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Wedding Series: Floor length dresses!

“If it’s pink or sparkly I want it…” That line could very well be printed on my bedroom wall, speaking of, we have recently done our bedroom, added a wall of frames and upped the theme a little. As pepperfry is rightly saying, why wait for Diwali? do your space now! Obsessing over the newly done bedroom on my snapchat, do you follow us there?

Coming to the pink side of life, we recently did this crazy crazy shoot that I have been sneak-peaking on instagram for a while now. We are contemplating getting into a series of wedding related posts as the season is just about getting started, me feels that you might want to read up on quick fixes featuring all aspects like clothes, jewellery, dancing, shoes, locations, gift ideas and more! Cannot do this alone, so please mail us what you would like us to post in the wedding series here:

We collaborated with the super talented Anuradha Chordia Jain and her beautiful jewellery brand Beads & Threads for this post. Don’t miss the stunning earrings, haath phool, neckpiece, bracelet and finger rings. She also does a wide range of statement accessories from head gears to heavy items in semi-precious stones to meet every budget as well as occasion. Follow them on instagram & facebook for more updates!

Ishanya_Mall 094

Ishanya_Mall 108

Styled these with an outfit so pink that you’ll be the source of sunshine in any party if you wear this. Ideal for a wedding party or even your own event, I got a custom made pink tie & dye/ lehriya fabric stitched into a breathtakingly beautiful floor length dress. Adding a string of diamonds to the highlight the one-shoulder cut is my favourite thing about the outfit. So next time you go fabric shopping, pick an Indian print and convert it into something like this. Ideal fusion and so pretty. What say?

Ishanya_Mall 004 Ishanya_Mall 018 Ishanya_Mall 020 Ishanya_Mall 027 Ishanya_Mall 031 Ishanya_Mall 077

I couldn’t take off the sunglasses as they add such an interesting Tanu-effect to the look. Very #swaggy don’t you think? Also, in day functions the pictures look way more awesome with cheap reflector aviators. Try kariye!Ishanya_Mall 086

Ishanya_Mall 253

Switching the look around, with a change in the jewellery again by Beads & Threads. The emerald green added a much-needed relief from the burst of pink in the outfit. The two fingers one ring concept is super trending currently and these crude stones worked brilliantly too! Don’t you think?Ishanya_Mall 140 Ishanya_Mall 147 Ishanya_Mall 166 Ishanya_Mall 180 Ishanya_Mall 222_stitch

These pretty kolhapuris with heels are from head over heels (available at westside stores)

Ishanya_Mall 229

Don’t you think if there was a colour that you will change the world in, it would be pink? Or maybe black. No, wait Red is the colour of power. OK, but you understand that colours are like really important. So go out there wear a bright ass knockout outfit for the next function you attend, and send us some cute pictures of you doing it too maybe? I want to hear from you, let’s talk. About anything and everything. mail karo: Snapchat Karo: rashika14190 Instagram pe DM karo: jugni_and_co Facebook he karlo yaar:

Jugni Forever <3IMG_1686

Location courtesy: Ishanya amphitheater Pune; Photography by Gaurav Rasane; Outfit: Ginni’s Design Studio, Pune; Jewellery: Beads & Threads by Anuradha Chordia Jain; Shoes: Westside Stores; Lipstick: Clinique Matte Magenta;


Flower Power.

Did you know, ‘flower power’ was a term coined as a means to transform war protests into peaceful affirmative spectacles. Hippies embraced the symbolism by dressing in clothing with embroidered flowers and vibrant colors, wearing flowers in their hair, and distributing flowers to the public, becoming known as flower children

Overall exuberates a lot of power with a strong non-violent ideology. The trend became huge in the late 1960s and the 70’s fashion wave is all about florals! The best part about such clutter breaking trends is the way they make their way back into our lives. 2015 has been seeing a lot of the 70’s vibe. From our very own baba sporting the floral trend to all over the runways, though trends like these take time to trickle down to the aam janta like you and me, it’s here and it looks like it is here to stay.

floralsformen giantflorals ranveersingh1 spring_2011_etro1_thumb-horz

7 10 english-vinglish-sridevi

The floral trend helps in adding a little elegant spunk to any attire, (indian as well as western outfits) be it the little flower tiara or fresh flower bracelets that we see on mehndi functions at weddings. Florals are not just for spring, they are an all time hit now! Short printed dresses look adorable on any day, and then there is the maxi floral which I just cannot seem to get enough of!

