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Summer Weddings quick fix: Not so mehenga, lehenga. #OnlineShoppingFTW

“Main shaadi karungi toh Kareena Kapoor wala lehenga pehen kar karungi, warna dulhe ko tata bye bye kardo!” Alia Bhatt spoke my heart out, and not just mine thousands more. But wait, Brides these days are more bridezilla than quiet and nervous. So let’s shift focus on those who have a serious pressure of looking their best as well as getting all the Bridezilla tantrums in order. The Bridesmaids.

As we continued researching and putting together the top looks for upcoming summer weddings, we found the perfect outfit. The Lehenga. The wedding day, the reception nights, the sangeet performance, the mehndi night, the lehenga in its variants can fit in beautifully on any of these events. The lehenga choli is the only kind of outfit which can be played up or down as per event, or who’s wedding you are attending. Here are a few tips to sort your lehenga choice out:

  1. The colour: Bright blues, pinks, reds and greens will do well as day colours. Go earthy, metallic or powder pastels when picking one for the night.
  2. The embellishment: Work/ embroidery/ sequin/ stones help make your outfit grand or casual. Depending on who’s wedding you are attending, the time of the event and your budget the embellishment must be decided.
  3. The Fabric: Net, Georgette, Silk and anything flowy will give your garment the fall it needs. Pick the fabric as per your body type as well as how heavy would you like it to be. Most of these fabrics can be worn day  or night.
  4. Print: Summers will be too sad without florals, instead of an all out floral print, pick one like in the pictures below. Geometric prints are also classy and give you an edge above most common outfits at the wedding.



Ideal for a summer wedding, this lehenga guarantees to make me the most head-turning bridesmaid ever! Don’t you agree?



Look for tiny interesting elements like printed fabric on the edges of the dupatta, gold thread work on the lehenga, or a bold choli like this one.





LMPL1284_IJFRMake sure the length of your garment is apt for your body, touching the floor is the right one for garments like these.



Add glares while dancing in the baraat, which gives you the much-needed desi swag! To get this check out @shoppingsession_official (instagram) and! To follow this crazy awesome photographer go check out LakshyaManwaniPhotography on google, instagram, facebook and wedmegood!

And for more drama there is always Bollywood inspired posing. Try kiya hai?


Hum ek baar jeete hai, ek baar marte hai, shaadi bhi ek baar hoti hai … aur pyar ek baar hi hota hai


Drop that shoulder! KoovsXJugni

Continuing on the ongoing cold shoulder craze, here is a simple look you have to try the next time you are stepping out!

Jugni tip: not a good idea to go dancing in an off shoulder top, as the elastic slides up each time your arms move to do your moves! *NotGoodBro*

Besides that tiny winy little glitch, here is our first ever tie up with Koovs! *yayy* Also, I seriously believe only super stylish people wear Koovs, I find their stuff super cool you must check it out if you haven’t already! This summer also is about investing in white denims! The summery-spring-y-floral tops and hyper colours are best when paired with a classic white pair!

I got my hands on the most epic fit from Zara. Although, I do think that lighter coloured bottoms do make my thighs appear broader, the length of the tops you wear the changes the game completely. So choose smart. My sling bag holds just the essentials and went effortlessly with the look, also the reflectors from Anjuna, Goa added swag!


IMG_0470 IMG_0472

An absolute must try are the jump in shoes, which are comfy enough to keep you running in all day at the mall or amidst your errands. I love the little bling which I teamed with my cute-sy two finger ring.

Did you see? Do you like? Won’t you try?


Photography: Kruthika Pillai; Location Courtesy: Superheroes- Madness, Koregaon Park, Pune.


Love my triple studs from H&M, they go with absolutely anything and everything, and just validate having 3 ear piercings no?

IMG_0481-1 IMG_0483-1

I’m cooling it down with my cold shoulders and reflectors! How are you styling this summer away? Tell us at Also, if you have a post idea, a request, a query, leave a comment, love us hate us? Tell us everything! Till then, Stay Jugni <3


The top 3 Desi Looks you need to add to your wardrobe, If you haven’t already.

You can do denims, skirts and dresses but nothing slays like an authentic Indian/ traditional look. Whether you’re the only one going design in college or adapting these into a routine family gathering, these are the 3 must have looks you need to try asap!

