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Jugni’s Take: Gunday-Movie Review!

The story of 2 boys, boys who became refugees. Refugees who became gun couriers. Gun Couriers who became coal bandits, coal bandits who became Calcutta’s Most Loved, Most Celebrated, Most Reckless, Most Fearless, Most Powerful! -Yashraj Films.

With the perfect amount of drama, action, songs, dance and X factor. Gunday is one movie you should not miss.

Jugni tends to like every movie which is super duper filmy and bollywood masala. This one is just that. Each time you see Ranveer and Arjun run on-screen (which happens a lot in this movie) you’ll think of Mallika sherawat on Koffee with Karan finding Amitabh Bachchan sexy when he runs in slow motion. Ranveer Singh- Bikram is walking-talking-living sex on the big screen! Arjun Kapoor- Bala just about manages to look good. The epic friendship turns sour due to the lover’s entry is all an expected plot and then the makers make the friendship win over all other things. And this is exactly the point that will take this film to a success.

You must have heard the story already, we’ll list down a few reasons why it will make your weekend better:

1. That 70’s magic. Cabaret, winged eye liners, prints, colours and Calcutta.

2. The songs. Each one of them is really good.

3. The Friendship. The Bromance. The way Bikram looks at Bala, what love! what bonding!

4. Dialoguebaazi. If you are a sucker for Bollywood like us, be assured that you will be using many lines from Gunday once you’re back home. BTW each dialogue is delivered so intensely, like from the epiglottis!

5. You know whats coming next. Not. So many parts of the movie you can actually guess what the next dialogue will be, till the climax part will bring you at the edge of your seat and you’ll be like “whaaaaaa just happened!!” 

Irfan Khan weaves a good amount of practicality and logic into the rather draamebaaz kahaani. Priyanka Chopra looks superb in most parts of this flick. Even though it came on valentines day, the movie will force you to think of that one childhood friend you have, or will make you wish for a bond like Bikram and Bala’s!


Tell us how you liked Gunday, Stay Filmy. Stay Jugni.

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