Maxi-mising – Part Deux.

If you are the kind who thinks that the maxi dress is not for you, this post is dedicated to you. You think you are too short, the maxi makes you look taller. You think you are too curvaceous, the maxi flows and falls so perfectly on your curves that you’ll be surprised at your reflection in the mirror! you think it’s too dressy, well you’ll never know where all you can wear the same dress, dressy or not it’s guaranteed sexy.

The summers are here only another a month or so, before the monsoon rains all over your floor lengths, pull them out of those closets and flaunt away.

Here’s a dress which i just cannot stop bragging about. It’s thrifted. It’s the perfect green. You know the exact shade of green like ” The girl in the green scarf” from ‘Confessions of a shopaholic’ and it spoke to me, I had to buy it or it would haunt me forever. It’s supposedly from a brand call Vinegar, none the less it made my haircut look more expensive and my collar bones shone out like sun-rays. In a club it would be a total head turner. What do you say fellow Jugni?

A simple tube dress, a little aztec, and the classic Ruby Woo from MAC cosmetics. Team it with basic black shiny flats and an easy black sling bag.DSC_0121 DSC_0144 DSC_0146 DSC_0147 DSC_0150Also, I was a little under the weather while we shot this, sorry for the not great pictures, in compensation here’s how the dress can be worn outdoors 😛


Killer photography by Kritika Chanchlani.

Are you waiting for the next Maxi-Mising post already? Tell me, tell me?

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