Kurta- Pallazzos

If you haven’t guessed it yet, I am obsessed with palazzo pants, they make me look taller and give me a feeling of being the most elegantly dressed when in a crowd! The trend started early 2015 and looks like it’s here to stay. Mix and match with interesting prints and colours to create different looks. They are so comfortable and effortlessly stylishly you might consider ditching all other forms of bottoms completely! 


Outfit: Global Desi Earrings: Beads & Threads Chappals: Head over Heels- Westside

IMG_2681 IMG_2682 IMG_2687 IMG_2690 IMG_2693

Check out our other looks here.

Patiala Salwar:

Nothing says casual desi like patiala suits, they define easy, functional style to me. Especially after Tanu weds Manu, I see myself turning to a patiala suit more often than not these days.

Jugni Tip: You need to find the right tailor to give you a real patiala salwar, it’s not as easy as it looks to have those perfect pleats in a hot fit, you might have to struggle with a few trials. But I suggest don’t settle till you feel full punjabi kuddie. Also, preferably get one from the north! I got this beautiful fabric from Ahmedabad for as less as INR 90 per metre and the short fitted kurta made me feel like Alia Bhatt from Humpty Sharma! If you don’t have this set in your wardrobe you are certainly missing out on a classic.



Rani Mukherjee inspired deep brown eye shadow and OD on surma. On my lips is the Ultimate Pro by Faces.

IMG_2735 IMG_2760 IMG_2762

Kurti- Leggings

This is a cheat salwar kameez, or a chudidar kurta’s modernised version. It’s available everywhere you go and is so easy to carry. All the big brands have made multiple styles of kurtas ready to buy for us. From the A-lines, to the straight fits, the asymmetrical to a simple slit one like this they can all add interesting elements in your wardrobe. The gungroo on this kurta made me buy it without a second thought, also, the chudidar sleeves are so pretty nai?

Jugni Tip: Since leggings are skin tight, the length of the kurta should be below knee length or it can look weird, also colours like beige or skin tone for a legging will make it look like you aren’t wearing any, so be careful!


Kurta from Globus Legging from Forever 21 Chappals: Mahabaleshwar market

IMG_2640 IMG_2649

Complete your desi wardrobe by adding Kolhapuri Chappals and mojri or jooties. Accessorise with bangles, jhumkis, chand balis and a Bindi. I don’t leave home without one. Are you a desi girl? tell us in comments below your favourite looks, and share this with your desi look fan bff!


Comfortable Fashion #FTW

You know how most days are torn between correct postures, mild smiles, behaved mannerisms, crisp clothes and slouching shoulders, loud disturbing laughter with snorts, t-shirts and shorts. I’m pretty sure we’d all love the second part.

On days with back to back meetings or running errands, sometimes the most rewarding feeling is to get into a t-shirt later and chill. So I believe clothes have this magical power to transform your mood and how you feel. Like when I put on a blazer I feel like a powerful person, and when I wear a LBD i feel sexy, so when I put on a t-shirt/ casual top i feel comfortable and at ease.

Keeping that in mind I was on a hunt to find a t-shirt/ top that just kept me feeling at ease. Quite predictably it ended at Forever 21. I found the ideal top, one I went out drinking in, one I met a prospective client for coffee in and one that I can spend all day in cause of that ultra comfy fit. So who would ever think a baggy top like this one can look so chic?

I suggest you hunt these tight sleeved lose bodied tops and haul them for all seasons, they are cute and snuggly and elegant and stylish. Yeh roz nahi hota. You can style this as per where you are going to be wearing it, tuck it in with shorts or palazzos and make them uber casual. Wear it with skinny fit pants or jeggings for semi formal look. Go for block heels that are so in right now just like the ones in the pictures, or even pretty blingy ballerinas for that cute girly feel. Change the make up accordingly to make it casual or formal. Do multiple things with one piece of clothing, you’ll feel good and be able to shop more confidently too.

DSC_0031 DSC_0003


Get your hands on a top like this black one, (image via google)DSC_0012 DSC_0028 DSC_0023

DSC_0102 DSC_0019

This post is a part of our first brand collaboration. Check out the full post here!