IMG_1300 IMG_1333 IMG_1334 IMG_1335 IMG_1336 IMG_1338 IMG_1339

Take dresses like these to the next level, with sharp makeup, sky high heels and an attitude that will make everyone stop and take notice when you walk in looking like a million bucks!

Also, don’t forget that the flower power still symbolises so much history that you must feel like you are embodying a movement, a rebellion of sorts. For freedom, beauty and your own right to kill with cuteness! Go, be a gulaabo. #shaandaar #idea

Dress from Diva’s Pop Up, Shoes: Westside stores; On my lips: Ruby Wood, MAC Cosmetics; Stunning Photography by: Lakshya Manwani Photography; Location: Shahpurjaat, Delhi.


Monsoon Gloom to Glam!

“Fashion is about dreaming, and making other people dream.”

Such inspiring words to read on a monday, nai? Whenever i start to feel a little worthless, i read these random quotes on pinterest, though the effects are not long lasting, temporarily they lift me up! have you ever tried? This post is another effort to help you dream a little dream to be a glam diva!

That is exactly how I felt, with a new photographer and a full fledged hi-fashion shoot. Hair, make up, lights et al. We’ve tried to level up this post onwards doing better pictures not just for Jugni & Co. but to make you dream of this glam feeling, ok i know i said that before, but you get the excitement right? Monsoon on most days gets to me, makes me gloomy, makes me worry about my frizzy hair and being unable to wear long gowns and sexy heels. ‘Gloom to Glam’ was inspired from that feeling.

So what do you do when the baarish is not filmy and pretty, it is sad and makes you stay indoors all the time? You lift yourself up, with fashion quotes, vogue, and extra doses of caffeine. Shown below are too simple looks, that i am pretty sure you have in your wardrobe. These dresses are basic, but the make up is grand! With our hair and makeup specialist Saba Poonawala (follow her on instagram!), She made me understand that any look can be glammed up with the right kind of make up. so pay close attention to monsoon special makeup trends!


A bright neon-ish dress does no harm in this sad weather! Matchy matchy shoes, and a cute wooden clutch blend well with this kind of a look


Neck peice worn as a bracelet, that is made of the same colour family. Tried it?

saba shot  1

La belle Salon and Makeup studio did the magic with MAC studio Fix, MAC’s two toned eye colour, Mascara: Too Faced, Lip colour- MAC Seur.


Hairband folded in half, and hair that cross over above the band was an experiment that does well don’t you think?

120 066 Jugni_mansoon_Final_5 Jugni_monsoon_Final_3_


Details: Dress- Sarojini Nagar, Shoes: Linking Road, Neckpeice worn as bracelet – Hill Road, Bag- Borrowed from Mom, hairband- Colaba Causeway.

Monsoon make-up tips:

  1. Stay clear from liquid foundations, stick to powder press compacts or go ahead and invest in this magical product that I swear by. The MAC studio fix. It has never failed me, gives enough coverage and keeps me photo ready always!
  2. Try a Dia Mirza inspired dewy-dreamy look, use a little shimmer-mineralise powder all over the face, highlight your cheekbones with a light pink/peach shimmer highlighter like the one i use. Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer brick, it’s a little expensive but so pretty! As seen in the first look.
  3. If the au natural look is not your type, do a nice bold liner like the deep blue used in look 2 below, and super bright lips. Bright pink or a bold red rarely does any harm to anyone. Nude lips, might just look more gloomy if not paired with the right outfit and eyes. Bright lips always add that happy zest to your face and the over all look.
  4. When it’s about lining and accentuating the eyes, waterproof picks are a no-brainer. But these formulations have chemicals that dry the lashes and sensitive skin on the eyelids. To maintain the resilience of your lashes first coat them with a volumising or lengthening mascara. Build it up by topping with waterproof mascara. When it comes to liners, for a flawless matte finish, go for a felt-pen liner or a gel liner verses a pencil that’s cream-based. It dries quickly and stays put.
  5. Final tip: Seal in your look with a make up fixer, the one from MAC is amazing!

