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Would a bride ditch the Red & go Black?

Quite excited to announce a new section on the blog, details on that coming real soon.

As of now, I’d say pick up some hints and tell me what you think it will be about?

Monsoon & Weddings, the two words seem tough to use in the same wedding unless you are referring to the movie. but when I got down to some real research and sourcing I was having a tough time looking for bridal wear, the colours seem slightly restricted as soon as I decided to break away from the obvious reds, pinks etc.

Going by the new-age bridal trends as well as keeping it classy and well within the current style, Pune’s lead Fashion Designer, Seema Singh had all the answers! Featuring below is one of her hot selling off-shoulder-black beauty lehenga. Black you’d think is all kinds of crazy for brides, for the wedding, yes, but nothing spells beauty like a black at the reception. If you are one of those looking for the right blend of trendy and traditional, well this is pretty much that.

It’s non-daring, safe and so comfortable that a Bride would have one less concern on her D-day. Head to Seema Singh’s store for a personalised bridal session on whats and hows of seasonal bridal wear, and more!

As of me finally being back to putting up posts, thank you so much for the patience.

Been away for far too long.

Too many excuses, none of them really true.

I’m here now, hoping to stay here longer. Write again. Feel good again, share some, learn some and love a lot.

Write again. Feel good again, share some, learn some and love a lot.

Stay Jugni!

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Location: Discover Resorts

Photographer: Sahil Shah

Stylist: Sakshi Nahar

Outfit: Seema Singh, call for appointments +91 9822020078





#TrendSpotting Wedding Jewellery inspiration for the Winter Bride.

While hunting for an ideal spot to shoot the following look, my search finally ended at Zora, A Modern Indian Kitchen opened recently at Ishanya Mall, Pune. The interiors and the overall ambience is so classy I was thrilled to conduct a few shoots there for the blog. The digital gramophone, the vertical garden walls, the high bar, and the beautiful lights made my team’s stress levels go down as everything was already there!

Bridal Jewellery trends do stick to making statements while being classy and re-usable. Rathod Jewellers gave us the ultimate upgrade in the jewellery scene for the Winter Bride.

This beautiful layered set is a mesmerising combination of Polki, Gold, Pearls and Rubies. Paired with a maangtika and a contemporary diamond bracelet to go with it, I felt like a bride already.

These amazing pieces on me made me look like a dream amalgamation of Jodhabai & Mastani. Don’t you agree? If you are researching for your upcoming wedding, keep your eyes open to such Polki-Pearl-Rose Cut Diamond combinations, as it is rare and oh-so-beautiful. If you are a raging bridesmaid and has a few weddings to attend this season, investing in a pair of stunning danglers or maangtikka like this will have you sorted!

I also got my hands on this elegant outfit from Sonal Thakore, it’s pure white raw silk kurta with a very khadi-ish jacket, as much as I loved the jewellery and the whole done up look, let me tell you that the outfit in itself is an absolute stunner. I can’t wait to wear it out! While choosing outfits for weddings and gatherings we do tend to get lost in the array of happy hues, investing in a white wonder will be a good shift for all of us! Try it.

Jugni&co 195

Jugni&co 203


Jugni&co 223

Jugni&co 230

Jugni&co 237


Location: Zora, Ishanya Mall, Pune. Follow, Like, Contact.

Jewellery: Rathod Jewellers, Pune. Follow, Like.

Outfit: Sonal Thakore, Pune. Contact details on request only.

My favourite girl, the Stylist: Sakshi Nahar. Follow her!

Hair & Make-up: Shantel. Check her out.

Photography: Gaurav Rasane. Follow him.

Jugni&co 256

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Summer Weddings: Here’s your something blue.

Something old, Something new, something borrowed and something blue!

Even though this was said as the good luck essentials a bride must carry on her D-day, what’s stopping from carrying the luck around on every single day. Umm, not meaning to offend any tradition here, but it’s so cute and the quote plays on my head randomly. Hence the following.


If you haven’t done straight cut long kurtas yet, you are running over a few years late on the trend. Got this simple fabric from a local market and made an interesting neckline which was enough to dress it up.

IMG_0436 IMG_0445

While kurtas like these will look great with pallazzos, the good old leggings didn’t disappoint me here either.


Paired with multi coloured kolhapuris from Abba, my look was completed with a traditional jhumka that I picked from a recent trip to Delhi.


An outfit like this fits well on smaller wedding functions like roka, engagements or just about anywhere you think you can pull this off. A little late into the season I still think investing in a pretty shade of blue with a long kurtacan be work anytime of the year.



Photography by: Kruthika Pillai

Location Courtesy: Madness, KP, Pune.


All White, So bright. #SummerWeddings #MaaKaWardrobe

Still looking to add to your wedding wear collection? You absolutely must invest in an all white piece.

