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Move over coconuts, eggs to the rescue! Mane Management Tip.

Recently while in a makeup workshop, the hair and makeup expert said that soon we will all be wearing hair extensions. In the US, she mentioned they are available over the counter at every store in the street! Yaeeks!

That got me thinking of this insane hair fall that I have been struggling with, so besides the methi and the curd packs, and the various treatments as well as home remedies I kept desperately waiting for something better. Then came in something i have not been able to put away, as I grew used to it!

Eyova. Have you heard of egg oil yet? Yes, eggs, they can make your mane fabulous too! I couldn’t keep the find just to myself, hence this review for all my lovelies!

Firstly, Since egg oil contains cholesterol, it helps the oil absorb into the outer layer of our scalp. It also stabilises and maintains the complex intercellular-skin matrix, allowing the skin a natural repair and rejuvenation. The cholesterol in eggs is an active element that helps moisturise dry hair strands. It helps heal and strengthen the hair by reducing frizz adding shine and smoothness to your hair. Being rich in sources of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, egg oil contains EFA which is a very vital ingredient in the role of hair care. It helps in preventing poor scalp conditions which cause dandruff and hair loss, as per an article in the TOI.

Product Claims:

  • Prevents premature hair loss
  • Prevents premature hair greying
  • Eliminates dandruff
  • Repairs hair damage
  • Adds luster and shine to hair


What I think:

So I received this product in July, it mentions the need for it to be used for a minimum of four weeks for any results. So I did, but with the erratic monsoons, and the humid weather my hair still acted weird for about 3 weeks, as in I did not feel any big change in the texture or the hair fall. Still keeping at it, as the weather changed and my habit with the oiling continued, I could feel the magic in the product, my hair fall has not stopped miraculously but has definitely reduced. More than that, it’s the shine and luster that I can see on my mane! Less fizz, easy to manage and prettier for sure.

Thanks to Eyova, I now have a good habit, which my mom is very happy with. No more routine expenses on random hair treatments. No more egg white masks, which are smelly and messy and not easy to do on a routine. Healthy hair. I did apply the product twice a week, every week for about 8-9 weeks, kept it on overnight and did not use excessive shampoo. It is very easy to remove, which is one of my big concerns with coconut oil and especially castor oil. So I can shampoo without really murdering my hair shafts.

I highly recommend for you to try Eyova, read more about it, go ahead and buy a bottle from here : You must also share this new and awesome find with all your friends who need hair care. Also, I really wanted to do a fancy photo shoot with mere lambe ghane baal, strong and shiny, and while using the product. But that would be a little too dramatic na? Isiliye, serious review. Jaldi kharido. Tell me how you like it. Will you use an egg oil?

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Will work for Lipstick.

You know how there is just one missing element in somethings perfect? I think we are all perfect, most of the times 😛 and when we’re not, its mostly cause we are not wearing Lipstick.

From feel good quotes, to feel good selfies, they are all a sure thing with just a little bit of lipstick. Just before a hot date, or just before a meeting, before stepping into the mall or before stepping out of home, dab some on and go for the kill.

I recently laid my hands on two new lip colours, read on to know what i feel about the new L’Oreal collection. The colour riche black cherry shade, is like a deep red, though i was quite unsure about how i would carry it, once worn i could not get enough of it. So soft, perfect texture, long lasting and the rich colour was way beyond my expectations.


Some of you might think its more of an evening colour, I think its just right for just about any hour of the day! Try it to believe it. You can also buy it here

The second product I brought in was the Colour Riche liquid lipstick- Rose Symphony, Lip glosses are so out! I think mostly because people connect back to their teenage days with lip-glosses, and not in a fuzzy nostalgia way but like a way in which they tried to look all grown up by wearing adult make up! i have seen 7-9yr old girls picking up barbie glosses and dolling up! Its a sticky memory, speaking of which after the craze of matte, non transferable all day long lip colours, lip glosses just vanished from my vanity. Until I wore this gorgeous pink colour riche liquid lipstick.