Jeans, Top: Forever 21, Shoes : Abba, Sunglasses: Aldo Accessories, Neckpiece: Colaba Causeway. On my lips: Maybelline Newyork: Bold Matte. Location Courtesy: Corinthians Club. Photographer: Kritika Chanchlani.


All the Maxi-mising you’ll need this summer – Part Trois.

If you haven’t caught on to the maxi dress trend you are running pretty late in the trend game my friend! With random bouts of rainfall and hailstones, summers will be gone before you know it, and you don’t want to miss these gorgeous sunny days where you can flaunt your flowy dresses do you?

In the last of our Maxi-Mising series we are talking about a formal dress, easily available in many leading brands this is an elegant choice for a date night or even a clubbing scene with your group. The snow white is a breather in this weather and it helps you even stay cool as white is known to not attract heat unlike black or darker shades. You must check out the other maxi dresses we styled here and here. Also i think sheer dresses are so sexy without being vulgar, don’t you think?

DSC_0002 DSC_0008 DSC_0018 DSC_0041 DSC_0043

Dress: Custom Made, Inspired from AND. Shoes: Forever New. Earrings: Forever New. Paper Windmills: Mahabaleshwar Market. Lipstick: MAC Cosmetics- Ruby Woo.

10865694_10152999436167801_331548761191277403_oAlso this was the dress i wore to my ‘surprise birthday party’ With that Zara neck piece that was gifted and lots of midi rings from Accessorise.

Show us some of your maxi looks, we love style inspirations!


Summer Blues.

The heat is killing this time around. If Pune has gotten so bad, can’t imagine how Delhi and Bombay are doing. If you are cooped up at home or stuck in office waiting for the sun-time to pass, this post is for you! If you are too shy to step out or too careful about your skin, this post is for you. You can’t keep sitting in till sunset. Doesn’t that make you feel like an owl? You need to not let anything bring down that spark. So put on some lipstick and let’s hustle.

There are days when you only want to stay in bed, but I say we should save those days for monsoons or when your lover is in the mood for some mush time! 😛 Till then, pass the peak heat hour in a mall or a movie if that’s what it takes, but get out! Ideally it is the perfect season to be out and about. Plan a vacation, go swimming, stay outdoors and soak it all in.

My stint with freelance projects and full-time blogging is fairly new, and that kind of forces me to stay in pyjamas all day! Jugni is so not ok with that, need to get up-dress up-show up. With meetings happening off and on I needed to put together an easy look which can be considered formal enough for a client meeting and chic enough for just about anything else after that.

Summer, of a kind that bans me from exiting an air conditioned zone, is giving me the blues. A mood which makes me feel like i’m on a downward spiral. I had to pull myself out of this, and what better way than getting dolled up and shooting?! So here’s a pool blue bright top, with hot pink lips, well fitted denims and a dressy pair of shoes that makes me feel ready for any occasion any location. Kill the sun’s harmful rays with a full sleeve top, keep the fabric light and breezy, wear a cotton singlet inside, read more about which sunscreen you need to have HERE.

This post is a part of our first brand collaboration. Do come back to read more about them right here at Jugni & Co.

Top: Sepia, Sunglasses: Forever 21, Sling Bag: Splash, Lipstick: Matte Magenta-Clinique.DSC_0035
Pants: Forever 21, Sunglasses: Forever 21, Sling Bag: Splash, Lipstick: Matte Magenta-Clinique, Shoe Courtesy: Abba, Pune.DSC_0038

Sometimes simply smiling can take away your blues, how about trying that a little more today? It doesn’t cost a thing! DSC_0046Top: Sepia, Pants: Forever 21, Sunglasses: Forever 21, Sling Bag: Splash, Lipstick: Matte Magenta-Clinique, Shoe Courtesy: Abba, Pune. Location: Corinthian Club, Pune. Photography by Kritika Chanchlani.


Jugni's Take

Shoes your wardrobe is begging for! #JugniFinds

Before the international brands came in, before the malls raided our pockets, before we could walk in to a hundred stores to buy one thing; there was one market, one store and one fixed place for all things we needed here in Pune.

