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Warning: This post will make you want to instantly brew a cup of coffee. #TravelDiaries

In the last 15 days, I have travelled from Pune to Mumbai to Goa to Qatar to Dubai and back to Pune. Having lived the most fascinating days of my life, and my first ever international trip, the upcoming blog posts are going to be a joy ride for you, so stay tuned <3

Considering it was the losing-virginity-of-my-passport trip, one of the things I was really looking forward to was trying international coffee! I tried as many as I could, barring the repetitions, here is a low down. (sorry in advance for the below average pictures, par bhavnaaon ko samjho.)


Being in the middle east and not trying the infamous Turkish Coffee was not possible, it was second on my wish list when I planned my trip. The specialty of Turkish Coffee is the way it is made, unlike filter or espresso, it is a method of preparing unfiltered coffee roasted and then finely ground coffee beans are boiled in a pot, usually with sugar, and served in a cup where the grounds are allowed to settle. So different than anything that I have tried before. Refreshing and strong, just a bit weird in the end.IMG_3142

Just before going to the top of the Burj khalifa, I decided to try a macchiato at Cafe Barbera, Dubai Mall! It was so well brewed and so strong that for the first tie I had to go back and ask for a spoon of milk in my shot! Must try, good Italian coffee!IMG_3166

Life is short, stay awake for it- Caribou Coffee! Their tagline is just like their coffee, intense and strong. More than the coffee I absolutely loved their packaging and branding! Super cute. All things doodled on to say” what do you stay awake for…?”IMG_3186

Pumpkin Spice Latte is just not coming back to India it seems, so I just couldn’t resist when I stepped into the Starbucks at Palm Atlantis. Like richie rich had his own Mc Donalds, Palm Atlantis has it’s very own Starbucks. Too cool bro. The cinnamon over the whipped cream got me weak in my knees. <3IMG_3236

Tim Hortons, was my numero uno coffee wish, and I still cannot believe I got to try it, yayy! Firstly, the French Vanilla Coffee is something someone should write a poem about. The sweet notes and the strong caffeine aftertaste is brilliant. Also, we got a free chocolate chip cookie, another day we tried mind-blowing sandwiches at Tim Hortons, safe to say that anything your order here will satisfy you.IMG_3252

Moroccan Mint tea at Papa Roti, JBR. Moroccan mint is no ordinary green tea type, it’s mint undertones and refreshing chai feel is unbeatable any time of the day.


Basic Brewed Coffee at Radisson, I may have over ordered my breakfast in bed. But the coffee was a-amaazing!


Apparently the “World’s Finest Coffee”, really disappointed me. A double Shot cappuccino still felt super subtle and extra milky, would rather skip this one next time around. Dome, Burj Amaan Mall, Bur Dubai.


The original feel of Moroccan Mint Tea happened at this gorgeous place called Tajine, in the Old Souk, Doha. The tea was so amazing and so lifting after a tiring day, that we bought a box of it to bring back home! Yumm.


Jasmine Tea at The Tea Gardens, The Tower, Doha. If you have this kind of a fancy looking tea at a place called The Tea Gardens, be rest assured that you will be impressed. The aroma to the taste, it was beyond awesome. I want more already. Also, wouldn’t it be superb to serve and consume such good looking beverages back home?


Earl Grey Tea and Museum of Islamic Art, Doha. The decor and set up of the cafe with a backdrop of water and boats was too pretty to not like their beverages. Loved the place, loved the tea.

Besides these, I also cannot get over the Columbian coffee I had in flight with Qatar Airways, and uncountable cups of my beloved costa coffee! Hope this post has inspired you to brew your cup right now, cause I’m on my way to it.

Have you tried any of these? Did I miss something awesome in Dubai? Tell me na. Comment below, like, share, email, Instagram even snapchat! Phew. Jugni awaits <3

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