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Sunscreen – the what, how and when!

Summer is here, even with rains and hailstones and weird mausam. Officially the summers have arrived, and everybody is obviously stocking up on their favourite must have- Sunscreen. Also called sunblocks, these are available in brands too many and are all tempting for us to pick and try. Unfortunately you cannot buy 10 different brands, slap it on and then face random skin reactions. Don’t worry, main hoon na! 😛


Sunscreen- The What?

A lotion which is gel/water/milk based intended to save the skin from harmful sunrays. Helps in avoiding/preventing skin cancer and tanning. There are two types of ultraviolet radiations which damage the skin and also age it prematurely. UVA and UVB. UVB is what causes sunburns, whereas UVA causes the aging and other skin issues. The safest bet is to apply sunscreen all the time, preferably all year round. But i know you won’t do that, so read on to know how to chose your ideal sunscreen.

Sunscreen – The How?

SPF meaning the Sun Protection Factor, actually tells you how much time you can protect yourself from the sun. So if it would take 20mts for your skin to start reddening when unprotected, SPF 15 would make that happen after 15 times longer, that is almost 5 hours.(If the math is right, which i suck at). So we need to  pick our sunscreen as per the exposure to the sun. You really need it when you are swimming, you’re at the beach, or out brunching on a rooftop. Also you definitely need it when you are out shopping, working or just stepping out in the sun. Ideally SPF 15 to 30+ works just fine, and when super tanning is expected you can rub on SPF 50.

Sunscreen- The When?

15-20 minutes before you step out in the sun. Yes this is important, it might be useless to apply sunscreen while you are already in the car! Spare a few extra minutes and to this as a duty towards your beautiful self.

Jugni Recommends:

1. Sebamedbest-sunscreen-in-india-sebamed

Those with sensitive skin, prone to breakouts, the Sebamed sunscreen is a great option as it is mild, provides protection and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. ! Its usually dermatologist recommended , though on the expensive side

Price: Rs. 1500

2. Banana Boat rangebananaboatspf50pump1._banana-boat-sport-spf-50-sunscreen-lotion-broad-spectrum-sweat-resistant

This one is pretty decent for dry to normal skin. It feels light on the skin but for oily skin it can take a bit longer to get absorbed in the skin and also feel greasy. It is water resistant and lasts for a decently good time. I have seen friends buy it when abroad and looks pretty fancy too! The SPF 30 or even the sport range is known to work pretty well

Price: Rs.350-400

3. Aroma Magic1447482028bigimage-230

Might not be easily available, it comes in various fragrances with varied ingredients like cucumber, aloevera etc. I have not used this one personally but heard a great deal of it, obviously it is in the creators name! It’s supposedly super light and great for the face.

Price: Rs.160

4. LotusLotus-Herbals-Safe-Sun-Intensive-Sunblock-Spray-Spf-50-Uva-Index--16-6240-08842-1-product2

This one is my absolute favourite, i swear by it since the first time i wore it. Being spray based its so easy to apply, does not change the texture of your skin nor does it leave it sticky, it gets absorb like magic and protects wonderfully! Try it to believe it. If you have really oily skin you can also go for the gel base Lotus sunblock which is great too.

Price: Rs 345

5. Others:

While talking to friends and family and also researching online i found people recommending Neutrogena, VLCC, Keihls(which is bizarre expensive) Garnier and Biotique.

Go ahead and take your pick, if you absolutely hate the idea of an added product in your vanity at least make sure that every other product in your kit comes with SPF like lip balm, foundation, even shampoos! Tell me if you have a favourite too. On a separate note, I am obsessed with the song- ‘Wear Sunscreen’ suna hai kabhi?

The only purpose of team Jugni & co is to make your day brighter, by passing on a tip, sharing personal style analysis, showing you a new trick or two or simply to bring a smile on a rather dull day.


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