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All White, So bright. #SummerWeddings #MaaKaWardrobe

Still looking to add to your wedding wear collection? You absolutely must invest in an all white piece.

Be it an Anarkali, a pretty gown, a straight kurta or a lehenga. The possibilities to style an all white outfit are unimaginable. Here you will see my first time experimenting with an asymmetric Anarkali. The wow-factor remains the fact that it is all white and I can style it completely differently just by alternating add-ons.

Dupattas, earrings, makeup, footwear and other accessories are the real style quotient sometimes, hence details are everything. Pay close attention 😛

LMPL4855A bright stole/ dupatta like this one ended up being the game changer of my whole look. To balance that pop of colour I put on my gorgeous pink earrings by Tarksya, and added my multi-colour kolhapuri from Abba Shoes.


Best part about creating the kurta was the fact that I had an old semi georgette saree lying around in the house until my designer from Ginni’s couture creations came up with this. We stuck to classic detailing with pearls and a hint of gold to go with the old saree border. Always believe in the power of #MaaKaWardrobe


I feel so incomplete without my Mumma’s bindi, each time I wear Indian.


Adding an entire layer of georgette over the old saree made the outfit more elegant and royal! Keeping royal in mind, I had to try on a look which stuck to ultimate classics and no bright added tones.


Major Sonam Kapoor vibes were being felt with the styling of this look, also made me quite proud of myself.

If you are one of those who think white will enlarge your body shape or anything on the lines, kindly drop that silly idea and try this. Also, i really think i can dye this into a completely different shade someday and flaunt it all over again!


Notice how the draping of the dupatta can also impact your look so greatly.

LMPL4928 (1)


With my favourite photographer in the world, Lakshya Manwani Photography.




Don’t doubt yourself when putting on some extra blush. Afternoon events will only enhance the face further with just enough dosage of Pink! <3


Kept it easy, with my favourite old jooti. Gold. Forever.

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The top 3 Desi Looks you need to add to your wardrobe, If you haven’t already.

You can do denims, skirts and dresses but nothing slays like an authentic Indian/ traditional look. Whether you’re the only one going design in college or adapting these into a routine family gathering, these are the 3 must have looks you need to try asap!

Kurta- Pallazzos

If you haven’t guessed it yet, I am obsessed with palazzo pants, they make me look taller and give me a feeling of being the most elegantly dressed when in a crowd! The trend started early 2015 and looks like it’s here to stay. Mix and match with interesting prints and colours to create different looks. They are so comfortable and effortlessly stylishly you might consider ditching all other forms of bottoms completely! 


Outfit: Global Desi Earrings: Beads & Threads Chappals: Head over Heels- Westside

IMG_2681 IMG_2682 IMG_2687 IMG_2690 IMG_2693

Check out our other looks here.

Patiala Salwar:

Nothing says casual desi like patiala suits, they define easy, functional style to me. Especially after Tanu weds Manu, I see myself turning to a patiala suit more often than not these days.

Jugni Tip: You need to find the right tailor to give you a real patiala salwar, it’s not as easy as it looks to have those perfect pleats in a hot fit, you might have to struggle with a few trials. But I suggest don’t settle till you feel full punjabi kuddie. Also, preferably get one from the north! I got this beautiful fabric from Ahmedabad for as less as INR 90 per metre and the short fitted kurta made me feel like Alia Bhatt from Humpty Sharma! If you don’t have this set in your wardrobe you are certainly missing out on a classic.



Rani Mukherjee inspired deep brown eye shadow and OD on surma. On my lips is the Ultimate Pro by Faces.

IMG_2735 IMG_2760 IMG_2762

Kurti- Leggings

This is a cheat salwar kameez, or a chudidar kurta’s modernised version. It’s available everywhere you go and is so easy to carry. All the big brands have made multiple styles of kurtas ready to buy for us. From the A-lines, to the straight fits, the asymmetrical to a simple slit one like this they can all add interesting elements in your wardrobe. The gungroo on this kurta made me buy it without a second thought, also, the chudidar sleeves are so pretty nai?

Jugni Tip: Since leggings are skin tight, the length of the kurta should be below knee length or it can look weird, also colours like beige or skin tone for a legging will make it look like you aren’t wearing any, so be careful!


