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Shows like Sarabhai vs Sarabhai need to come back asap.

The starcast of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai posted a photo of the team and the internet lost its cool, the speculations have begun and popular websites have declared that there is a new season brewing!

Then there was this, which just brought tears. #itnikhushi

The craze, the excitement and the instant virality of these posts made me think about all the shows that I watched growing up and how badly I’d like them back!

Warning this post might cause nostalgia and hatred for current content on television.

Left Right Left

Finally a story on our armed forces! With Shweta Salve looking hot Af and Rajeev Khandelwal being a total badass, I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like this show!

The title track was my ringtone for the longest time.


Can anyone really compete the chemistry between Dr. Rahul & Dr. Juhi on sanjeevani? So many epic scenes, and that epic whistle soundtrack. I want Sanjeevani back. I quite liked Armaan & Riddhima in Dil Mil Gaye TBH. Wohi le aao.

Dekh Bhai Dekh

We take our TV shows very seriously, especially those that brought us all together! Dekh Bhai Dekh was a family finder, and oh-so-funny! Every single person from the Diwan family was like our own. Come back naa.

Hip Hip Hurray

So I know HHH is returning as web series soon enough, a talented actor Ashish Chanchlani who also happens to be India’s most loved viner is going to debut with it and blow our minds. But I did love the original one, and I am already laying my bets on this new and revived version. Come soon already!

Here is what the new gang looks like:



Yeh Meri Life Hai

Okay, I know. Maybe not as cult classic as some on this list, I did enjoy Pooji & Mandy and the silly things they went through. the infamous behenji tag and battling it is not so easy ya. Why not bring major middle-class madness back? Also, BFF’s never go out of trend, do they? #MujheJeeneDo


How can any list of puraane TV shows be complete without mentioning Remix! Jugni would like Remix to come back, cause Jugni is tired of crappy content on our TV screens. Sorry, that was the inner Tia speaking. but Ranvir & Tia stole my heart, so did the music on the show. Hey bhaguu, please sunlo.

Also, however silly they seem now, these were way cooler that Sasural Simar ka where she is giving birth to a devil!! BRB, sending a raven to the red lady.

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