An almost pastel dress, with the ongoing high-low hemline, bright eyes and super bright lips! Makes you monsoon trending!


Since the makeup and dress added enough colour, nude belt, shoes and bag was an obvious elegant choice. What do you think?


Can’t get over my own Jugni pendant. It’s pure love <3


Location Courtesy: 11 East Street Cafe, the place added the needed wow element to our shoot and their coffee gave me high! Absolute must visit if you haven’t already.


Shot at the iconic double decker red bus at 11 East Street Cafe. Hair and Make up by Saba Poonawala!


Like what you see, i can order one for you too! Comment below 🙂


If this picture does not spell out glamour for you, i don’t know what will.

saba shot 2

La belle salon and bridal studio did their magic with : Simply tied up hair in a high pony, MAC’s pot blue powder eyeshadow used as liner. Bright pink gloss came in the Fab Bag!

Jugni_monsoon_Final_29 Jugni_monsoon_Final_20

Happy colours, happy you. Make the most of this season, it’s going to go away soon and you won’t have the opportunity to experiment with these trends for a long time! Hope you liked what you saw, write your feedback in comments below.

Shoot Credits: Photographer- Gaurav Rasane, assisted by Kritika Chanchlani, Hair and Makeup- Saba Poonawala from La Belle salon and bridal studio, Location Courtesy- 11 East Street Cafe. Follow them on Insta & Facebook for amazing updates!

Also, here is a fun must have accessory post i found while researching for monsoon definites! Check it out

*phew* itna lamba post, ab toh Jugni chali to get drenched in the next shower. *SrideviModeOn* Hehe, and of-course, as I always say, Stay Jugni 🙂


Chasing Dreams

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” Are you trying to say, that if i dream of becoming Miss India while I weigh 85kilos I can actually do it? or are you trying to say that if I dream about a lake palace wedding in Udaipur in which the guests are flown down in chartered choppers, that I can actually make it happen? No? Then how about those dreams where I am swimming in a pool of money with Uncle Scrooge from duck tales! No?

They say If you can dream it, you CAN achieve it. Keyword being “you can” and you only step closer to your dreams if you work towards it. Maybe all our dreams are achievable, yes even the silly ones only if we start working towards them. Some dreams can be simple, like living a happy life, having a family and I have seen people achieve it, by spreading good vibes taking in good vibes, staying happy and always keeping faith. Some dreams are more like measurable tasks, and we see people achieve them all the time, from promotions to money to weight loss to modelling assignments. Dreams can also be the want of a deep feeling, a feeling of contentment when you are expecting a baby and waiting for a new life, a feeling of completeness when you see your child succeeding at work or in life, and smaller realisations which we receive in moments like when a full family dines together and laughs and shares stories!

Meeting old friends, making new ones, planning trips and actually taking them. Praying, breathing and acknowledging that what you want, the world does bring it to you. And if you try hard you’ll get it sooner than you might have thought. Dreams have such a power, like hope. They keep you going, no matter what. One such dream is Jugni & Co, building it post by post and sharing good vibes is what makes us feel like If we can dream it, we can achieve it.

Since i had these dreamy ramblings running through my head all week, we did this outfit, with bolder eyes and a supremely cute headgear. Hope you like it!

DSC_0200 DSC_0158

By the way, it’s always been a big fantasy to shoot on the railway tracks, one dream off the list then 😛 Also a shouting train came right when i was trying to be all sexy while posing, it was so much fun we had a great laugh too! can you see it?

DSC_0102 DSC_0096 DSC_0094 DSC_0131An outfit like this one is ideal for a music festival, flea market, even a beach if you please! Its the kinds that will make you feel so-pretty and girly all at once. Also i think this whole headgear trend is here for girls like us who just need an excuse to dress up and feel good!

DSC_0180You can play around with tribal/ boho accessories to go with a flowy skirt like this one, even a black t-shirt or a crop top would look great depending on what you feel more comfortable in!