Kurta from Globus Legging from Forever 21 Chappals: Mahabaleshwar market

IMG_2640 IMG_2649

Complete your desi wardrobe by adding Kolhapuri Chappals and mojri or jooties. Accessorise with bangles, jhumkis, chand balis and a Bindi. I don’t leave home without one. Are you a desi girl? tell us in comments below your favourite looks, and share this with your desi look fan bff!


Wedding Series: Floor length dresses!

“If it’s pink or sparkly I want it…” That line could very well be printed on my bedroom wall, speaking of, we have recently done our bedroom, added a wall of frames and upped the theme a little. As pepperfry is rightly saying, why wait for Diwali? do your space now! Obsessing over the newly done bedroom on my snapchat, do you follow us there?

Coming to the pink side of life, we recently did this crazy crazy shoot that I have been sneak-peaking on instagram for a while now. We are contemplating getting into a series of wedding related posts as the season is just about getting started, me feels that you might want to read up on quick fixes featuring all aspects like clothes, jewellery, dancing, shoes, locations, gift ideas and more! Cannot do this alone, so please mail us what you would like us to post in the wedding series here:

We collaborated with the super talented Anuradha Chordia Jain and her beautiful jewellery brand Beads & Threads for this post. Don’t miss the stunning earrings, haath phool, neckpiece, bracelet and finger rings. She also does a wide range of statement accessories from head gears to heavy items in semi-precious stones to meet every budget as well as occasion. Follow them on instagram & facebook for more updates!

Ishanya_Mall 094

Ishanya_Mall 108

Styled these with an outfit so pink that you’ll be the source of sunshine in any party if you wear this. Ideal for a wedding party or even your own event, I got a custom made pink tie & dye/ lehriya fabric stitched into a breathtakingly beautiful floor length dress. Adding a string of diamonds to the highlight the one-shoulder cut is my favourite thing about the outfit. So next time you go fabric shopping, pick an Indian print and convert it into something like this. Ideal fusion and so pretty. What say?

Ishanya_Mall 004 Ishanya_Mall 018 Ishanya_Mall 020 Ishanya_Mall 027 Ishanya_Mall 031 Ishanya_Mall 077

I couldn’t take off the sunglasses as they add such an interesting Tanu-effect to the look. Very #swaggy don’t you think? Also, in day functions the pictures look way more awesome with cheap reflector aviators. Try kariye!Ishanya_Mall 086

Ishanya_Mall 253

Switching the look around, with a change in the jewellery again by Beads & Threads. The emerald green added a much-needed relief from the burst of pink in the outfit. The two fingers one ring concept is super trending currently and these crude stones worked brilliantly too! Don’t you think?Ishanya_Mall 140 Ishanya_Mall 147 Ishanya_Mall 166 Ishanya_Mall 180 Ishanya_Mall 222_stitch

These pretty kolhapuris with heels are from head over heels (available at westside stores)

Ishanya_Mall 229

Don’t you think if there was a colour that you will change the world in, it would be pink? Or maybe black. No, wait Red is the colour of power. OK, but you understand that colours are like really important. So go out there wear a bright ass knockout outfit for the next function you attend, and send us some cute pictures of you doing it too maybe? I want to hear from you, let’s talk. About anything and everything. mail karo: Snapchat Karo: rashika14190 Instagram pe DM karo: jugni_and_co Facebook he karlo yaar:

Jugni Forever <3IMG_1686

Location courtesy: Ishanya amphitheater Pune; Photography by Gaurav Rasane; Outfit: Ginni’s Design Studio, Pune; Jewellery: Beads & Threads by Anuradha Chordia Jain; Shoes: Westside Stores; Lipstick: Clinique Matte Magenta;

Love & Life

Feels and Chills.

