddings have been here, so have the cocktails nights. The elaborate sangeets and the week long bachelorettes. The one night before the wedding, unending birthdays, anniversaries or simply the month of December. There is something about this time of the year. Everyone is exceptionally cheerful and wanting to party for sometimes no reason whatsoever.

With all things done in excess, comes a major regretful morning. I absolutely hate those who never face a hangover or those intense hunger pangs after a night of dancing with the fam!

We thought why not do a fun post party theme shoot, catching all the high spirits, the mandatory pizza and of course the famous feeling of ‘a hangover can only be cured by some more beer’

Here is a stepwise description of what goes down on an epic night, well at least on those we remember.


Let the fun begin!


Oh but, I killed it on the dance floor mood!


I’m too old for this stuff phase.


Let me stuff my face with cheese phase!


Is it time to call it a night yet?


Jumping on the bed is the most underrated joys of life!


Party on, stay safe. Be Jugni.


Concept Shoot by Team Jugni & Co.

Sakshi Nahar, Sahil Shah & Rashika Chanchlani

Location Courtesy: Double Tree by Hilton, Chinchwad.

Hair & Makeup: Makeover Studio, Pune.

Dress: Sarojini Nagar Market, Delhi.


Coordinates please? Still wondering what to wear to your bestie’s wedding, here are some co-ords for you!

The weddings are upon us, my social media feeds are bombarded with people attending people’s weddings. What is with people and December? Anyway, if you like all my friends are also stressing about what to wear, how to plan your outfits, well here is another type of outfit you can consider!

Done too many Anarkali, sarees even kurta palazzos? Move over to crop top and skirts. Using the same fabric split into top & skirt makes it a coordinate set, you obviously know that, but I also need to play the whole trend educator role here no?

So here goes supremely affordable, really pretty, must have outfits you should adorn on at least one function in this wedding crazy time! Pro Tip: Ditch the earrings and do a headgear or a nice boho accessory stunt to guarantee the different look and loads of compliments.
jugni_30-10-16_7 jugni_30-10-16_9 jugni_30-10-16_10 jugni_30-10-16_20

Outfit: Peachmode, (semi stitched)

Headgear: Bought it at an exhibition, anklets: gifted.

jugni_30-10-16_26 jugni_30-10-16_34 jugni_30-10-16_36 jugni_30-10-16_37 jugni_30-10-16_56 jugni_30-10-16_62 jugni_30-10-16_64

Outfit: Bought 7mtrs of this curtain look alike fabric and got this stitched by a local tailor.

Accessories: Old Navratri thrift store finds.

Shoes: Ginger, Lifestyle.

Photography by Kruthika Pillai

Styling: Sakshi Nahar



Saree with a hint of steam. #DrapeGame

Are you one of those many many girls who absolutely adore the saree on people, but would never dare to try it on?

Don’t worry, You’re not alone. The ultimate sexy and traditional outfit gives a lot of us jitters with the thought of wearing it. How do you drape that? How will my curves look bulging out? How short will it make me appear? What if it opens up? and the classic fear, what if I trip and fall? While we saved the saree for farewell nights in school, and wedding receptions, there came Sonam Kapoor and broke all saree rules!!

Pairing it in ways we had not imagined, and draping it in weirdly chic styles, she opened my heart to the amazing saree. The trips and tricks to hide the flaws and look stunning in a saree are a zillion, just get down to it.

For this post, we are collaborating with Tanvi Ejrekar, a famous Pune-based designer who is launching her all new December collection with Jugni & Co.

Sunil & Vaishnavi Bhog:  The father-daughter duo is an expert at Hair & Makeup, also skin founders of Makeover Studio, Pune

Diva Jewels for those gorgeous pieces that complete my looks.

Double Tree by Hilton, for their picture perfect location.

_oh_8188 _oh_8206

_oh_8170 _oh_8182

In the words of the designer : “This season, we bring you the sheer beauty of Chanderi sarees blended with Variety of fabrics in solid colours. The chanderi material is embroidered with exclusive designs and motifs to enthral you while keeping your comfort in check!”

Instagram: @mymysticquartz


Here I have paired a peplum black top with black jeggings and see in the different drape styles the whole look can be played around with so well! Who would’ve thought?

_oh_8241 _oh_8261 _oh_8264 _oh_8265

In this drop dead gorgeous cherry red saree, I felt like absolute royalty. Styled it over a formal white shirt and flared pants. It made me look leaner and taller. Felt super silly that I haven’t done this yet!! What do you think?

