Shaadi In Progress

A day in the life of Mr & Mrs Mewani. #JugniBaniMewani

9 am riser Mrs. Mewani gets a leisurely hour to get out of bed, dress up & show up for daily chores in the sasuraal.

Predictably; the first two weeks post-wedding involved her splashing water droplets from freshly washed hair before leaving the bedroom. 11 am on good days, Mr. Mewani forcefully is woken up after answering a minimum of 6 work calls in half-sleep-pretend-to-be-awake & at the desk. They meet for a quick exchange of coffee mugs & a smug at the dining table. Lunch has been packed & placed in the car, a rushing hug before he leaves, near the shoe rack outside the house is what she thrives on.

12 – 3 pm is generally a productive time for the Mrs with lots of work calls, emails, follow-ups, shoot schedule, 2 cups of coffee & a 20mt lunch break. 3 – 4.30 pm is Chaachi mode activation for her, as kids of the house return from school & unwind for a bit before settling on their homework & her last jobs of the day.

6 pm is Chai time, unlike Baghban the mister has no fixed time for ghar waapsi, but he does love a cup of kadak chai made by her. On most days dinner must be prepared & laid on the table by 7.30, post which is either gym hour or some wine & sheesha time for the adults in the house.

It’s no all filmy, or rosy or OMG newly married crazy. It’s mundane, just routine, it’s family time almost all the time. The fact that they went from Rahul & Rashika with completely different schedules to Mr. & Mrs. with such ease and in racing speed makes them both feel comforted & complete

P.S: 3 am post netflix maggi bowls & planting kisses with the thrill of being ‘caught’ are a mutual favourite!

4 months of GoingRaRa and we have just about understood that our daily lives can be about ourselves, our own work, our own liking, and that not everything has to revolve around each other. Newly marrieds tend to go all in trying to change everything about their day to fit in, luckily for us it’s been a rather easy ride with my Maika Ghar being more than supportive of all things new they saw me doing.

I wish there was a pro-tip, but there isn’t. Guess we all need to find our common grounds with our partner first, everyone & everything else just follows. IMG-0112


A lot more on GoingRaRa is coming your way, have a particular post request in mind, let me know so we can work on that pronto!

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