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It’s one of those conversations we need to have with our self. It’s one of those things that would shake you out of the mess you might have been in. Relationships are complicated at times, but mostly it is our own complexities that take us where we weren’t originally set out to be.

The following write up made our team sit up-stop-think about every relationship they are in, and why. While researching on the hunky-dory phase of a new relationship, we stumbled upon one such new love affair that had hit bottom in the first 40days! In just about 40 days they went from “I think I Like you” to “I Love You” to “I can’t deal with this anymore”. Before they reached a hundred likes on their relationship status change update, well, it changed again. Confused? So were we! Here’s the break-down.

We heard of a love affair that went on strong for almost three years, the ideal girl next door had gotten used to having him around, he being 8yrs older had always been her hero. Relationships like these can be either life changing or simply just like any other relationship. For reasons we failed to understand their love did not last. The girl tried all she could to get back to singleton, not because she was over him, but because she had grown too used to having him around.

Relationships which happen at ages like 18-20yrs can really be your foundation of love, and when they don’t go right you might lose faith in the whole idea. This relationship we stumbled upon had the girl going on to another relationship with a guy of her age, since she had left her last relationship at the stage where everything was extremely serious and committed she started exactly where she left off with this new person. Not realizing that every man who falls for you does not want to place you where his ex lover was, he wants to start afresh and fall in love with each thing you do. Each one of us deserve a chance to feel those butterflies, that floating feeling with new compliments and unending conversations and grow on to the next level. Here the girl did that, but did it too quickly in the need to fill that void. The void that her previous relationship left her with. Though we have read so many times about how loneliness leads to a lot of things which people would not do otherwise. This is the one thing that a lot of us do even without knowing it.

Are you a relationship junkie? do you see yourself getting in and out of relationships in the ultimate search of fulfillment of that void? Aren’t we being unfair to the people who get into an affair with us, with the thought of actually experiencing love and having a long term relationship? Currently the girl is back with her ex and plans to marry him, leaving the other guy pretty disturbed as to what the hell really happened; as he was in it for good, he put in his best and was even ready to stay committed and see how things go. Don’t be the reason for some-one’s un-happiness, “Do not do to others, what you do not want others to do, to you”.

Fall in love with someone for that person not because you are needy or can’t deal with being alone.

Only you being happy, will lead you to happy fulfilling relationships. For more gyaan on relationships and all things related to your heart do check out

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