Linen crazy with Cottonworld!

Though we all know that Linen is not a very winter fabric, Fall Fashion rules do allow you to adorn linen with a few tips and tricks.

Linen, helps you keep that annoying static away, so before your woolies you could have this on you and no one has to know your secret! Cottonworld gave me the opportunity to explore their store and here is all the stuff I tried on. It felt like I was in a styling game show and I had all this beautiful stuff to choose from. So I did what I’ve never done before, started layering, started strutting around in the store putting on a shirt over a dress, a formal jacket over a printed jumpsuit. And this was amazing! Have a look.


This denim shrug / crop jacket was so sexy and comfortable, it goes with absolutely anything and even looked great as a crop top! Must buy!

The things I couldn’t get enough of was a few quoted t-shirts and the most comfortable linen shorts! With boots and my new beige bag they were a perfect fit. When I read more about Cottonworld’s #friendsofnature campaign is when i really looked at the brand with admiration, their processes to their sales and their socially responsible outlook made me love their collections even more.

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