The outfit that is Un-Fail-able. #triedandtested

Sometimes I feel like we should talk about things that are life changing. And you know really important things, like world peace. World peace makes me think of the speeches in Miss.Congeniality. And that makes me think of the pretty dresses they wore. And then basically i’m back to talking about this. Dressing up is important OK, if you won’t always be dressed well how will Karan Johar spot you and launch you. If you don’t always be dressed well, how will your Mr. Right bump into you and fall in love-at-first-sight, and how will you do the Kangana Ranaut-queen-walk of independence in like not a properly styled look!

You get the drift? It’s important. Sometimes it is life changing. Pay attention. 😛

So what happens on the days when you’re like i’m too cool to put an effort into dressing up. Then the below shown look is what you need to adapt too. *phew* what a build up to something so easy!

OK, back to point. The one look which is completely un-fail-able is the white t-shirt with blue jeans look. There is no way you have not tried this before, but i’m sure you did not think of it’s swag level when you did it.

It’s the one look which is accepted as even high couture if done right. Do it up with accessories, do it down with chappals. On a bad hair day or not, with heels or flats, with make-up or no makeup, tucked in or out, belt or no belt, there is no reason for you not to do this. I insist that you wear some swag sunglasses with it though.

Wear a white shirt and blue jeans to office, wear a collared t-shirt and jeans to college, wear a chikan white short kurti with some bangles to a small family function, or simply throw on a t-back with your fav pair of denims and go rock-chic-in-a-hard-rock-world!!

On days when you want to put the least thought into what you will be wearing, or on days when you cannot afford to go wrong do it with blind faith!

The white top and blue jeans look is your saviour.

IMG_9835 IMG_9840 IMG_9848 IMG_9857 IMG_9866 IMG_9874

Outfit details: Ganjee: Splash Basics, Jeans, Footwear, Neckpiece: Forever 21, Watch: Aldo. Photographer: Kritika Chanchlani. (iphone-photography)IMG_9876By the way, this was such a fun shoot, who climbs on trees to look cool ya? Jugni does.

Bollywood referencing.

Bollywood referencing.(image via google)

Hollywood referencing.

Hollywood referencing.(image via google)

Isn’t it weird that you are currently thinking about all your cute plain white tops and the blue denims? hmmm, why don’t you do up this look and send us a picture?

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