Cakes at Kayani, Grocery at Chandan, Sandwiches at Marzorin, and shoes at ABBA. Abba (like the music band) has been the jewel on main street for over 20 years. Walking into this store will never be less than a memorable experience, friendly staff, great service and almost always available footwear; the kind you’ll like and the kind which fits like a dream!

Having a foot size of UK 41, it’s been a nightmare for me to buy shoes that I actually like and not a compromise because of my size requirement. Abba has been my one stop for heels, flats, ballerinas, chappals and formal shoes too. I did go to all the crazy expensive brands and the malls where I was not just disappointed with the lack of attention I got, but also, rarely got my size anyway.

All in all, if you need someone who is as passionate about shoes as yourself, meet the owners of Abba! They don’t have fancy salesmen or floor managers but they sell what they create with so much love and passion that you won’t be able to not see it! The variety is good, the range is oh-so-affordable, and you’ll get a shoe here that fits every occasion; meetings, parties, dailies or even gifting. Its all at Abba.

In our Jugni collaboration we had the chance to meet up with the New Zealand return shoe expert Mr. Zaheer Tejani and his wonderful mum who lovingly run the store and offered us dreamy shoes sole by sole.

We are showcasing different pairs on the blog, click on the image to read more about the look, outfit details and styling tips for these gorgeous shoes!

What if you could get a flat 20% off just cause you are a Jugni Follower?

Follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Like our Facebook page- HERE.

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Show us your screenshot and avail a flat 20%off on our latest collection all month long!!! So what are you waiting for?

Share this post with your fellow shoe-crazies and go for the kill! Head to Abba Shoes, Near Marzorin, MG Road, Pune Camp. Now!!!


And after lots of research and many shopping hauls here are the four pairs you definitely need in your wardrobe:Stilettos: You cannot go clubbing, or date night or big meeting without a sexy pair of these.

Block heels: Comfortable for long days at the mall or while out roaming around a different city, also perfect to drive around or chill somewhere with your girls. (P.S: these are super in right now)DSC_0050

Flats: An obvious one. Get one with some bling so you can use it to dress up a boring outfit or just match it with grand ones. DSC_0158

Kolhapuris: Flats or wedges, they are so elegant and your desi swag is not complete without them.

DSC_0112Stay Jugni.


Wanderlust Calling

Working weekdays, chilling weekends. Working for too long. Chilling for too long. Doing too many things or not doing anything at all. Everything or nothing at all can sometime be the reason behind us not being able to take it any more. Dramatic relationships, to crazy schedules and lazy attitudes can all lead to an intense urge of wanting to get away.

The deep desire to get away, wander and travel is Wanderlust. Psychologically speaking it can also be a symptom of bipolar disorder, the desperate impulse to wander and explore the world. But maybe that’s too farfetched an idea. So when we live all the days thinking about how the next is going to be, and about kids, and family and business and life, well, we are not thinking about the present at all. Maybe it’s time to take a break and simply wander.

If you really can’t pull off a week in Europe in hostels and eurail 😛 then maybe you start off on planning a basic doable getaway with friends. The mountains, the palaces, the beaches or just out and away. Close your eyes, take a deep deep breath and ask yourself where would you rather be right now! Wanderlust is also about not making a trip with an agenda, but to actually go and put yourself in unfamiliar situations, meet new people and break out of your comfort zone.

It’s good for the soul, shake things up, take a break and give a new experience to each of your senses. While I ran back and forth through this book i’ve got, these were the only thoughts in my mind. To be able to put a tick mark on each of these places, in the book of filmy escapes! What will travel be without super stylish comfort attires and some pretty pictures, So here goes our travel special look! Do this easy-peasy maxi dress look on the days you are out sight seeing next time.

Holiday season is here anyway, meet new people, see new things and discover a new part of yourself. Maybe you like snow, maybe you don’t. Maybe you like trekking and backpacking, maybe you are more of a relax and spa person. Maybe you don’t know what really gives you that kick yet. How would you find out if you never stepped out? Make a family vacation plan if you can’t just pack up and leave! Make a weekend plan with friends if that’s what it takes. But move, get on it, it’s the one big difference between a tree and us, we can move! Become a more well-rounded, adventurous person.