The eternal semi-precious jewellery was a true game changer in both the looks. So light and wearable, I felt as beautiful as my mumma wearing these pieces and didn’t feel like taking them off. Check them out here

The makeover studio did a fab job with wedding makeup and casually pretty hair! See more of their work here

Location courtesy: Double Tree by Hilton, Chinchwad

Photographer: Sahil Shah & Rohan

Fashion Stylist & Bae: Sakshi NaharThanks to our ever growing experimental streak, here is the traditional saree with a hint of steam!

Thanks to our ever growing experimental streak, here is the traditional saree with a hint of steam!



2 Style Bloggers, One Black Dress and a whole lot of Drama. #JugniXTSC

As I was steadily giving up on the idea of making new friends, Aleena came along and changed in a complete 360. Meet Aleena Mackar, founder & creator of The Style Chair, amongst Pune’s top bloggers, and the most epic conversation maker!!

We hit it off almost instantly, sharing the love for bollywood, fashion, pune and so much more felt like the past so many years would have been way better with her in it. Being bloggers and now friends we absolutely had to do a fun post together.

So here goes 2 Style Bloggers, One Black Dress and a whole lot of Drama. #JugniXTSC


After brainstorming on two dozen ideas, we settled on something that will benefit you the most. Easy style tips to dress up a staple outfit. Hence the black maxi dress. Done up casually, we both saw our love for knots and styled it as you can see. The denim throw on shirt on my dress made me pair it with the light denim slip-ons and dressed down the look completely!
jugni_x_tsc-5 jugni_x_tsc-6 jugni_x_tsc-18 jugni_x_tsc-14-copy

The Style Chair (TSC) was killing it with her booties and knotted up shirt, don’t you think?


What’s most fun for me was to have a style expert with me on shoot day. We obviously had way more fun than what you can see here. Scroll down for more on that.

jugni_x_tsc-20-copy jugni_x_tsc-29 jugni_x_tsc-31 jugni_x_tsc-32-copy jugni_x_tsc-39-copy jugni_x_tsc-42-copy jugni_x_tsc-46

We ragged each other, embarrassed each other & felt absolutely no qualms while doing it. Clearly visible here, that People come along in your life and make a place in your heart when you least expect it. jugni_x_tsc-51 jugni_x_tsc-69-copy jugni_x_tsc-72-copy

As the casual looks were done by us, here came the interesting part of our collaboration. TSC styles Jugni &Co & vice-versa. In the second look with the maxi dress, you will see how Filmy meets Badass. Quite literally we swapped our style statements and created extremely fun-doable looks you could do with a plain maxi dress. With my style forever revolving around fusion & Desi, Aleena gave me a full make over with the bold lips, leather jacket and a sleek ponytail.

Show her some love,, subscribe to her Youtube  , Instagram , Facebook, Snapchat & Roposo too. Her quirky style choices and ridiculously fun talks will keep you hooked! Watch below for a full view of our Style Swap.

jugni_x_tsc-73-copy jugni_x_tsc-76-copy jugni_x_tsc-84-copy jugni_x_tsc-89-copy

Completing our role reversal with posing like each other, and then finally giving in to our eternally filmy cravings. References below. Also safe to say, I do know how to style a Desi Look on The Style Chair & Aleena had me amazed at what she put together for me. Don’t you agree?
jugni_x_tsc-94-copy jugni_x_tsc-101-copy jugni_x_tsc-102-copy jugni_x_tsc-109-copy jugni_x_tsc-129-copy jugni_x_tsc-133-copy

Major shoutout to our favourite photographer Kruthika Pillai (follow her on Instagram @kruthika_pillai). She really had to exercise a lot of patience with us and had to even play the role of a teacher and order us around to ‘behave’

Aleena and Me, both were very excited to do a post together but also nervous about how our readers will perceive the outcome! So, leave your comments below & trust me I am dying to hear back from you so we can work on some more crazy posts together ❤

Besides all this fashion talk, I am so thrilled to have found a genuine, oh-so-lovable person in Aleena and can’t wait for a life filled with fun shoots, random meet ups and beyond imagination level of girl talk! If you’re thinking that you are too old to make new friends, we hope our little story urges you to go out and try again. <3


Jugni's Take

‘Spa’rkle Treatment, reviewing the Charcoal Therapy from Heaven On Earth.

I’m quite sure you are aware of the whole Coal makes you shine scene, be it face washes to masks, hair care products, it’s proven that charcoal has some amazing benefits for our skin.

