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Six classic fragrances that make you smell fantasy-like! #JugnisTake

Whether it’s a date night or an all-day meeting. A day out for errands or an evening indoors. The power of a fragrance and what it could transport us into is limitless. That’s how we all must have a signature fragrance.

And , if you’re still hunting for one that describes your every mood, listed below are my top six favourite perfumes! (In no particular order)



 Victoria Secrets Bombshell


No one does fragrances like Victoria Secrets, though this one is not a long last-er it sure gives me a fresh and sexy feeling every time I spray it on.

Jugni Tip: Wear it to quick coffee outings. Buy it here


Issey Miyake Leau Dissey


If it wasn’t for this one I wouldn’t be called the ‘That girl who smelled so good!’; not kidding I overheard being described like that after an event once, and secretly thanked the maker of this perfume. It stays on and does not disappoint; musky, woody, yet feminine!

Jugni Tip: Wear to a night out partying/ club hopping and be surprised how it just won’t get off! Buy it here.

Davidoff Cool Water


One of the first perfumes I ever wore, also cause it’s an easy staple gift no? cool, aqua, fresh as ever, Davidoff is seen practically in every girl’s collection!

Jugni Tip: Wear it at a day of errands, it stays on even through the sun and running around! Buy it here

Gucci Guilty Black


One of my new finds is this oh-so-sexy heady fragrance by Gucci. Even the gold one in the same name is quite nice, but the black bottle oozes sexy!

Jugni Tip: Wear it to a long, intimate, date with your man and you might actually catch him taking in a deep breath while cuddling! Buy it here.

Chanel No. 5


It’s the ultimate iconic fragrance that translates the ultimate idea of femininity. This list would have been a joke without the most celebrated perfume ever! It’s something incredible. You may like it or you may not because it was made almost 100 years ago and it’s particular—but you try it because you have to.

Jugni Tip: It’s honestly not very my type, but it stays on for over 12 hours and I love the whole history it comes with.  Buy it here.

Elizabeth Arden Provocative


So, here is the thing about the Provocative; Everyone who knew me well enough gifted me a bottle. It’s my ultimate favourite and I can smell it on my clothes even after they come back from the dry-cleaners. The fact that people don’t take Elizabeth Arden very seriously makes them head turn and ask me what perfume am I wearing each time I step out with this one. It’s truly my signature fragrance, and I’m yet to find one like it.

Jugni Tip: Wear it everywhere, at work, at the mall, on a date, in a meeting- absolutely, and definitely wear some just after a shower every day! It will grow on you and make you want it all day every day. Buy it here.

Psst: Secret is, if you buy the same perfumed body lotions and carry their miniature versions in your little purse, you will smell like an absolute dream ALL-THE-TIME <3

Have I covered your favourite fragrance? Would you want me to try one? Tell me in comments below.

P.S: This is not a sponsored post, and these are purely personal opinions.



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