So check the time, wear your heart on the sleeve, put on a look that you love yourself in and just fly away!

DSC_0260 DSC_0267 DSC_0271

Wear a simple plaid shirt, throw it on as a layer or tie it up to add a little spunk to that basic outfit!

Adding a hat, cap or an interesting headgear always ups the whole look by multiple levels! have you tried?


As i worked on this look, i also thought how this dress does not really make me look slim or hot. But it’s comfortable as hell and what good will exploring the world do if i don’t begin with a fresh wardrobe? So please do yourself a favour and don’t criticise your bulges all that much!DSC_0299

Tie up your hair for the long walks and a fuss free distraction free sight seeing! And oh, the heat is so much more bearable when your hair are not in the way!DSC_0314 DSC_0333

If you are done with all the walking and exploring and are finally settling for a nice meal, change a few elements on your outfit, redo the lipstick and you’re all set!DSC_0329

The make up needs to be a kind which lasts all day and goes day to night without doing anything! So I stuck to my favourites, a base, deep green kajal on the upper and the lower waterline, mascara, a little peach blush and deep red lips! 

Outfit Details: The Dress- Sarojini Nagar, Plaid Shirt- Colaba Causeway, Heart neck piece- Colaba Causeway, Bag- Zara, Shoes- Forever 21, Hat- Mahabaleshwar Market, Watch- Aldo, Nude Pink Belt- forever 21, Lipstick – L’Oreal Paris RW 513 Black Cherry, Lakme Green Eyekonic Kajal, and a blush from MAC, Book- Filmy Escapes from Lonely Planet. Killer Photography by Kritika Chanchlani. *All rights to the images are bloggers own*

Like what you see? Tell us in comments below!

Jugni's Take

Sunscreen – the what, how and when!

Summer is here, even with rains and hailstones and weird mausam. Officially the summers have arrived, and everybody is obviously stocking up on their favourite must have- Sunscreen. Also called sunblocks, these are available in brands too many and are all tempting for us to pick and try. Unfortunately you cannot buy 10 different brands, slap it on and then face random skin reactions. Don’t worry, main hoon na! 😛


Sunscreen- The What?

A lotion which is gel/water/milk based intended to save the skin from harmful sunrays. Helps in avoiding/preventing skin cancer and tanning. There are two types of ultraviolet radiations which damage the skin and also age it prematurely. UVA and UVB. UVB is what causes sunburns, whereas UVA causes the aging and other skin issues. The safest bet is to apply sunscreen all the time, preferably all year round. But i know you won’t do that, so read on to know how to chose your ideal sunscreen.

Sunscreen – The How?

SPF meaning the Sun Protection Factor, actually tells you how much time you can protect yourself from the sun. So if it would take 20mts for your skin to start reddening when unprotected, SPF 15 would make that happen after 15 times longer, that is almost 5 hours.(If the math is right, which i suck at). So we need to  pick our sunscreen as per the exposure to the sun. You really need it when you are swimming, you’re at the beach, or out brunching on a rooftop. Also you definitely need it when you are out shopping, working or just stepping out in the sun. Ideally SPF 15 to 30+ works just fine, and when super tanning is expected you can rub on SPF 50.

Sunscreen- The When?

15-20 minutes before you step out in the sun. Yes this is important, it might be useless to apply sunscreen while you are already in the car! Spare a few extra minutes and to this as a duty towards your beautiful self.

Jugni Recommends:

1. Sebamedbest-sunscreen-in-india-sebamed

Those with sensitive skin, prone to breakouts, the Sebamed sunscreen is a great option as it is mild, provides protection and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. ! Its usually dermatologist recommended , though on the expensive side

Price: Rs. 1500

2. Banana Boat rangebananaboatspf50pump1._banana-boat-sport-spf-50-sunscreen-lotion-broad-spectrum-sweat-resistant

This one is pretty decent for dry to normal skin. It feels light on the skin but for oily skin it can take a bit longer to get absorbed in the skin and also feel greasy. It is water resistant and lasts for a decently good time. I have seen friends buy it when abroad and looks pretty fancy too! The SPF 30 or even the sport range is known to work pretty well

Price: Rs.350-400

3. Aroma Magic1447482028bigimage-230

Might not be easily available, it comes in various fragrances with varied ingredients like cucumber, aloevera etc. I have not used this one personally but heard a great deal of it, obviously it is in the creators name! It’s supposedly super light and great for the face.