Aristo Spa at Double Tree by Hilton Chinchwad opens to a salon area and progresses to multiple treatment rooms, the Thai Massage, the individual therapy and the couple’s spa room. Unfortunately, they do not have a sauna or a steam area, but the shower rooms within the therapy rooms are quite nice and will not make you miss the steam/sauna if you take a hot shower! The spa attendants were incredibly helpful and friendly offering advice on treatments, products and ensuring that you enjoy your time. This makes you feel welcome and sets the tone for this relaxing spa environment.The Charcoal Therapy treatment that I went for includes a 45-minute soothing massage using a lush scrub, which is made by combining activated charcoal and yoghurt. Activated charcoal is charcoal that’s been purified, so it is designed to suck out the toxins and impurities for the skin. Activated charcoal is known to help with tightening the pores of the skin and ease skin issues. The

The Charcoal Therapy treatment that I went for included a 45-minute soothing massage using a lush scrub, which is made by combining activated charcoal and yoghurt. Activated charcoal is charcoal that’s been purified, so it is designed to suck out the toxins and impurities for the skin. Activated charcoal is known to help with tightening the pores of the skin and ease skin issues. The yoghurt helps replenish the moisture in the skin, therefore leaving the skin supple and revitalised with the feeling of freshness. Oh not to mention how baby soft and glow-y I felt all day after the amazing treatment.


2e3a8598 2e3a8608 img_9962 img_9785

Aristo Spa is part of the Heaven On Earth group which is one of Indias leading luxury wellness groups which exists across Maldives, Seychelles, Spain and Singapore, they boast of a strong presence in luxury hotels and resorts and airports as well.


The massage room looked like a set up for guaranteed relaxation and smelled divine. The couple’s spa room was cosy and would be ideal to spend time with your beau.img_9788

If Charcoal is not your thing, they have wide variety to choose from aroma therapies, deep tissue but what intrigued me was the Thai Dry Massage, which includes a lot of stretches and other techniques without using oils and the cucumber body wrap; in which they use eucalyptus oils, aloe vera gel and other cooling agents. Perfect for the summers don’t you think?

I would recommend The Aristo Spa at Double Tree by Hilton, Chinchwad for anybody who would like to spend a relaxing day indulging at a spa, couple it with a brunch and you have a great day lined up. Plan a day out with your girls or just indulge in an hour or pure spa-rkle, you won’t regret it!

Would I visit again? Absolutely.

For more updates follow them on and

Jugni's Take

What can you do to make yourself smile? Experiment: Solo Getaway.

I wish I had a magical story of how I found myself in my four-day getaway. The thing is, I don’t. No dramatic story, no ‘poof’ moment and no ‘there I was facing the sunset…’

I want to travel the world and some bits of it I really want to do alone, just like the Queen-trip and Greece and maybe a few more. To prep start, I thought it would be a good thing to do something smaller and close to home. In case I need to run back, you know. I come from a family that does everything together, all my bucket list things are on their bucket list too.  I was also blessed with a set of friends who took care of the mandate Goa trips and the kinds.  So this going away solo thing never really made sense to us anyway. But things change, people change and most importantly you change. You start craving for experiences that you can’t plan for, and maybe that’s what happened. Nothing tragic, but all I wanted is a new experience a new feeling, and maybe a new smile which only I brought for myself. Pretty selfish I guess. I still needed to know if I was capable of making myself smile, which is only a stepping stone to happy.img_9921

Meherabad. A close friend has been mentioning Meherabad for years, but I never felt the need to go, honestly, I judged her a little each time she just went off to see a samadhi of a baba that I knew nothing of. But each time she returned, one thing didn’t change, her zeal. Like she was ready for the mundane routine again. Like something filled her cup back to the brim, and then the dailies can start draining her. A two hour drive from home, I was dropped here by my brave parents who also were experiencing letting me stay away like this for the first time. It did feel like I was being dropped into a rehab, but fun nonetheless. So Meherabad is where the Tomb and life of Avtar Meher Baba was situated, and people from all over the world come over to connect with themselves, their loved ones and most importantly with Meher Baba. I was to stay in the oh-so-beautiful-Meher Pilgrim Retreat. In my head, I was thinking dharamshala level and what I received was a 5-star resort. Impeccably maintained, so clean, perfectly landscaped and just so beautiful. After eating delish lunch with the parents, they left me to finally check in and commence my all new experience!img_9878

img_9879 I was asked if I would like to stay with three ladies from “The Punjab” (imagine heavy American accent here) or with ladies from The states and Europe. I chose the latter. Multicultural experiences is what I need thinking to myself. I walked into my room and was thrilled to see a bed with a retractable mosquito net above it. Stuff of my dreams. And right opposite my bed was a lady probably in her sixties wearing a very Hawaii inspired lycra jumpsuit doing a funky yoga pose which required her to put her toes behind her ears. I immediately turned back to see if my Mom saw that, sadly remembered that she’s not here.

