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Product Review: Chef’s Basket Pesto Recipe Kit.

Hello pyaaron,

In the coming few days i’ll be putting up lots of interesting posts, make-up, food, cafe reviews and even our first ever fashion post. As we venture into all those branches let’s begin with this!

So I’m the kind of person that would pick a D-Mart or a Nature’s basket over a Westside or a Zara. I like spending time in the alleys with fancy stuff we might never need in our kitchen, it just makes me feel updated. On one such bored afternoon i laid my eyes on a ready to make Chef’s Basket Recipe Kit. The cutesy packaging just called out to me and made me pick it. It costs a whooping INR 400 for a serving for 2.

So i thought that is how much we would pay in a fancy restaurant, maybe the product is going to be as exotic. After a major argument with Mom on how this random purchase needs to stop, i got down to following the instructions on the packet. It says you will need only 15mts to make it, it took about 30mts for me to complete it. The portion is pretty decent, the box came with every single thing required to make the pesto pasta, a ready sauce, whole wheat spaghetti, Basil infused olive oil, Pine nuts, Cracked pepper as well as sea salt. I was so impressed with how neatly everything was provided in one little box. I felt so posh while cooking this up, like I am an independent  writer/artist in europe cooking and chilling on a lazy sunny afternoon.

Anyway, back to what happened, the instructions are obviously as easy as ABC, it’s like they assume we’re dumb. So once it was done the dish looked like this. It was awful. The sauce was dry, the taste was oh-so-bad. The basil was extremely strong and the aroma refused to get out of my kitchen or my senses. I tried super hard to like the authentic taste, only to find out the preservative overdose had killed every ounce of authenticity. To make it edible though I landed up asking Mom to make super cheesy white sauce with loads of vegetables which we added to this and finally consumed it. Mom’s magic touch always works.

Save your self the trouble, do not pick this product. They also have Pasta Arrabiata and another weird variant which i am kind of put off with already. For a real good serving of pesto pasta made at home maybe you should check this out.

Jugni Recommends: Chef’s Basket Pesto Recipe Kit – 2/5 – only for the packaging.

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