Look Hot, even when you’re sick!

With the recent weather change you are bound to catch the dreaded flu, Many celebrities state their lips look fuller, when they are sick to the core! The drunken eyes and the constant haze you feel around you might be working in your favor sometimes?

Deeper voice

There’s a Friends episode where Phoebe gets a cold and likes her new husky voice so much that she tries to stay sick forever. Not cool when you lean into a hottie at a pub!

Rosy complexion
Yes, you’re running a fever. But think of all that money you’re saving on blush! Naa not really, but some moisturizer and cute woolens can do the trick!

Losing weight

If you can’t keep food down, you can’t keep your weight up. you’ll lose that weight and it’s not the good one, you will feel weaker by the day!

Everyone will be dying to know about your recent disappearance from the social scene. Tell them you got a nose job! Or went to rehab!


Maybe you can just follow the following steps and not disappear, constant updates are considered more reliable than such kinds who disappear without a notice! Ok, so, on a serious note. The season has too many outings, travel plans, monsoon sales on the line up, you can’t lie in bed and crib about the head ache while blowing your nose!

Grab some medicines and try these 7 tips.

1. If the chills and aches are too scary to make you stand under a shower ditch it, get a dry shampoo. The product though not entirely magical takes care of the basic oily scalp and leaves you with hair that is manageable and pretty.

2. Stay hydrated inside out, tons of moisturiser is the only way the world will not get to know your current relationship with tissue papers! Drink lots of fluids, as cliché as it sounds you the feeling of hot water/green tea or chicken soup going down your sore throat is divine! Indulge in all of those fluids.

3. Don’t even think about using a compact or powdered make up, it will fill your face cracks and make you look craptastic! Try mixing your regular liquid foundation with a little baby lotion or cold cream and then apply evenly.

4. For those constantly doped looking eyes try some tears plus or refresh tears eye drops. They instantly get rid of the redness and also have a cooling effect on the burning lids! Skipping the TV session or facebooking on the laptops will help calm the eyes too.

5. Your lips will look like you have been eating some kind of atta, go crazy with the Vaseline/lip balm regime. Remember Gauhar Khan in big boss, there is never a scene where she is not applying some more lip balm!

6. Add some pop! Thanks to the cold/flu you look washed out, ditch the powder blush and turn to creamy blushes or cheek and lip tints. Put on a cute peach or coral shade to continue looking adorable even when you are unwell.

7. Drink water all the time to kill that breath. Also try a halls or a vicks which not only helps clear the throat but also keeps the bad breath away for at-least a couple of hours. Enough time to attend a party without letting anyone know you’re unwell.

If you’re sick, go pretty. Do it Jugni style!

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