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The rest of us; Living with the parents.

This article is inspired by too many inspiring posts which ask us to move out, live alone.

Though I have been dreaming about making a house like Aisha from Wake Up Sid, living on my own and partying and going all Miss.Independent; I can’t. I live with my parents, in their house and no I am not ashamed of it. I have a job, but even if I really want to I cannot pack up and leave. That’s not what happens in families like mine. Daughters and Sons stay home, make a career with the family or their own, get married or don’t, but they do not move out.

These constantly shared posts make me want to jump up and actually leave, and then it hits me. I am in the other team, we have a life a crazy fun-filled one, not alone but with the whole khaandaan! Then I thought, i am definitely not the only one here. So here are pros and cons for the rest of us 😛


1. Can’t decorate the house, in my own way. Diwali lights will come out only on Diwali even if i think they should be circled around my window or bed or bookshelf for the pinterest value it has!

2. Can’t have spagetti everyday, we have to settle for brinjal or bhindi atleast once a fortnight! Food as per majority wins not just my whims and fancies.

3. Deadlines: Oh yeah baby, we are the little princesses and we must be back by midnight or else being grounded is guaranteed.

4. No Crazy house parties, No eat-sleep-rave-repeat. You know the party where there are people in the house that you don’t even know and you order 15 pizzas and unlimited sharaab. No.

5. Running your own life, probably the biggest disadvantage is the learning that comes with staying all by yourself, from finding a maid to running and maintaining the house. Keeping track of finances and even managing paper work. We’ll never know.

And no random hook ups, no hangover days, no staying-in-bed-for-a-week, no eating out of take-aways, and no naked days either!

If you are amongst the rest of us, you probable cringed at a few of these anyway, so here is what we have: The Pros!

1. Home cooked food, all three meals, every single day. Beat that you independents!

2. TLC- Whether it’s a little flu or just a mood swing, we are showered with tender loving care, favourite food is made, shopping trips are offered and c’mon, let’s accept it that we all really need the pampering sometimes.

3. No failing, only learning. some things we learn only through experiences for the others we have stories from our parents and grand parents and extended families. Stories of failed relationships, businesses even failed birthday parties 😛

4. Epic surprises. Staying with family guarantees multiple celebrations and surprise parties and gifts and small little gestures every now and then. Ever noticed the smile on Mom’s face when you make her a cup of tea? Ever fell in love with your siblings for leaving you post its here and there? Surviving a lasic surgery got me a handmade card, i’ll never get over it’s awesomeness, might not have recovered if I was staying alone anyway :O

5. Tax Free, Guilt Free. Living with my parents, i know i don’t have to pay the rent or the expenses, but I also know that they taught me all of it anyway. Also, makes me believe that I am always going to be blessed with my character critics right next to me. Saving me from things i might regret and sometimes making me do it anyway, so I regret and move on!

The rest of us, either get depressed reading 21 reasons to move out of home or get inspired, Maybe we really need to experience this in our lives, or maybe our life is not so bad as it is.

Sometimes we don’t have the choice. But most of the times we don’t need one.

Keep reading, Stay Jugni!

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