Shaadi In Progress

Shaadi In Progress. #LifeUpdate

It truly is an everyday full-time job, the phrase work in progress just does not fit the bill.

Waking up with to-do lists playing loudly in my head is only a feeling that’s coming in more frequently as days close into my D-Day. If you’re following me on social media, you know what’s been up. Yes, I’m getting married!

As cliche as it might sound, I’m marrying my best friend, we’ve been together for the past decade, laughing endlessly and sharing details from each other’s relationships to college to office gossip. It was about time he popped the question when he did, I thought it was just one of his silly jokes.¬† But yeh toh serious tha, yeh sab serious the. (Imagine Geet saying this). More on our fun-filmy story soon!

So here we are. Standing 50 days away from D-Day.

I honestly have the blog more planned than my wedding at this stage. Stay tuned for all the drama & action on my Instagram:

Till then I’m leaving you with my little life update, a few pictures and a ton of curiosity.



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