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    Comfortable Fashion #FTW

    You know how most days are torn between correct postures, mild smiles, behaved mannerisms, crisp clothes and slouching shoulders, loud disturbing laughter with snorts, t-shirts and shorts. I’m pretty sure we’d…

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    Summer Blues.

    If you are cooped up at home or stuck in office waiting for the sun-time to pass, this post is for you! If you are too shy to step out or…

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    Wanderlust Calling

    Working weekdays, chilling weekends. Working for too long. Chilling for too long. Doing too many things or not doing anything at all. Everything or nothing at all can sometime be the…

  • Jugni's Take

    Sunscreen – the what, how and when!

    Summer is here, even with rains and hailstones and weird mausam. Officially the summers have arrived, and everybody is obviously stocking up on their favourite must have- Sunscreen. Also called sunblocks,…

  • Style

    Turning Green.

    Everyday as i dress up, i feel like i am walking on a thin line. I want to be dramatic yet subtle, I want messy hair that look styled, I want…