I have used three shades on my eyes, turquoise, deep blue and gold with loads of mascara and kajal to add depth to the eyes, The boho chi look is incomplete without let down hair, so don’t bother about it and love them just the way they are. No styling required.

DSC_0128Details on the look: Top – Forever 21 basic | Skirt – Forever 21 | Headgear – Forever 21  | On my feet – Street Style nude glitter flats | Bracelets: Gifted | Ring – Mahabaleshwar Market |On my eyes – Revlon eyeliners used as eyeshadow + VOV gold   Photographer – Kritika Chanchlani

Like what you see? Tell us in comments below. Also why don’t you share a dream with us? Khushiyaan baantne se badti hain, bataiye to sahi! Stay Jugni.

Love & Life

Things we do when we have nothing to do:

1. Talk about it
Have nothing to do? Then we bet you sure can’t stop yapping about it. You leave no opportunity. Whether it’s while making plans for the weekend or chatting up with distant relatives about visiting them or agreeing to help out with mom’s chores, you HAVE to mention how you are extremely bored and have absolutely nothing to do and therefore you can fit in all of the above.
YET, you somehow don’t make it for the weekend plan, don’t visit your relatives and obviously get away with mom’s chores!

2. Open & Close the Refrigerator.
This happens several times in the day and of course through the night! Why do you do it? No idea. There’s something satisfying about it. Open the fridge – Stare at the food – Walk away. Maybe it’s to generate hunger by seeing pretty food? Why do we do it again and again? Probably, hoping something magically appeared!
Most times, after opening we think about what we are doing here in the first place and close it and walk away. Boredom is weird. Like moody unexplainable Hormones.

3. Clean the Wardrobe
No. This is not something we do, just something we think about doing. Because every time we open that door, we see Procrastination – Level 100 flash before our eyes and just as our thinking gets responsible, the door is slammed. But there’s always the promise of doing it soon, hopefully.
Boredom has reached new levels with the existence of Smartphones. – Thus, The following few points.

4. Facebook-ing.
Ofcourse there is the going through news feed kinda facebooking. But this, is something else. Screenshotting people’s hilarious updates and sending it to your bestfriends to laugh about, ScoopWhoop reposting on each other’s wall, discovering stickers on facebook chat, wondering if she deserves all those likes on her new picture, reading comments off other people’s posts!

5. Instagram
Again, going through the feed and liking almost all pictures. Laughing at the lame hashtags people use, Tagging your people on sarcasm only’s posts and other memes and trolls, clicking random hashtags and seeing irrelevant pictures, Clicking locations and checking the pictures clicked there, checking those people who posted at the same place as you ka profile, then more hashtags, more locations and it goes on forever. Following famous people, following people that famous people follow, following accounts of places, movies, magazines and going on a liking spree, Refreshing feed and not liking a picture too soon cause you may seem like a stalker, liking selective pictures so in the ‘following’ tab you appear smart.
Ah. I could write so much. But wait, let me just check my instagram.

6. Youtube
Oh Yes. This is initiated easily because there is always something on someone’s facebook & Then it begins! We watch the video, while watching we watch un-skip-able advertisements too, and then watch a few “Suggested” videos, then suggestions from the suggested one, then what’s popular on youtube, a few new trailers, well we’re just updating ourselves here!

7. Click Pictures
When you have nothing to do, the inner dabboo ratnani in you rises. Everything you look at seems like a potential photograph. (“This will make a great instagram post”) You’ll spot yourself clicking your feet, the fan, the view out of your window, the sun, other random stuff just lying around you. When you aren’t clicking such things, you’re probably clicking Selfies!

8. Watch TV
Nahi Nahi, This isn’t watching one to two hours of random channels, flipping constantly. This is watching old hindi movies for hours together back to back. Weekend TV is awesome. But weekdays – sad movies! Worry not, there’s season 1s and 2s of old sitcoms, there’s mommy’s favourite daily soap to catch up to, there’s random food shows and travel shows, there’s more shows on music channels than music that get you engrossed, there’s always discovery channel, there’s cartoon shows that are really lame these days, but then again, you can’t not watch TV, you don’t really have much to do!