Sometimes a simple text can give you goosebumps, a long overdue apology, an unexpected “I really love you” message, or one which describes thoughts, that seem stolen from your own head. The goosebumps are real.d6921f10b25de2103860ddc0919c2345

Sometimes a mundane moment can make you feel absolutely blissed out. When you are lying in bed, wondering how can everything feel this perfect. Like what did I ever do so right to deserve this. When you order in room service, and eat a hearty breakfast in crisp white bathrobes, by the pool in the winter sunshine. The bliss is real.Four-Seasons-Hotel-Singapore_CouplesFloor

Sometimes, the current you feel from another person is not static, it is a legit spark you feel in every cell within your body that screams out to tell you something big. Like, ‘this is it’. A peck on the cheek, especially when you are blushing like crazy, a peck so intense on your tiny little dimple. A deep kiss on his shoulder, taking in all that magical perfume. Not turning on, but just enough to make you dizzy. The electricity is real.


When Jai said it to Meera, “yeh tum wali feeling”, “aadat”. When Ranveer and Tia hugged for the first time, and when Armaan and Riddhima confessed their love. When he finally held me and pressed his lips against my forehead, and when I was too shy to look up, he kissed my head again with the same intensity. That Imtiaz Ali level romance is ‘Feels and Chills’ And that moment when it hits you, when you realise that is ‘the kick’ you have been waiting for, when you know you found the purpose of your life, to keep someone at peace, happy, making their heart beat faster and slower at the same time.

Love Aaj Kal 2009 BDRip x264 E-SuB xRG.mp4_006496818


Does it happen to you, when you hold hands in the car? Or when you hug for more than ten seconds and don’t want to let go? Does it happen to you that when you experience these feels and chills, you know that your soul is still there at that place,in that moment and your bodies have moved away? Does it give you sleepless nights, thinking of what could have been, or would we ever be better than this?

Feels and chills are real. Those that give us, defining moments. Those rare countable on your fingertips moments, which make your heart take over everything else. That moment in a concert when you just let it all go and jump to a 128bpm song, that moment when you down your third LIT in a crowded club and truly let your hair down. That moment, when you know, you and him will never be just friends again. That moment, that changes a tiny bit inside you forever. A moment that will never be undone, cause you won’t let it fade away from your memory.

I wish all of you, more feels and chills and life-defining moments. I wish that ecstatic microsecond that you once felt, comes alive in every sense and never ever let you forget how majestic you are. How miraculous your relationships are. How magical this life is.

And you silly, you are Magic. You are Jugni.


All images from google.


Wanderlust Calling

Working weekdays, chilling weekends. Working for too long. Chilling for too long. Doing too many things or not doing anything at all. Everything or nothing at all can sometime be the reason behind us not being able to take it any more. Dramatic relationships, to crazy schedules and lazy attitudes can all lead to an intense urge of wanting to get away.

The deep desire to get away, wander and travel is Wanderlust. Psychologically speaking it can also be a symptom of bipolar disorder, the desperate impulse to wander and explore the world. But maybe that’s too farfetched an idea. So when we live all the days thinking about how the next is going to be, and about kids, and family and business and life, well, we are not thinking about the present at all. Maybe it’s time to take a break and simply wander.

If you really can’t pull off a week in Europe in hostels and eurail 😛 then maybe you start off on planning a basic doable getaway with friends. The mountains, the palaces, the beaches or just out and away. Close your eyes, take a deep deep breath and ask yourself where would you rather be right now! Wanderlust is also about not making a trip with an agenda, but to actually go and put yourself in unfamiliar situations, meet new people and break out of your comfort zone.

It’s good for the soul, shake things up, take a break and give a new experience to each of your senses. While I ran back and forth through this book i’ve got, these were the only thoughts in my mind. To be able to put a tick mark on each of these places, in the book of filmy escapes! What will travel be without super stylish comfort attires and some pretty pictures, So here goes our travel special look! Do this easy-peasy maxi dress look on the days you are out sight seeing next time.

Holiday season is here anyway, meet new people, see new things and discover a new part of yourself. Maybe you like snow, maybe you don’t. Maybe you like trekking and backpacking, maybe you are more of a relax and spa person. Maybe you don’t know what really gives you that kick yet. How would you find out if you never stepped out? Make a family vacation plan if you can’t just pack up and leave! Make a weekend plan with friends if that’s what it takes. But move, get on it, it’s the one big difference between a tree and us, we can move! Become a more well-rounded, adventurous person.

