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What started out with a random excuse to drink up more coffee, got me addicted to keep trying more and more places to settle my greed for the best coffee in town. No I don’t mean the best place, i mean the yummiest coffee. For those who share similar caffeine love will understand how important it is to find the perfect cup. It changes your mood, lifts you up, makes you happy and hell it makes me want to put up with a sometimes miserable life for yet another day!

Coffee is like love, once you got it can’t live without it. If it wouldn’t have been for my then room-mate to get me hooked on to coffee to stay up and study or to simply pep up crazy busy times in Mumbai, i would have missed on this whole new world i see and feel with my perfectly foamy strong dose of caffeine. Ideal for starting conversations, long catch up sessions, first dates..coffee is also the best thing to do when you are alone, lost in some soul searching!

Keeping up with all that drama behind a simple cup of coffee, I set out on an unending #CoffeeHunt in Pune. Sharing few thoughts below for those who cannot wait to test them all out and jump to the first awesome cup they see!

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Starbucks, KP

Ofcourse, waiting lines and most hyped international coffee chain had to be on this list.  I find Starbucks coffees, more like desserts or full fledged smoothie or beverages rather than pure simple coffee. Even their basic cappuccino is super milky, hence their Americano or their French Pressed Coffee is my go-to. You can feel the amazing roast in the coffee bean in every sip and an add milk as per your taste. If you would like to go for something simpler, try a Double Shot Hazelnut Cappuccino. With no extra sugar needed, its flavoured coffee that is the best pick of the lot on regular days. Also walking in to office with a large Starbucks cup made me feel like such a busy bee and oh-so-chic! What do you think?

Flourworks, Kalyaninagar

I am a hopeless Flourworks addict, for weekend after weekend i have had breakfast meets with my girls here, it is the most home-like place for me now, for late nights or even mid-day meals! This time I tried Cafe L’orange, which is a perfect blend of strong black coffee mixed with cocoa and infused with orange zest. It tastes so comfortingly different you’ll wish why no other place serves you this cup of awesomeness!

Flourworks, Kalyaninagar

Yet another morning at Flourworks began with a 5 spice Cafe Latte. Milder coffee, strongly flavoured with a spicy after taste that lingers on long after you have finished your cup. A must try. I’ve heard it’s available in some other cafes too, adding it to my list!

French Window Patisserie, KP

When you get into the coffee addict category a simple cup doesn’t really cut it for you, I was pleasantly surprised when my simple order of a Double shot Cappuccino was just perfect. Strong and soothing all at once. The cosiest coffee place in town with a cup that i urge you to try, next time you are loafing around on south main French Window Patisserie is the place to be!

Sweet Chariot Cafe, VimanNagar

For hours of catching up and making new plans, we needed a strong cup to go on. Open even around midnight Sweet Chariot Cafe surprised us with such a yum Double Shot Cappuccino. And since you are going there, do not miss the Sweet Chariot Special Chocolate pastry, it is to die for!

Cafe Columbia, Kalyani Nagar Pune
Cafe Columbia, Kalyani Nagar Pune

Cafe Columbia. The visits here must have jumped up after the shot of Varun and Yami in Badlapur. If you can ignore the slow and unattentive service you can try their cup of coffee, their double shot cappuccino turned out to feel so strong that i could barely feel the milk! Maybe a basic coffee or their columbian specialties would have been a better choice here.

Cafe Peter Donuts, Deccan
Cafe Peter Donuts, Deccan

With India winning the match against Pakistan i was in a fun experimental mood that day at Cafe Peter Donuts, Tried the Turkish cappuccino which is roasted ground coffee infused with rose flavour, this one was a sweet surprise but wasn’t as radically different as I would like it to be.

Special Mention:

Frozen Hot Chocolate, German Bakery, KP

For those days when coffee is not working, you need to go for the Frozen Hot Chocolate at German Bakery. It is the definition of the perfect chocolate thick shake. So yum, so blissful that you will not be able to think about the calories or sharing this with your BFF.

Coffee is my answer, whatever be the problem. It is a comforter, a stimulant, a wake up call too. It is what we bond over, what we can’t get enough of and what calms us down to not kill a few people 😛 Don’t you think so? Do let us know a place you would like us to check out, have you been to these places too? tell us in comments below!

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Till then, Stay Caffeinated, Stay Jugni. Why don’t you call me over for coffee next time?

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  • Lackadaisical Loser

    I’ve tried most of these. While they’re all pretty good, my all-time favourite has to be the Sumatra Dark Roast Brewed Coffee at Starbucks (milk on the side). It’s to die, kill and plunder for! On a more adventurous day, the Korean Davang Coffee at Cafe Peter Donuts is also worth a try. I also recommend the less-appreciated Macchiato at most coffee shops…the presence of milk foam over an espresso just elevates it to a new level, while not upsetting the coffee’s original flavour like milk tends to do. Oh and yes, I have invited you for coffee…twice…once you were going out of town and once you didn’t reply. 🙂

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