“Everything real is given and received in Silence”- Meher Baba.

I learned that Baba spent 44 years of his life in silence, using gestures or an alphabet board to communicate. Can you imagine not speaking a word even for a day? Many more such thoughts, surprises came to me in my next few hours at the retreat. I unpacked and set in my stuff in the fanciest way possible. After hearing the bell for tea, we went towards the dining room at 4pm.

img_9881 img_9882 img_9883 img_9884 img_9885

After which I was told there was a film being screened on the life of Meher baba, and also that no-one else from the retreat had signed up to go for it. The auditorium was a 5-7kms away and I was asked to accompany a strange man in his car, who would drop me there. Bravely I went and sat on the rare seat of his car, later realising that he was the owner and not a driver. Too late to change seats I stayed on and prayed for this drive to end asap. But, he didn’t know where the audi was and we ended up getting lost, and my scared ass told me to at least get on a call with someone from home. So I was on call with mom till I reached, the kind man dropped me and drove off. I realised I was accompanied only by a Japanese mother daughter duo for the film that lasted over an hour.

The adventure continued as another man offered me a ride on an electric scooty till the railway crossing from where I had to walk to the Samadhi on the hilltop. Which I obviously accepted and all along the way kept thinking to myself whether I would do something like this back at home? Absolutely not.  I walked up the hill while being on call with the best friends on conference updating them about my whereabouts, they found it hilarious that I tried not to judge anyone and actually  just take things in. “We bond over judging silly things” which is true, my life revolves around senseless comments that we pass on each other.

I proceeded to the Samadhi and experienced the most unique prayer session of my entire life. After reciting a prayer from the prayer book, people from various countries, castes, ages gathered around and offered their love to Meher baba, with guitars, tabla, harmonium and a few instruments I don’t even know the names of, and languages that not everyone could understand. The whole gathering seemed in sync with each other connecting solely on music. English Hymns, Marathi gaane, Hindi Bhajans, Persian song, to an ending with classic Qawali. I had gooseflesh and couldn’t believe how blessed I was to experience a love for God so pure and unadulterated and so different. I walked back with my European roommate and made my way to the dining hall where I was served Fettuccini pasta in white sauce and my jaw just dropped. After major over eating and all that walking, I was in bed by 9.20pm. Completed some photo editing work for the blog and fell asleep without any effort by 10.30pm!

Waking up without an alarm clock was an all new feeling. I took a bus to a town close by to visit Meher Baba’s home and few more spots, on the way I connected with a lady from Minessotta a professor who was staying here for six months, her story of how she found her husband while working in the Baba center was beautiful. My other roommate was from North Carolina and she was staying here for five months. Her immense faith and positivity filled me with so much good energy.

And then I met Molly. Possibly in her sixties, Molly and I had the most amazing conversation on ‘Chai’ how it’s made in my house, and how she learned it from an Indian Cookbook and how we Indians don’t use measures while cooking. After we parted, I wondered when was the last time I’ve had a conversation on something so random and still walked out feeling like I have just taught someone something mystical and life-changing.

Molly, Gayle, Marina, Jeff, Paul, and a few more were my all new connections all aged between 50-70, Madhu, Prakash, Somit, Laura and a few more people I spoke with were a few years older to me and shared tiny insights and observations with me those which I am not going to forget easily. I spoke to different people, shared so much love, no tragic pasts or stories of how life is unfair, just strength to strength.

In three days I have completed reading one biography, nearing the completion of another novel on the kindle, wrote this post, ate delightfully good food and spoke about anything and everything to absolute strangers. Maybe fearless is too strong a word, but I did discover that I could do things alone, just be on my own without all depressive thoughts taking over me. Apart from a short nightmare, and a few estranged sad thoughts I was thoroughly at peace with things around me and within me. I made myself smile by not wearing makeup and not even missing it all these days. By not having coffee and being okay with it. By walking up and down the hill by myself with no thought of ghosts and spirits. I don’t know if it is Meher Baba that will bring me back here, but I certainly have understood that maybe doing things alone is not the same as lonely.

All the magic that it takes to make someone else happy, it takes only one tiny push to make yourself happy too. Do it, surprise yourself, break your own silly boundaries and see the magic within you. A solo getaway that didn’t involve drinking, spas, parties, or monuments; brought me epic little enriching experiences and I am already booking myself back here in the next two months, come with me? Be Jugni maybe.

