Chasing Dreams

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” Are you trying to say, that if i dream of becoming Miss India while I weigh 85kilos I can actually do it? or are you trying to say that if I dream about a lake palace wedding in Udaipur in which the guests are flown down in chartered choppers, that I can actually make it happen? No? Then how about those dreams where I am swimming in a pool of money with Uncle Scrooge from duck tales! No?

They say If you can dream it, you CAN achieve it. Keyword being “you can” and you only step closer to your dreams if you work towards it. Maybe all our dreams are achievable, yes even the silly ones only if we start working towards them. Some dreams can be simple, like living a happy life, having a family and I have seen people achieve it, by spreading good vibes taking in good vibes, staying happy and always keeping faith. Some dreams are more like measurable tasks, and we see people achieve them all the time, from promotions to money to weight loss to modelling assignments. Dreams can also be the want of a deep feeling, a feeling of contentment when you are expecting a baby and waiting for a new life, a feeling of completeness when you see your child succeeding at work or in life, and smaller realisations which we receive in moments like when a full family dines together and laughs and shares stories!

Meeting old friends, making new ones, planning trips and actually taking them. Praying, breathing and acknowledging that what you want, the world does bring it to you. And if you try hard you’ll get it sooner than you might have thought. Dreams have such a power, like hope. They keep you going, no matter what. One such dream is Jugni & Co, building it post by post and sharing good vibes is what makes us feel like If we can dream it, we can achieve it.

Since i had these dreamy ramblings running through my head all week, we did this outfit, with bolder eyes and a supremely cute headgear. Hope you like it!

DSC_0200 DSC_0158

By the way, it’s always been a big fantasy to shoot on the railway tracks, one dream off the list then 😛 Also a shouting train came right when i was trying to be all sexy while posing, it was so much fun we had a great laugh too! can you see it?

DSC_0102 DSC_0096 DSC_0094 DSC_0131An outfit like this one is ideal for a music festival, flea market, even a beach if you please! Its the kinds that will make you feel so-pretty and girly all at once. Also i think this whole headgear trend is here for girls like us who just need an excuse to dress up and feel good!

DSC_0180You can play around with tribal/ boho accessories to go with a flowy skirt like this one, even a black t-shirt or a crop top would look great depending on what you feel more comfortable in!

I have used three shades on my eyes, turquoise, deep blue and gold with loads of mascara and kajal to add depth to the eyes, The boho chi look is incomplete without let down hair, so don’t bother about it and love them just the way they are. No styling required.

DSC_0128Details on the look: Top – Forever 21 basic | Skirt – Forever 21 | Headgear – Forever 21  | On my feet – Street Style nude glitter flats | Bracelets: Gifted | Ring – Mahabaleshwar Market |On my eyes – Revlon eyeliners used as eyeshadow + VOV gold   Photographer – Kritika Chanchlani

Like what you see? Tell us in comments below. Also why don’t you share a dream with us? Khushiyaan baantne se badti hain, bataiye to sahi! Stay Jugni.

The only purpose of team Jugni & co is to make your day brighter, by passing on a tip, sharing personal style analysis, showing you a new trick or two or simply to bring a smile on a rather dull day.

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  • Ritika

    i remember this dream someone once shared…new year’s eve….clock strikes 12….my prince charming lightly touches my hand…we turn and face each other…and kiss softly….and smile looking at the moon…i hope she always keeps this dream close to her heart, because she taught me dreams can come true:)

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