Summer Blues.

The heat is killing this time around. If Pune has gotten so bad, can’t imagine how Delhi and Bombay are doing. If you are cooped up at home or stuck in office waiting for the sun-time to pass, this post is for you! If you are too shy to step out or too careful about your skin, this post is for you. You can’t keep sitting in till sunset. Doesn’t that make you feel like an owl? You need to not let anything bring down that spark. So put on some lipstick and let’s hustle.

There are days when you only want to stay in bed, but I say we should save those days for monsoons or when your lover is in the mood for some mush time! 😛 Till then, pass the peak heat hour in a mall or a movie if that’s what it takes, but get out! Ideally it is the perfect season to be out and about. Plan a vacation, go swimming, stay outdoors and soak it all in.

My stint with freelance projects and full-time blogging is fairly new, and that kind of forces me to stay in pyjamas all day! Jugni is so not ok with that, need to get up-dress up-show up. With meetings happening off and on I needed to put together an easy look which can be considered formal enough for a client meeting and chic enough for just about anything else after that.

Summer, of a kind that bans me from exiting an air conditioned zone, is giving me the blues. A mood which makes me feel like i’m on a downward spiral. I had to pull myself out of this, and what better way than getting dolled up and shooting?! So here’s a pool blue bright top, with hot pink lips, well fitted denims and a dressy pair of shoes that makes me feel ready for any occasion any location. Kill the sun’s harmful rays with a full sleeve top, keep the fabric light and breezy, wear a cotton singlet inside, read more about which sunscreen you need to have HERE.

This post is a part of our first brand collaboration. Do come back to read more about them right here at Jugni & Co.

Top: Sepia, Sunglasses: Forever 21, Sling Bag: Splash, Lipstick: Matte Magenta-Clinique.DSC_0035
Pants: Forever 21, Sunglasses: Forever 21, Sling Bag: Splash, Lipstick: Matte Magenta-Clinique, Shoe Courtesy: Abba, Pune.DSC_0038

Sometimes simply smiling can take away your blues, how about trying that a little more today? It doesn’t cost a thing! DSC_0046Top: Sepia, Pants: Forever 21, Sunglasses: Forever 21, Sling Bag: Splash, Lipstick: Matte Magenta-Clinique, Shoe Courtesy: Abba, Pune. Location: Corinthian Club, Pune. Photography by Kritika Chanchlani.


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