Be it an Anarkali, a pretty gown, a straight kurta or a lehenga. The possibilities to style an all white outfit are unimaginable. Here you will see my first time experimenting with an asymmetric Anarkali. The wow-factor remains the fact that it is all white and I can style it completely differently just by alternating add-ons.

Dupattas, earrings, makeup, footwear and other accessories are the real style quotient sometimes, hence details are everything. Pay close attention 😛

LMPL4855A bright stole/ dupatta like this one ended up being the game changer of my whole look. To balance that pop of colour I put on my gorgeous pink earrings by Tarksya, and added my multi-colour kolhapuri from Abba Shoes.


Best part about creating the kurta was the fact that I had an old semi georgette saree lying around in the house until my designer from Ginni’s couture creations came up with this. We stuck to classic detailing with pearls and a hint of gold to go with the old saree border. Always believe in the power of #MaaKaWardrobe


I feel so incomplete without my Mumma’s bindi, each time I wear Indian.


Adding an entire layer of georgette over the old saree made the outfit more elegant and royal! Keeping royal in mind, I had to try on a look which stuck to ultimate classics and no bright added tones.


Major Sonam Kapoor vibes were being felt with the styling of this look, also made me quite proud of myself.

If you are one of those who think white will enlarge your body shape or anything on the lines, kindly drop that silly idea and try this. Also, i really think i can dye this into a completely different shade someday and flaunt it all over again!


Notice how the draping of the dupatta can also impact your look so greatly.

LMPL4928 (1)


With my favourite photographer in the world, Lakshya Manwani Photography.




Don’t doubt yourself when putting on some extra blush. Afternoon events will only enhance the face further with just enough dosage of Pink! <3


Kept it easy, with my favourite old jooti. Gold. Forever.

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Wedding Series: Floor length dresses!

“If it’s pink or sparkly I want it…” That line could very well be printed on my bedroom wall, speaking of, we have recently done our bedroom, added a wall of frames and upped the theme a little. As pepperfry is rightly saying, why wait for Diwali? do your space now! Obsessing over the newly done bedroom on my snapchat, do you follow us there?

Coming to the pink side of life, we recently did this crazy crazy shoot that I have been sneak-peaking on instagram for a while now. We are contemplating getting into a series of wedding related posts as the season is just about getting started, me feels that you might want to read up on quick fixes featuring all aspects like clothes, jewellery, dancing, shoes, locations, gift ideas and more! Cannot do this alone, so please mail us what you would like us to post in the wedding series here:

We collaborated with the super talented Anuradha Chordia Jain and her beautiful jewellery brand Beads & Threads for this post. Don’t miss the stunning earrings, haath phool, neckpiece, bracelet and finger rings. She also does a wide range of statement accessories from head gears to heavy items in semi-precious stones to meet every budget as well as occasion. Follow them on instagram & facebook for more updates!

Ishanya_Mall 094

Ishanya_Mall 108

Styled these with an outfit so pink that you’ll be the source of sunshine in any party if you wear this. Ideal for a wedding party or even your own event, I got a custom made pink tie & dye/ lehriya fabric stitched into a breathtakingly beautiful floor length dress. Adding a string of diamonds to the highlight the one-shoulder cut is my favourite thing about the outfit. So next time you go fabric shopping, pick an Indian print and convert it into something like this. Ideal fusion and so pretty. What say?

Ishanya_Mall 004 Ishanya_Mall 018 Ishanya_Mall 020 Ishanya_Mall 027 Ishanya_Mall 031 Ishanya_Mall 077

I couldn’t take off the sunglasses as they add such an interesting Tanu-effect to the look. Very #swaggy don’t you think? Also, in day functions the pictures look way more awesome with cheap reflector aviators. Try kariye!Ishanya_Mall 086

Ishanya_Mall 253

Switching the look around, with a change in the jewellery again by Beads & Threads. The emerald green added a much-needed relief from the burst of pink in the outfit. The two fingers one ring concept is super trending currently and these crude stones worked brilliantly too! Don’t you think?Ishanya_Mall 140 Ishanya_Mall 147 Ishanya_Mall 166 Ishanya_Mall 180 Ishanya_Mall 222_stitch

These pretty kolhapuris with heels are from head over heels (available at westside stores)

Ishanya_Mall 229

Don’t you think if there was a colour that you will change the world in, it would be pink? Or maybe black. No, wait Red is the colour of power. OK, but you understand that colours are like really important. So go out there wear a bright ass knockout outfit for the next function you attend, and send us some cute pictures of you doing it too maybe? I want to hear from you, let’s talk. About anything and everything. mail karo: Snapchat Karo: rashika14190 Instagram pe DM karo: jugni_and_co Facebook he karlo yaar:

Jugni Forever <3IMG_1686

Location courtesy: Ishanya amphitheater Pune; Photography by Gaurav Rasane; Outfit: Ginni’s Design Studio, Pune; Jewellery: Beads & Threads by Anuradha Chordia Jain; Shoes: Westside Stores; Lipstick: Clinique Matte Magenta;

Love & Life

Diary of a Bride- Sit back and enjoy this one part by part!