Leaving you with some glimpses 🙂     


img_9911 img_9900






img_9921 img_9914

Jugni's Take Style

Dear Zindagi, I always want to dress like this.

Even though I don’t understand how you change every single day, I love you Zindagi.

Even though you take away people I love the most, I love you Zindagi.

Even though I plan, you change the rules of the game, I still love you Zindagi.

Many times we stumble upon words or visuals that effortlessly trigger an emotion in you. That’s the kind of effect I felt as I watched the different teasers of upcoming film Dear Zindagi. Aren’t we all in the race to repair-recycle-reuse ourselves? Just like they showed in the trailers? Post-breakup we hate all the coochy-cooing couples, we get annoyed with never ending traffic, we don’t ever truly disconnect from all our work and technology even when we’re on a break. But when we find that amazing parking spot right at the entrance of the store, or that tiny moment when we clear the green light by a second, that time when you get offered a drink at every hour in the club by different people. That moment we say, with all of that Love you Zindagi.

The over exaggerated snap stories, the over the top dressing for no reason, the unplanned solo trips, the weekend getaways with friends, the drunk nights, the yoga mornings.

Dear Zindagi, these are a few of my favorite things.

  • Cycling down a slope
  • Paper boats and origami too
  • Messy hair-don’t care vibe on someday
  • Long hugs
  • Passionate Kisses
  • Easy Goodbyes and teary eyed hellos!
  • Petrichor
  • Full Moons
  • Dipping my feet in the pool
  • Conversations that don’t end
  • Speaking to someone till the sunrise
  • Being alone, and sometimes never being alone
  • Being able to decide whatever I want & do it!

Dear Zindagi, You are my favorite.

The little things that not just bring you a smile but actually stay etched in your memory for a long time to come. As I etched back in nostalgia, I had to do a post, decoding Alia Bhatt’s easy breezy I-Already-Have-This-In-My-Wardrobe-Look.

Dear Zindagi, a film which seems to have the potential to change my life! I just have a strong urge that this movie will leave us with the exact same warm fuzzy leaving that we feel after sipping on hot cocoa on a cold lonely night. Shahrukh plays a coach & mentor to Alia who seems to have had a tricky past with Kunal Kapoor *drools* Angad Bedi and maybe a few more men. Did you know, the part where SRK and Alia was cycling and Alia fell off the cycle is actually inspired from a real life incident that occurred on the set of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai where Kajol on a similar occasion lost control of her cycle. So cute! Sport the Dear Zindagi looks and stay comfy all day wherever you go today! #LoveYouZindagi

Read on to recreate Kaira’s looks from the upcoming movie releasing on Nov.25th.

924a1956 924a1978 924a2015 924a2064 924a2072 924a2122 924a2133

924a2161 924a2184 924a2292 924a2306 924a2309 924a2388

924a2446 924a2453 924a2463 924a2518 924a2532

Hair & Makeup- Sunil Bhog

Stylist: Sakshi Nahar

Photography: Natasha Samant, The Storyteller Official.


Adding Jewels to your look Diwali. #GehneNotSoMehenge

We partnered with Beads & Threads, to give you a quick guide on festive must have jewels!

Whether it is Diwali or the whole set of wedding functions and parties you will be attending, ethnic jewellery can completely up our look at every event you go to! If you agree too, then you only have one option to go to. Mom’s jewellery box or lockers where you hide-away all special ‘real’ jewellery to be removed only on big festivals and close-relative-ki-Shaadi.

Don’t you think your subtle and simple kurta-palazzo can pass off as the ultimate festive looks only if you added a grand rani haar or semi-precious earrings to it? There are multiple brands online that offer some great real-looking pieces. These are the kinds you won’t feel guilty about not repeating too often, at the same time they are pretty enough for you to style them with different looks.

I personally have three favourite brands for semi-precious jewellery in Pune;

  1. Tarksya : Check them out here
  2. Diva Jewels, Camp: Click here for more
  3. Beads & Threads: Check out their entire collection


Earrings from Tarksya, Photographer: Lakshya Manwani

Earrings from Beads & Threads

Ishanya_Mall 086

Jewellery from Beads & Threads, Photographer: Gaurav Rasane.IMG_2718


Jewellery from Beads & Threads- Founder Anuradha Jain, Photographer: Kruthika Pillai.img_4372 img_4398 img_4431 img_4469-1 img_4498 img_4518 img_4520 img_4533