So check the time, wear your heart on the sleeve, put on a look that you love yourself in and just fly away!

DSC_0260 DSC_0267 DSC_0271

Wear a simple plaid shirt, throw it on as a layer or tie it up to add a little spunk to that basic outfit!

Adding a hat, cap or an interesting headgear always ups the whole look by multiple levels! have you tried?


As i worked on this look, i also thought how this dress does not really make me look slim or hot. But it’s comfortable as hell and what good will exploring the world do if i don’t begin with a fresh wardrobe? So please do yourself a favour and don’t criticise your bulges all that much!DSC_0299

Tie up your hair for the long walks and a fuss free distraction free sight seeing! And oh, the heat is so much more bearable when your hair are not in the way!DSC_0314 DSC_0333

If you are done with all the walking and exploring and are finally settling for a nice meal, change a few elements on your outfit, redo the lipstick and you’re all set!DSC_0329

The make up needs to be a kind which lasts all day and goes day to night without doing anything! So I stuck to my favourites, a base, deep green kajal on the upper and the lower waterline, mascara, a little peach blush and deep red lips! 

Outfit Details: The Dress- Sarojini Nagar, Plaid Shirt- Colaba Causeway, Heart neck piece- Colaba Causeway, Bag- Zara, Shoes- Forever 21, Hat- Mahabaleshwar Market, Watch- Aldo, Nude Pink Belt- forever 21, Lipstick – L’Oreal Paris RW 513 Black Cherry, Lakme Green Eyekonic Kajal, and a blush from MAC, Book- Filmy Escapes from Lonely Planet. Killer Photography by Kritika Chanchlani. *All rights to the images are bloggers own*

Like what you see? Tell us in comments below!

Jugni's Take

Save the date : Your movie calendar for September & October.

Living by the weekend, just like us? Movie crazies like myself plan out our weekend hours with a fixed plan for the films we cant afford to miss, considering you must be planning ahead of time, Here is what you need to save 3 hours for every weekend of the upcoming months! Also if you just needed to stay up to date with the filmy duniya, we thought we could help you with that. Catch up on all the trailers and flaunt your btown knowledge. Today 🙂

What: Mary Kom
When: September 5.
Our lady Priyanka Chopra goes all out to try and pull a Farhan Akhtar, lets hope she fares well! None the less, this movie is one to watch out for. Intense. Real.

What: Finding Fanny
When: September 12
The interesting trailer and the even more interesting music has me all excited to watch this. Considering Queen D looks as stunning as ever and with fubu baba, i won’t miss this one, would you?

What: Khoobsurat
When: September 19.
Disney’s first ever venture, Sonam Kapoor with her uber stylish misfit avatar and the yummy Fawad Khan, they had me at Disney though, Fawad is going to be icing on the cake. Don’t miss the new yo-yo on the block with Abhi toh party shuru hui hai! Watch it with your girls. Good day, guranteed. Din’t you absolutely love the orginal khubsurat with Rekha in it?

What: Daawat-E-Ishq
When: September 19.
Parineeti’s back after quite a while, with Aditya Roy Kapoor hopefully not playing an alcoholic! Set in the streets of hyderabad, we are looking forward to this next YRF venture 🙂

What:Bang Bang
When:October 2.
On the most peaceful day of the year comes the jodi sure to set the floor on fire. I cant wait to watch Katrina and Hrithik together ever since Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Also the new vishal shekhar track (Tu meri) is my current fav! Cant wait for this one 🙂

What: Haider
When: October 2.
Shahid going bald made the biggest news a while ago, the result is nothing less than pleasing. Shraddha Kapoor seems to be onto something different too. Guess we’ll just have to wait and watch. How did you like their new song Bismil waise, i am a little lost on that. None the less here is the trailer for you 🙂

What: Happy New Year
When: October 24.
You know you will hate the trailer, and you know you will still be watching this probably on Diwali. Shahrukh is back, watch here to know more 🙂

Want some more? We are compiling a list of the upcoming releases for the year end as well as 2015. This list you simply should not miss.
Watch this space for more.

Until then, do share this list with the friends who don’t find the time to watch TV/Youtube and help them get updated on the bollywood front.

Also Stay Jugni <3