It’s ideal for days when you are wearing no make-up. It blends in with your lip colour and can add a beautiful punch when layered. It took me back to college days, when i loved these candy pinks on my lips. Try it, and break the matte clutter in your makeup pouch! L’Oreal Paris always seems to get it right with our cosmetic needs, they also have launched a limited edition moist matte packaging edition which comes with a studded case in a velvet box, buy it soon!

Keep watching for more beauty updates from Jugni and Co!

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Bean There.


What started out with a random excuse to drink up more coffee, got me addicted to keep trying more and more places to settle my greed for the best coffee in town. No I don’t mean the best place, i mean the yummiest coffee. For those who share similar caffeine love will understand how important it is to find the perfect cup. It changes your mood, lifts you up, makes you happy and hell it makes me want to put up with a sometimes miserable life for yet another day!

Coffee is like love, once you got it can’t live without it. If it wouldn’t have been for my then room-mate to get me hooked on to coffee to stay up and study or to simply pep up crazy busy times in Mumbai, i would have missed on this whole new world i see and feel with my perfectly foamy strong dose of caffeine. Ideal for starting conversations, long catch up sessions, first is also the best thing to do when you are alone, lost in some soul searching!

Keeping up with all that drama behind a simple cup of coffee, I set out on an unending #CoffeeHunt in Pune. Sharing few thoughts below for those who cannot wait to test them all out and jump to the first awesome cup they see!

FullSizeRender 6

Starbucks, KP

Ofcourse, waiting lines and most hyped international coffee chain had to be on this list.  I find Starbucks coffees, more like desserts or full fledged smoothie or beverages rather than pure simple coffee. Even their basic cappuccino is super milky, hence their Americano or their French Pressed Coffee is my go-to. You can feel the amazing roast in the coffee bean in every sip and an add milk as per your taste. If you would like to go for something simpler, try a Double Shot Hazelnut Cappuccino. With no extra sugar needed, its flavoured coffee that is the best pick of the lot on regular days. Also walking in to office with a large Starbucks cup made me feel like such a busy bee and oh-so-chic! What do you think?


Flourworks, Kalyaninagar

I am a hopeless Flourworks addict, for weekend after weekend i have had breakfast meets with my girls here, it is the most home-like place for me now, for late nights or even mid-day meals! This time I tried Cafe L’orange, which is a perfect blend of strong black coffee mixed with cocoa and infused with orange zest. It tastes so comfortingly different you’ll wish why no other place serves you this cup of awesomeness!


Flourworks, Kalyaninagar

Yet another morning at Flourworks began with a 5 spice Cafe Latte. Milder coffee, strongly flavoured with a spicy after taste that lingers on long after you have finished your cup. A must try. I’ve heard it’s available in some other cafes too, adding it to my list!


French Window Patisserie, KP

When you get into the coffee addict category a simple cup doesn’t really cut it for you, I was pleasantly surprised when my simple order of a Double shot Cappuccino was just perfect. Strong and soothing all at once. The cosiest coffee place in town with a cup that i urge you to try, next time you are loafing around on south main French Window Patisserie is the place to be!


Sweet Chariot Cafe, VimanNagar

For hours of catching up and making new plans, we needed a strong cup to go on. Open even around midnight Sweet Chariot Cafe surprised us with such a yum Double Shot Cappuccino. And since you are going there, do not miss the Sweet Chariot Special Chocolate pastry, it is to die for!

Cafe Columbia, Kalyani Nagar Pune

Cafe Columbia, Kalyani Nagar Pune

Cafe Columbia. The visits here must have jumped up after the shot of Varun and Yami in Badlapur. If you can ignore the slow and unattentive service you can try their cup of coffee, their double shot cappuccino turned out to feel so strong that i could barely feel the milk! Maybe a basic coffee or their columbian specialties would have been a better choice here.

