Wanderlust Calling

Working weekdays, chilling weekends. Working for too long. Chilling for too long. Doing too many things or not doing anything at all. Everything or nothing at all can sometime be the reason behind us not being able to take it any more. Dramatic relationships, to crazy schedules and lazy attitudes can all lead to an intense urge of wanting to get away.

The deep desire to get away, wander and travel is Wanderlust. Psychologically speaking it can also be a symptom of bipolar disorder, the desperate impulse to wander and explore the world. But maybe that’s too farfetched an idea. So when we live all the days thinking about how the next is going to be, and about kids, and family and business and life, well, we are not thinking about the present at all. Maybe it’s time to take a break and simply wander.

If you really can’t pull off a week in Europe in hostels and eurail 😛 then maybe you start off on planning a basic doable getaway with friends. The mountains, the palaces, the beaches or just out and away. Close your eyes, take a deep deep breath and ask yourself where would you rather be right now! Wanderlust is also about not making a trip with an agenda, but to actually go and put yourself in unfamiliar situations, meet new people and break out of your comfort zone.

It’s good for the soul, shake things up, take a break and give a new experience to each of your senses. While I ran back and forth through this book i’ve got, these were the only thoughts in my mind. To be able to put a tick mark on each of these places, in the book of filmy escapes! What will travel be without super stylish comfort attires and some pretty pictures, So here goes our travel special look! Do this easy-peasy maxi dress look on the days you are out sight seeing next time.

Holiday season is here anyway, meet new people, see new things and discover a new part of yourself. Maybe you like snow, maybe you don’t. Maybe you like trekking and backpacking, maybe you are more of a relax and spa person. Maybe you don’t know what really gives you that kick yet. How would you find out if you never stepped out? Make a family vacation plan if you can’t just pack up and leave! Make a weekend plan with friends if that’s what it takes. But move, get on it, it’s the one big difference between a tree and us, we can move! Become a more well-rounded, adventurous person.

So check the time, wear your heart on the sleeve, put on a look that you love yourself in and just fly away!

DSC_0260 DSC_0267 DSC_0271

Wear a simple plaid shirt, throw it on as a layer or tie it up to add a little spunk to that basic outfit!

Adding a hat, cap or an interesting headgear always ups the whole look by multiple levels! have you tried?


As i worked on this look, i also thought how this dress does not really make me look slim or hot. But it’s comfortable as hell and what good will exploring the world do if i don’t begin with a fresh wardrobe? So please do yourself a favour and don’t criticise your bulges all that much!DSC_0299

Tie up your hair for the long walks and a fuss free distraction free sight seeing! And oh, the heat is so much more bearable when your hair are not in the way!DSC_0314 DSC_0333

If you are done with all the walking and exploring and are finally settling for a nice meal, change a few elements on your outfit, redo the lipstick and you’re all set!DSC_0329

The make up needs to be a kind which lasts all day and goes day to night without doing anything! So I stuck to my favourites, a base, deep green kajal on the upper and the lower waterline, mascara, a little peach blush and deep red lips! 

Outfit Details: The Dress- Sarojini Nagar, Plaid Shirt- Colaba Causeway, Heart neck piece- Colaba Causeway, Bag- Zara, Shoes- Forever 21, Hat- Mahabaleshwar Market, Watch- Aldo, Nude Pink Belt- forever 21, Lipstick – L’Oreal Paris RW 513 Black Cherry, Lakme Green Eyekonic Kajal, and a blush from MAC, Book- Filmy Escapes from Lonely Planet. Killer Photography by Kritika Chanchlani. *All rights to the images are bloggers own*

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