“Just a month back, I had tears in my eyes, my friends holding my hands and my loved ones standing by my side, I was all ready to get into this elaborate affair with my college sweetheart, just like in any movie wedding changes the story and mine was already changing. I looked at my Ma for support, with puppy dog eyes asking her to hold me back, but she wanted me to take those steps, I love him with my entire core but at the same time “Was I ready?”

Well turns out the time to ask questions was over…this is my story from college romance to the Wedding Affair.

Sipping on hostel room coffee, looking at the magnificent view from my hostel window under little drizzle, little did I know that my friends are here to cause a havoc of lifetime…

“yaar, tum mujhe karne do” Niharika is on fire chatting away with a guy I barely know.

“Chalo ab kal pata chalega ki bande mein himmat hain ya nahin” she said!

“Ye kya kiya tumne yaar, ab agar usne kal sabke samne propose kiya tho main kya karungi?” (I gasped)

“Tum uske sath date pe jaungi…Obviously!” They are laughing their asses off and I cannot digest a word.

As usual, I get up late, I get ready late, he is calling, and he is here, SHIT.

We walk out of hostel gate, little further ahead, only to see a bunch of fellow seniors walking toward us along with Him and I am with two of my friends, we are outnumbered by a lot. He is blushing so much that he can actually make me look less like a woman. Everybody is gaping at us in the middle of the road, where he is very sweetly sitting on his knees.

“Will you come out on a date with me?” He asks in the most sheepish manner that I have ever witnessed…

“Hmmm…let’s talk about this later” I want to avoid this situation, I want choice, and I need time.

“Either you say yes or I am not getting up”

Oh Crap. I gawk at him mindlessly. I try to move, shift from the view, but he doesn’t budge, few seconds seem endless.

“Ok, one date only” He is elated.

After three and half years of up’s and down, very irritating fights and some really romantic dinners we are here, to be bound for life.

If I look back to find one time where I absolutely fell in love with my man would be like searching the universe for a star because I fall and I fell for him every time he plants a kiss on me or wraps his arms around me or just looks out for me before he enters the room or simply smiles at the mere sight of me, oh he is sucker for love! He has turned me into a romantic buff (or was I always one). Even though this passion always existed I realised it slowly and I am glad I enjoyed each and every bit of it.

Now that the Wedding affair is to pan out…all I can do is wish and go back to simpler times, to times where I did not have to worry about which colour Saree to pick or matching set or remember the names of lentils (daal).

I am worried, I panic all the time, whoever said “Wedding is bliss” he or she must have been high!

I am an introvert, I take time to warm up and I am entering a family which is typically Punjabi (warm, happy & talkative) they believe in “more the merrier” and to me I am happy with my laptop and a cup of coffee.  I am a Punjabi too but just without the Oyye factor.

The month has passed I am to board the flight to my wedding destination, all I can do is cry, two days will fly in preparation just like the rest and I will get a Mrs tag, god I want to run away.

On the day of my mehndi, I am waiting for my family and friends to reach here, I am laughing helplessly, every single word is hurting but I laugh when I am sad and nobody knows that, they say it is mix feelings but to me I am not ready. In the midst of all these thoughts, we are super late for my Sangeet and my makeup artist ditched me, Rhea is holding me strong with her makeup tactics, Niharika is doing my nails and my cousins are fetching me hot rollers, god how late are we?

Finally we are ready and my in laws have exhausted their dancing powers, one way I am glad other way I am agitated that we are so late… I am so nervous, I want this to be over like ASAP. I don’t want to be awkward but I am socially awkward, oh there he is, he looks immensely happy, why am I not that happy…oh it will be alright…he is here.

Well to be fair I don’t remember anything from there on, time is flying, from one person to another dragging me around, Namastes and pairi paunas! I feel happy, I feel sad but most of all I am irritated that life is making me do this, I am not one of those happy brides or crazy brides, I am a nervous wreck, I would miss my Ma, my brother and my Papa’s silence but most of all I would miss a carefree me, not like I am walking into trap or a jail but mostly because I don’t feel I am ready, I love the guy, I know his family but nothing in this world will make me feel the way I feel at home.

Perhaps I just hate the whole institution of wedding but love is nevertheless a messy road laid with uncanny truth that you cannot escape, if not for him, this would never have happened. As I complete one month of this journey with my unconditionally loving husband, I’d say if not for him I would have been a spinster, so cheers to him.”

Jugni says: Not all brides are out of YRFilms! Not all of them want things big and elaborate, some don’t want any of the drama. They just need the one man they Love and the one day they became 2 bodies and one soul. Have a wedding story you want to share? Are you a bride-to-be too? Tell us, we love listening to crazy stories!

Be Dulhaniya, Be Jugni!