Price: Rs.160

4. LotusLotus-Herbals-Safe-Sun-Intensive-Sunblock-Spray-Spf-50-Uva-Index--16-6240-08842-1-product2

This one is my absolute favourite, i swear by it since the first time i wore it. Being spray based its so easy to apply, does not change the texture of your skin nor does it leave it sticky, it gets absorb like magic and protects wonderfully! Try it to believe it. If you have really oily skin you can also go for the gel base Lotus sunblock which is great too.

Price: Rs 345

5. Others:

While talking to friends and family and also researching online i found people recommending Neutrogena, VLCC, Keihls(which is bizarre expensive) Garnier and Biotique.

Go ahead and take your pick, if you absolutely hate the idea of an added product in your vanity at least make sure that every other product in your kit comes with SPF like lip balm, foundation, even shampoos! Tell me if you have a favourite too. On a separate note, I am obsessed with the song- ‘Wear Sunscreen’ suna hai kabhi?


Turning Green.

Everyday as i dress up, i feel like i am walking on a thin line. I want to be dramatic yet subtle, I want messy hair that look styled, I want to remain current but not desperately trendy, most of all I want to feel like I inspire, not just be inspired!

Then i thought the most inspiring people I know, were at some point inspired too, hence the key was to feel inspired and walk on that glorious path to make people feel the same way. Everyday as I dress up, I wish that I inspire someone, to make that Kohl line deeper, to wear that accessory they think won’t suit them and to walk, walk with so much confidence that every passer by is filled with the same elated feeling!

This outfit is all of the above! It is so simple you’ll be surprised why you didn’t think of doing this earlier. Task for the day was again to be able to repeat the same piece of garment in ways that the ‘look’ will not seem repetitive. We’ve kept the make-up basic with lots of kajal, lip balm and clean strokes of mascara!

The first one is a easy day look. Walk onto campus/office looking elegant, and so-dressy that they won’t be able to stop their heads from turning.The huge tote makes it easy for you to dump in your laptop/books or even an extra pair of shoes, and also pulls down the formal-ness of the suit. It’s casual, flowy and I love imagining how well the georgette will move when you walk in it! Don’t forget to add a little trinklet on your bag too (if it’s a plain one like this) or do a nice big mirror work jhola in multi-happy-colours!


The same throw on jacket can be worked into a family function or luncheon. I couldn’t resist the big silver jhumkas I had, they transformed the look to ethnic and festive in seconds, the hyper kohl eyes looked great and I went all in with the multi coloured jootis.

FullSizeRender 18 DSC_0032

FullSizeRender 4


How about wearing the exact same outfit to a day out with the girls? or maybe your first ever kitty party? I swapped the jootis to nude-comfy-heels and wore a statement neckpiece, one big enough to look like I cared to dress for the event and simple enough to make it look effortless! After all the game is to be able to say “Oh, this, i just threw it on!” and don’t forget to “#IWokeUpLikeThis” when you post it on your SM platforms 😛

DSC_0042 DSC_0043 DSC_0050 DSC_0054 DSC_0058

Don’t turn green with jealousy each time you think you don’t have new clothes, surprise yourself with these game changers, as i’d like to call them, that let you play with your outfit as per your outings/occasions. And want to know the best part? No these are not leggings, these are my favourite pair of denims also the jacket has been created out of an old dupatta! So casual and so comfortable, I wouldn’t mind doing anything in this outfit; if black base is not your thing,you can also do the same by wearing a nice deep blue denim with a similar colour ganjee on top!

BTW, is it just me or you too can’t resist twirling around every time you wear something like this? Would you try a look like this? Tell us in comments below!

Ganjee: Black Basic from Just Casuals, Denim: Forever 21, Georgette Jacket: Custom Made (Inspired by Anupama Dayal Designs), Jootis & Silver Jhumka: Lajpat Nagar, Delhi, White and gold neck piece: Sarojini Nagar, Delhi, Nude-Pink heels : Head Over Heels-Westside Stores.

Killer photography by Kritika Chanchlani