Cafe Peter Donuts, Deccan

Cafe Peter Donuts, Deccan

With India winning the match against Pakistan i was in a fun experimental mood that day at Cafe Peter Donuts, Tried the Turkish cappuccino which is roasted ground coffee infused with rose flavour, this one was a sweet surprise but wasn’t as radically different as I would like it to be.

Special Mention:


Frozen Hot Chocolate, German Bakery, KP

For those days when coffee is not working, you need to go for the Frozen Hot Chocolate at German Bakery. It is the definition of the perfect chocolate thick shake. So yum, so blissful that you will not be able to think about the calories or sharing this with your BFF.

Coffee is my answer, whatever be the problem. It is a comforter, a stimulant, a wake up call too. It is what we bond over, what we can’t get enough of and what calms us down to not kill a few people 😛 Don’t you think so? Do let us know a place you would like us to check out, have you been to these places too? tell us in comments below!

Almost 2 years ago we did this coffee post that is too cute to be missed! Also we are social (obviously), find us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter #JugniAndCo

Till then, Stay Caffeinated, Stay Jugni. Why don’t you call me over for coffee next time?

Jugni's Take

Product Review: Chef’s Basket Pesto Recipe Kit.

Hello pyaaron,

In the coming few days i’ll be putting up lots of interesting posts, make-up, food, cafe reviews and even our first ever fashion post. As we venture into all those branches let’s begin with this!

So I’m the kind of person that would pick a D-Mart or a Nature’s basket over a Westside or a Zara. I like spending time in the alleys with fancy stuff we might never need in our kitchen, it just makes me feel updated. On one such bored afternoon i laid my eyes on a ready to make Chef’s Basket Recipe Kit. The cutesy packaging just called out to me and made me pick it. It costs a whooping INR 400 for a serving for 2.

So i thought that is how much we would pay in a fancy restaurant, maybe the product is going to be as exotic. After a major argument with Mom on how this random purchase needs to stop, i got down to following the instructions on the packet. It says you will need only 15mts to make it, it took about 30mts for me to complete it. The portion is pretty decent, the box came with every single thing required to make the pesto pasta, a ready sauce, whole wheat spaghetti, Basil infused olive oil, Pine nuts, Cracked pepper as well as sea salt. I was so impressed with how neatly everything was provided in one little box. I felt so posh while cooking this up, like I am an independent  writer/artist in europe cooking and chilling on a lazy sunny afternoon.

Anyway, back to what happened, the instructions are obviously as easy as ABC, it’s like they assume we’re dumb. So once it was done the dish looked like this. It was awful. The sauce was dry, the taste was oh-so-bad. The basil was extremely strong and the aroma refused to get out of my kitchen or my senses. I tried super hard to like the authentic taste, only to find out the preservative overdose had killed every ounce of authenticity. To make it edible though I landed up asking Mom to make super cheesy white sauce with loads of vegetables which we added to this and finally consumed it. Mom’s magic touch always works.

Save your self the trouble, do not pick this product. They also have Pasta Arrabiata and another weird variant which i am kind of put off with already. For a real good serving of pesto pasta made at home maybe you should check this out.

Jugni Recommends: Chef’s Basket Pesto Recipe Kit – 2/5 – only for the packaging.

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Jugni's Take

Product Review: Dead Sea Facial Mud Mask.

FullSizeRender 2I have always been fascinated about the dead sea. Products like sea salts and mud masks have made me want to try them!

Keeping up with the Moroccan craze, today I’m reviewing the Sea Soul: Dead Sea Mud Mask. It is an apt product for those with dull skin. All those stressful hours at work or just not being able to do much for your skin, can make your face and neck look lifeless; this product is an absolute hero.
IMG_8073The full size product which is 50ml and cost me an intense INR 995. To get that salon like feeling I do make it a point to apply masks and packs with a flat make-up brush, not only will it be easy to apply but it will also make you feel like a pro! The mask is enriched with minerals, oils and plant stem cells that you can read more about here.

