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The Bridal Souk Pune – Wedding Trend Report.

If you are a bride to be and you are in Pune, you my friend have missed an event of a lifetime! From the photographer to the jewellery to the makeup and the shoes, it was all here under one roof.

Malaka Spice hosted a hi-tea for the pretty ladies who came together and made every bride-to-be’s dreams come true. The bridal souk was a collaboration of the following:


Saba Poonawala Hair & Makeup Artist

She is my favourite, she conducted a quick basic makeup workshop for all the brides and taught us all hacks for contouring, smokey eyes and so much more.  I was the lucky model! Yayy! Will upload some pictures soon, till then check out her work https://www.facebook.com/labellesalon.co.in?fref=ts&ref=br_tf

Shraddha Hedau Footwear

I have not heard of a more P.S.I Love You inspired career than tis, she is here in our very ow Pune, designing shoes straight out of a bride’s dreams. With shoes that can even have dates or initials inscribed in them, i don’t know what else you are waiting for! Check theri beautiful collection here: www.shraddhahedau.com


Zurie by Zahara Merchant

What’s a bridal souk without some custo creations in the fashion department, beautiful drapes, perfect silhouettes and what lovely colours. It was all there with Zahara Merchant, check them out here.

Dance Away by Ritika Irani

Ever heard of the big fat indian wedding without a big fat sangeet? From dances to fashion shows Ritika has the answers to every choreography doubt in a bride’s mind! Check out her brilliant work here and be sure to make your #ShaamShaandaar

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Charmista Accessories

You don’t always need to be loaded with gold and diamonds, sometimes you need o funk up your look with quirky accesories and statement peices! Charmista has a variety that you cannot afford to miss. https://www.facebook.com/charmista.charmista?fref=nf

Bliss Basket Trousseau Services

It is said that the inlaws do tend to judge the bride with the pretty trousseau she carries. If that might be true, you need to amp up your packing game with Bliss Basket.

Saundarya Nutrition and Beauty Consultancy- by Shilpa Bhoskar

From PCOD, to issues that you might want to discuss about changes in your appearance. From skin to hair care Nutritionist Shilpa Bhoskar had all the answers, for anything that might bother the bride about her life ahead!

Wardrobe Management &*Image Consultancy by Ritu Punjabi

Tenuer- took care of styling for every body type and complexion. Which fabrics you should wear and what colours are just for you, from mix and match to plain jane Ritu Punjabi gave a  fabulous presentation on Image and Wardrobe Management. Check her out : www.tenuer.in

All in all, it was a splendid show, lots of information, air kisses and cupcakes at The Bridal Souk. Hope they do this more often!

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