9. Sing
I don’t know if this happens with everyone else, But when you stop doing something like shut the TV or get off the phone or anything really, you start singing the last song you heard, or some word triggers a song or some background music makes you sing it. And ofcourse there is the time when someone sings a song, you start singing it too.
PS: It’s all subconscious! And have you ever noticed most songs are the annoying yet catchy type? Like, you’ll be surprised when you catch yourself singing them!

10. Wear pyjamas
Having nothing to do is a state best felt while you are in your PJs! What’s better? Changing from one set of pyjamas to another. That’s when it’s proven that you officially have nothing to do.

While these are the things almost all of us land up doing when we’re free, jobless and bored, We at Jugni & Co. are here to help you do some better, funner things!

Here’s what we came up with :
a) Rate passers by, or photos of door ke cousins – notice their clothes, shoes, bags, hair and the way they speak.

b) Pretend you are Mogambo and speak in third person. Make everyone greet you ‘Hey Mogambo’ before you listen to them.

c) Try to swallow your tongue.
d) Write consumer complaints about random brands that make promises in their ads.

e) Make prank calls – This never gets old.

Love & Life

Capturing v/s Living

There is this all new trend that is doing the rounds; at concerts, birthday parties, while watching fireworks, at a laser light show, at a cafe even! ‘Capturing the Moment’.

As we enjoy a boat ride in the Periyar tiger reserve, Kerala. My mind is playing ghazab ka hai din on loop in the background…Its 7.40am and we are here in the middle of an almost forest, on the deck of a boat with warm sunshine and a cool breeze. Unlike the 40 degree weather we experienced in the last few days!

Everyone is looking frantically to spot a rare species of a bird or animal, until now we have seen snake birds, kingfisher, wild pig, bison and the search is on! I wonder how much patience wild life enthusiasts must have to have to wait all day to see, just see, an animal, bird or a reptile!
With every boring minute of this ride i am getting to know this about myself, I find myself quite disinterested in this. In holding big ass DSLRs and going click click click at the site of anything moving, even fog! It’s disheartening to see every single person on the deck with a phone camera, a digi-cam waiting to click something that will make their social media more wow! Might sound a little weird considering the amount of selfies and pictures I post to make my facebook appealing. But at this moment all i want, is to take this life jacket off, put on my glares, soak in some sun and let the wind play my hair!

In 1700s someone came with a theory about how, if a tree fell in the forest and nobody was around to hear it, did it make a sound? Three centuries from then, it seems more relevant than ever: if we’re on the beach and there’s no one there with a smartphone to Instagram it, did our holiday ever exist? The truth is we no longer wake up and smell the coffee, we walk in to a Cafe (Check in is a must), order our regular but first snap it, put the prettiest filter on it, hashtag coffee (also #caffeineaddict #morning #regular #beingme etc.) and upload it. By which time the coffee has also gone cold!

I would only guiltily hold up my hand too on this.

But what if we could step away from all of this and live some events? Enjoy our coffee so much that the day begins on a perfect note, hence making it a happier day (happy status updates will automatically happen).
When the clock strikes 12 on New Years Eve, when Mom walks in with a full lit birthday cake, when Yo Yo Honey Singh sings in that concert you almost killed people to arrange passes, when Coldplay performs at your favourite pub, when the child yawns, that killer sunset, and when you laugh so much that you could cry. Live the moments so well that they get framed in our memories. We could all use a detox from those cameras and do something, anything that does not have a picture to prove it but a killer story about their experience.

A picture is a thousand words they say, but a story that you will tell your friends, one that you can tell your kids and they can tell their kids will be so epic!

We all need to stop focusing so much on capturing the moment and just enjoy it instead. Be present. Snap a picture to take you back to it in your mind, when you stumble across it years from now in your head, and let that memory be of how fully you experienced that event at the time, with all your senses. Not routine coffees and work days, but boat rides like these, family holidays and getaway trips! Don’t stop sharing experiences, or expressing yourself through these pictures… but find a way to live them too. A moment lost is lost forever.concert-phones (1)

Cause pictures/videos will now have an expiry date… SD cards and Hard Drives will be full but memories might remain empty without these proofs.

Sometimes we need to put down that camera, live an experience, make a real memory.

Be Jugni.