Its to be applied on a pre-cleansed face and neck and left on for 10-15mts, please follow the instructions and wash it off with lukewarm water for best results. The afterglow is a delight. The skin’s texture feels great, moisturised and oh-so-radiant. It’s ideal to use it twice a week and I think it’ll be great for a big meeting day or a Sunday.

Jugni Tip: don’t use it just before it party, use it on a day where you want to walk out without any make-up. Brunch with the girls or a day date. Wear some bubblegum lip balm and you are good to go.

The Sea Soul Dead Sea Mud Mask : 4.2/5, a must try!

Do let me know when you try it, Stay Jugni.

Jugni's Take

Product Review: Livon Moroccan Silk Serum

FullSizeRender 2With such unpredictable weather, and chemicals going crazy in the shampoos we use. An after wash serum has always been my go-to. Especially when i do not have the time o condition my hair or use a hair mask.(do people really ever use a hair mask, unless on a vacation?) Anyway, the serums available in the market are plenty but i have always loved and stuck to Matrix Biolage which aims at smoothening and controlling fizzy hair. Not that my hair are uncontrollable but the product definitely made it more manageable and gave it that deep conditioned feel.

FullSizeRender 3

I thought i was sorted for life until I met, Livon Moroccan Silk Serum. Not only is it cost effective it also smells like heaven. I don’t know if i’m completely shifting loyalties but here is what i feel about it. The product comes is a cute pink travel friendly bottle, so i can even chuck it into my handbag when i rushing out after a shower. The product can be used on dry as well as damp hair, and definitely makes hair shinier and silky soft. Not drastically but considerably. Its pocket friendly too priced at INR 149 for a 30ml which is an apt size for the trial period.

Jugni Recommends: Pick the 30ml size and use it after 4-5 washes to actually feel the difference and fall in love with the fragrance and also how light the product is. It’s pretty good for Livon standards and also keeps up with the latest moroccan oil craze!

Livon Moroccan Silk Serum: 3.5/5

Let me know if you try it!

Jugni's Take

Jugni’s Take: Gunday-Movie Review!

The story of 2 boys, boys who became refugees. Refugees who became gun couriers. Gun Couriers who became coal bandits, coal bandits who became Calcutta’s Most Loved, Most Celebrated, Most Reckless, Most Fearless, Most Powerful! -Yashraj Films.

With the perfect amount of drama, action, songs, dance and X factor. Gunday is one movie you should not miss.

Jugni tends to like every movie which is super duper filmy and bollywood masala. This one is just that. Each time you see Ranveer and Arjun run on-screen (which happens a lot in this movie) you’ll think of Mallika sherawat on Koffee with Karan finding Amitabh Bachchan sexy when he runs in slow motion. Ranveer Singh- Bikram is walking-talking-living sex on the big screen! Arjun Kapoor- Bala just about manages to look good. The epic friendship turns sour due to the lover’s entry is all an expected plot and then the makers make the friendship win over all other things. And this is exactly the point that will take this film to a success.

You must have heard the story already, we’ll list down a few reasons why it will make your weekend better:

1. That 70’s magic. Cabaret, winged eye liners, prints, colours and Calcutta.

2. The songs. Each one of them is really good.

3. The Friendship. The Bromance. The way Bikram looks at Bala, what love! what bonding!

4. Dialoguebaazi. If you are a sucker for Bollywood like us, be assured that you will be using many lines from Gunday once you’re back home. BTW each dialogue is delivered so intensely, like from the epiglottis!

5. You know whats coming next. Not. So many parts of the movie you can actually guess what the next dialogue will be, till the climax part will bring you at the edge of your seat and you’ll be like “whaaaaaa just happened!!” 

Irfan Khan weaves a good amount of practicality and logic into the rather draamebaaz kahaani. Priyanka Chopra looks superb in most parts of this flick. Even though it came on valentines day, the movie will force you to think of that one childhood friend you have, or will make you wish for a bond like Bikram and Bala’s!

Tell us how you liked Gunday, Stay Filmy. Stay Jugni.